Who Is Willow?

Name: Willow Rosenberg (Danielle may be her middle name, the episode where she supposedly revealed it ended up on the cutting room floor) 
Nicknames: Will, Willster, Red, Netgirl, Witch 

Age: 21, going on 22

Birthdate: 1982 (according to the official UPN site) 

Hair: Red 

Eyes: Green 

Parents: Ira and Sheila Rosenberg 

Siblings: none

Best Friends

Xander and Jesse until 10th grade. Then Jesse got vamped ("Welcome to the Hellmouth") and Xander staked him ("The Harvest"). Throughout Season 1, she become close friends with Buffy as well. Both friendships continued through Season 7. In fact, it was her friendship with Xander that saved the world at the end of Season 6 when he refused to move out of harm's way, causing Willow to reconsider her apocalyptic intentions.

Romantic Interests

Willow began an online relationship with a "boy" named Malcolm. Unfortunately, Malcolm turned out to be a demon named Moloch who was trapped inside a computer ("I Robot, You Jane"). Needless to say, that didn't work out. She also had an unrequited crush on Xander throughout her childhood. Although there were several "flukes" where they ended up kissing, they decided they made better friends. Willow also had a school-girl crush on Giles, feeling drawn to him and his intelligence (not to mention his extensive old book collection!). 

Her first steady boyfriend was Daniel Osbourne, nicknamed Oz. After they started dating, he contracted lycanthropy (he became a werewolf) in Season 3 ("Phases"). This did not deter Willow. They dated from the end of Season 2 until he left in Season 4. Although Oz caught Xander and Willow kissing, he forgave Willow and they continued to date. They broke up for good after Oz slept with a female werewolf named Veruca ("Wild At Heart"). Oz then left Sunnydale for parts unknown, only returning in "New Moon Rising". Unfortunately for Oz Willow was already involved with someone else. 

Tara was Willow's first girlfriend, showing that she is bisexual. She was a fellow witch and she helped the Scoobies fight evil. Willow took on a goddess to avenge Tara being hurt and they worked together to help defeat Glory ("The Gift"). However, in Season 6, following Willow's misuse of magic, Tara left her, though both still loved the other. Although the two eventually got back together, their happiness was short lived for in the next episode, Tara was shot and killed. Willow, overcome by rage and hurt, goes after the ones she sees as responsible. Willow's love for Tara is obviously one of the driving forces in her life, even though Tara is no longer alive. 

In Season 7, a slayer-in-training, Kennedy, becomes interested in Willow. Willow seemed taken aback by Kennedy's advances but the two become involved. Although Kennedy was upset by Willow's use of her for energy, they did well, having several scenes where they're kissing and being intimate. A strong relationship between the two grew over the season and both women are interested in each other for more than simply sex (though Willow apparently likes Kennedy's tongue ring.) When the show ended, the two were still together.


Willow grew up in an extremely Jewish household. Her father did not permit her to watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas" because she was Jewish. In high school, she met Jenny Calendar (the computer teacher) who also happened to be a practicing technopagan. This sparked Willow's interest in magic and she dabbled throughout high school. Willow has become an extremely powerful witch within the last season, her abilities growing until she was able to take on a goddess. To do this, she delved into the darker aspects of magic ("Tough Love"). Also in Season 6, she resurrected Buffy using dark magic and in 'Two To Go' and 'Grave' used magic to avenge Tara's death. She also attempted to end the world using that magic, proving that she does not abide by the Wiccan Rede. (See Wicca for more details about Wicca the religion and Not So Wiccan Willow for some viewpoints on Willow and her religion.) In Season 7, she redeemed herself by using the purest, good magic to transfer slayer powers to all potential slayers all over the world, so perhaps she's going back to finding her Wiccan roots.


Willow loves books and reading for pleasure. She is adept at hacking into various websites. In canon, she has not hacked into any high-level sites (FBI, CIA, etc.) though sites such as the Coroner's office and the Initiative are verified. She also enjoyed practicing magic, so much so that she became addicted and quit for a short time. Even though she tried to end the world in Season 6, she slowly regained trust in her magical abilities in season 7 which culminated in her using them to transfer the slayer powers to all potential slayers. 

Personality Quirks

Throughout seasons 1 and 2, Willow was incredibly shy. As her self-confidence grew, she began to be more assertive and outgoing. She babbled when she gets nervous, which still occurs from time to time. In Seasons 2-4, Willow also had a tendency to make spells go awry, which has caused her more than a few problems. In seasons 5 she no longer had problems with spells going awry, since she had Tara to help her. 

However, in Season 6, she became addicted to magic, causing her to quit, though in season 7 she once again practiced magic to help rather than harm. In "The Wish" and "Doppelganger", a vampire version of Willow appears. Whether the Willow from this universe would turn out similarly to that Willow is unknown since the two Willows came from different versions of Sunnydale. Willow has also shown intense stage fright (Season 1-2) and a phobia of frogs and spiders.