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Reviews by Katspaw
The Too Damn Hot 'Verse by Gabrielle starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 5]
This is a drabble series that begins with Angel contemplating Willow's legs during a heat wave.
Characters: Willow, Angel - Genres: Romance, Angst - Rating: NC-17 - Warnings: Spoilers for BtVS S2 - Chapters: 4
Published: 06/11/04 - Updated: 08/04/05 - Completed: No

Reviewer: Katspaw Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 13/04/05 Title: Chapter 4: Dirty Books

Omigod!!!!!!! I am loving this! Please continue. Are you just going with AU (as in what happened with Buffy will now just happen with Willow), or are you going somewhere new? I like-y. Please, please, please keep going!

Author's Response: It's great to hear that you love this story so much! I have no idea where this fic is going...I never intended for it to go as far as it has! But I will undoubtedly pen at least one more little story in this 'verse. Thanks so much for taking the time to tell me you enjoyed this!

The authors own nothing. Joss, UPN, WB, etc. own Buffy, the show, the characters, the places, and the backstory. The authors own any original plots.