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Reviews by Mawariah
Thrall by jennnillu starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 3]
Spike helps Willow with magic withdrawl
Characters: Spike, Willow - Genres: Angst, Fluff - Rating: PG - Warnings: Spoilers for BtVS S6 - Chapters: 1
Published: 04/04/06 - Updated: 04/04/06 - Completed: Yes

Reviewer: Mawariah Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 06/04/06 Title: Chapter 1: Thrall

Ohhhh!!! This was just so sweet! A sequel maybe or just….more? Now, however much I would like to see more, its still just perfect the way it is. A real gem! =) Brava! (Brava - big time!)

Arachne's Curse by Gabrielle starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 1]
*Sequel to Tangled Web* Angel will never have Willow's love. But he has her pain.
Characters: Threesomes, Angel, Spike, Willow - Genres: Drama, Angst - Rating: R - Warnings: None - Chapters: 1
Published: 16/04/06 - Updated: 16/04/06 - Completed: Yes

Reviewer: Mawariah Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 17/04/06 Title: Chapter 1: Arachne's Curse

*more bawling* A perfect follow-up to ”Tangled web”! You really feel for them, all the way down inside…(Spikes pov would be nice to read too. See if he’s as “evil” as Angel makes him out to be. Its all a matter of outlook, isn’t it?) As in the first I love the last few lines. He has her pain, he has something…its desperate…its terribly beautiful, fragile yet strong…Love it. Good (Good x 3000) work!=) Thank you.

Author's Response: I am so glad you think this was so moving. There is going to be a sequel, never fear. I just don't know when it will be done.

So Many Steps to Death 14 - The Burden by KallieRose starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 4]
Sequel to Death in the Air. Willow makes a call to Sunnydale.
Characters: None - Genres: Angst, Drama - Rating: PG-13 - Warnings: Spoilers for BtVS S7 - Chapters: 1
Published: 11/05/06 - Updated: 11/05/06 - Completed: Yes

Reviewer: Mawariah Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 12/05/06 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

First off I want to congratulate you on being the mother of a really, really great fic! Its just soooooo good! I love the interaction between Spike and Willow, both of them acting in a way I believe they really would (the Tv-show-wise) You haven’t missed a thing in what makes them “them”.
The plot is intriguing and I cant wait to see what happens. Will the fall in love or are they going to go separate ways in the end? Gahhh…Want to know! =)
Secondly; I love the way you write, the way you use words and the words you use. All in all the whole text has a real flow. Its very “rich”. Nicely done!
I suck at writing reviews but I felt I had to say something. Thanks for a great series and please continue writing! =)

Author's Response: First of all, I think you do a *great* job at writing reviews! You told me exactly what you liked about it, and that helps me a lot. I have to admit this is one of my favorites, because (like you said) I could have seen things going this way. Plus, it\'s fun to write just the two of them, without any interference from the others. Although that will change fairly soon, but that\'s all I\'ll say about the future. Thanks again for such a glowing review. You made my day!

So Many Steps to Death 16 - Go Back for Murder by KallieRose starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 6]
Part 16 of the So Many Steps to Death series. Willow receives a call from home, and prepares to return to Sunnydale.
Characters: Giles, Spike, Tara, Willow, Xander - Genres: Angst, Drama, Seriesfic - Rating: R - Warnings: Spoilers for BtVS S7 - Chapters: 1
Published: 27/05/06 - Updated: 27/05/06 - Completed: Yes

Reviewer: Mawariah Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 28/05/06 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Noooooooooo!!!!!! She can’t leave Spike! *stares at computer* She cant…they…she and he and…nooooo….=( *sniffles* No more Spillow? But…but…Hmmm…Well as the author I think you should tie him up and send him over with UPS or something… wrapped in a nice red bow for Wills…Yeah! Do that!=)

No…seriously, another great chap! More!=)

Author's Response: Hee, hee, wrapped up with a big bow, and otherwise naked, right? And yep, she left him. Of course, that doesn\'t mean that they\'ll never see each other again *grin*. More coming, I promise, and thanks so much for the praise!

So Many Steps to Death - Cards on the Table by KallieRose starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 4]
Story 22 in the So Many Steps to Death series, sequel to Dead Man's Folly. Now that Spike's back, what happens next?
Characters: Faith, Spike, Willow - Genres: Drama, Seriesfic - Rating: NC-17 - Warnings: Spoilers for BtVS S7 - Chapters: 1
Published: 29/07/06 - Updated: 29/07/06 - Completed: Yes

Reviewer: Mawariah Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 29/07/06 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

That was just wonderful….The whole chapter but I just LOVE the dialogue between the two at the end. Will and Spikey to a T…=)

I am so happy (and grateful) you’re updating on a regular basis. It’s like really-really expecting to find a big old bag of candy and voila! It’s there, just when you need it too!=)

Lovely piece of work you’ve got here lady!

Author's Response: Thank you! And I\'m trying hard to update something every weekend, so hopefully I\'ll continue with that schedule. I\'m glad it\'s appreciated (just like I really appreciate your feedback) :-)

So Many Steps to Death 25 - Nemesis by KallieRose starstarstarstarhalf-star [Reviews - 4]
Angel comes to Sunnydale. Will he keep Spike's secret?
Characters: Angel, Buffy, Giles, Spike, Willow - Genres: Drama, Seriesfic - Rating: PG-13 - Warnings: Spoilers for BtVS S7 - Chapters: 1
Published: 31/08/06 - Updated: 31/08/06 - Completed: No

Reviewer: Mawariah Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 02/09/06 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Ohhhhh….. I sense an ending lurking about…Which actually makes me not so happy. This is one of those stories you just wanna see going on forever and ever…

I really liked that you had Angel bring up the drawbacks of immortality. So many writers just…skip that. The characters assume, as does the reader, that everything will always be alright and that they’ll always stay together. I mean – yeah sure that might happen, but most often the writer doesn’t even hint at the possibility it might not work. So I really liked you putting that in there.

Another thing I noticed throughout the story is “the casual touching” – Which I simply adore! Spike passes and touches Willow just for an instant and so on. I like that, very nice touch…(in every way.^^)

Well…want more – hoping for more…and more…and can’t you have Angel put on the soddin necklace and “die” instead? I mean (going after the show) he’ll come back sooner or later and if Spike “dies” then he misses good “quality-time” with Wills…and then Wills will be cranky and…on the other hand…if Spike “dies” they can have a “welcome-home-quality-time” thingy going when he comes back…Hmmmm…

Please don’t make the end toooo unhappy…=)

Author's Response: LOL...yep, an ending is lurking about. The next part in the series will be the last. Prrobably. I\'m thinking I may review it this weekend and see if it needs to be fleshed out any. If so, then I may try to split it into two parts. I\'m just not sure yet. You\'ll have to thank my beta Elisabeth for part of the \'reality check.\' She pointed out that they really haven\'t been together that long, and that Angel might want to point out something along those lines. The drawbacks of immortality thing was all mine, though. As for the ending--don\'t hate me too much, and remember that any sad ending will pave the way for a happy sequel :-)

So Many Steps to Death 26 - Death Comes as the End by KallieRose starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 6]
Final part of the So Many Steps to Death series. The final battle, and how it ends.
Characters: Buffy, Faith, Kennedy, Spike, Willow, Xander - Genres: Drama, Seriesfic - Rating: G - Warnings: Spoilers for BtVS S7, Violence - Chapters: 1
Published: 17/09/06 - Updated: 17/09/06 - Completed: No

Reviewer: Mawariah Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 17/09/06 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

*Stares at the computer screen* But…what…Spike? And Xander too? But…but…

Ok…I really liked the twist of putting Xander in there, I wondered how you would solve that “problem”. Nicely done! And I also really-really liked that you didn’t have them proclaiming their undying love for each other before separating. That would have seemed to…final I think.

This entire story have been wonderful and truly worth the read. The ending was good, in canon and everything (kudos!), and still managed to suck in some areas - no more Spike and Willow goodness…but as you said; this makes the perfect conclusion for a follow-up.

Sooooo… Please-please-please miss writer (with a thousand extra please thrown in for good measure) please write a sequel. Please?

Author's Response: You\'re cracking me up! Don\'t worry, I\'ve already started on the sequel. I probably won\'t be posting it just yet, because I\'m also working on other things, but you will be seeing it here soon. I\'m so glad that you\'ve enjoyed this story so much. I really have enjoyed writing it just as much.


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