Guide to writing Willow/Oz
by Angel Jade

Willow and Oz were one of the longest standing relationships on both 
Buffy and Angel. Both very popular characters, they made a sweet and 
heart warming couple for two seasons before Oz’s departure from Sunnydale. 
Years on, and still there is love for the ever popular Willow/Oz fics. 
But how do you go about capturing the magic on screen in your own 

The moment Oz sets eyes on Willow; he’s drawn to her. This attraction 
doesn’t waver at any point in the relationship and he continues to look 
at her with deep affection through to his last moment with her. He 
becomes very devoted to her and they overcome some big obstacles together. 
Just from the way he looks at her, we know he’s in love. He doesn’t 
express himself all the time, but he has this ability to convey emotions 
through both facial expressions and actions. When writing Oz’s side of 
the relationship, these are points to keep in mind. He may not say what 
he’s thinking all the time, though that doesn’t mean you should forgo 
any verbal gestures of love. He can say ‘I love you,’ but he usually 
saves it for when they’re alone. He doesn’t babble or put it into 
metaphors; he says exactly what he’s trying to say. 

Willow’s side of the relationship is a little less devoted at some 
points. She loves Oz as much as he loves her, but there are a few points in 
their relationship where she uses him to get back at Xander or cheats 
on him. Her love for him doesn’t stop at these points, but it does show 
that she isn’t always 100% in love with him. Despite this, they remain 
together and overcome the problems they face. It’s only Oz’s werewolf 
problem that drives them apart. This shows the relationship is a strong 
one and perhaps if Tara hadn’t come into the picture, they would have 
got back together. To write Willow’s side of the relationship, you need 
to keep in mind that she is always very proud of Oz and tends to be a 
bit more vocal around him to make up for his lack of talking. She can 
get jealous, more so than Oz, but not to an extreme point. She trusts him 
and obviously loves spending time with him.

Public displays of affection are quite often seen from the two. It’s 
not rare to see them holding hands or kissing. As long as you keep the 
love and trust they have for each other in your writing, you won’t be far 
off excellent characterization.