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Reviews by Darksidhe
Through the Looking Glass by Karmawiccan starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 1]
Willow and Spike are pulled through a magic mirror into a land where evil rules. Meanwhile, their counterparts from the evil reality take their places.
Characters: Spike, Willow, Anya, Buffy, Dawn, Giles, Xander - Genres: Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Romance, Comedy - Rating: PG-13 - Warnings: Spoilers for BtVS S5 - Chapters: 4
Published: 22/05/04 - Updated: 13/09/04 - Completed: No

Reviewer: Darksidhe Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 19/08/04 Title: Chapter 1: 1

Ohhhh! I like this one. I've read a ton of fics that have Willow as a vampire, but I don't think that I've read one that has Spike as William at the same time. I will be eagarly awaiting the next update

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