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Reviews by ZEA
The Knowing by Claudine starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 10]
Future Fic. Everything that happened in the show happened here, though this story picks up years from where the show ended. Giles and Willow had a romantic relationship while the gang was living in Cleveland, but Willow took off one day.
Characters: Giles, Willow, Angel, Buffy, Faith, Other, Spike, Wesley - Genres: Romance, Drama, Futurefic - Rating: PG - Warnings: Spoilers for BtVS S7 - Chapters: 15
Published: 09/08/04 - Updated: 31/08/04 - Completed: Yes

Reviewer: ZEA Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 31/08/04 Title: Chapter 14: part fourteen

I love this story, espescially the fact that we still haven't figured out the whole story surrounding willow and Giles' relationship. Although I have to say I dying to know!! Can't wait to read more

Author's Response: Thank you ! I'm glad you are enjoying it. Unfortunately ... it's done, now. And I don't want to 'spoil' anything but I think you might be a little disappointed with the end. We'll see, though. I guess there's always room for a sequel (oy....) :-) Thanx for reading ! ~~claudine~~

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