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Challenges by Kneazles
Summary: What if when Willow and company sent her Vampire counterpart back, they screwed up and Vamp Willow found herself in the Anita Blake universe. What would happen if VampWillow got a hold of Nathanial? How does Anita reacts to the ‘day walking’ vampire that doesn't care about the law? What side effects are there for Vampire Willow due to the differences in universes?
Categories: Anita Blake, Willow/Other Characters: None
Summary: This is a crossover with Christine Feehans’ Carpathian Series. The Carpathians hear about or meet Angel, a vampire with a soul. After learning more about Angel and this unknown species of vampires, the Carpathians wonder if there is a way to return the soul to their brethren who ‘turned’ before they were able to find their life mate. Their search leads them to Willow, the only living person known to have returned a soul.
Categories: Other Characters: None
Summary: This is a crossover with Christine Feehans’ Carpathian Series. Willow is turned by a Buffyverse vampire, however because of the vast amount of magic she has something went wrong, and she ended up as a Carpathian (or a Carpathian hybrid). Upon awakening, the first thing she notices is that she retained her soul. Obviously she wants to know why, and begins to search for answers, starting with the fact that she resouled Angel. Her research on the curse and its origins, and the Roma tribes, lead her to the Carpathian Mountains when she soon discovers the Carpathians and the fact that she is Carpathian (or a Carpathian hybrid).
Categories: Willow/Crossover Characters: Willow, Willow
Summary: This challenge uses the concept of vampire marks, human servants and vampire servants from Anita Blake, however the story doesn't need to be a crossover. Due to the hellmouth, when Willow cursed Angel with a soul, it had the unintentional side effect of forming the first two marks between them. The marks might be either Willow creating a vampire servant OR binding them both ways (ie Willow as human servant and Angel as vampire servant). Some things to consider: -If they completed the marks, would it bind Angel’s soul to him permanently (or at least as long as Willow exists) -Does either party realize it fairly early on or does it only become apparent when something happens causing them to use the marks?
Categories: Willow/Angel Characters: Angel, Angelus, Crossovers, Willow
Summary: It's a fairly common plot line for Severus to help Willow through the aftermath of her attempt to end the world, her feelings of guilt and so forth; in this challenge it is Willow who helps Severus. Deathly Hollows' pretty much told us that everything Severus did after he returned to the light was for Lily leaving the distinct impression that it was still a festering unhealed wound after over twenty years. This does not have to be a romantic pairing; friendship is perfectly fine. Time wise, for the Buffyverse it would be any time post season seven, for the Potterverse any time after Severus returned to the ligh
Categories: Willow/Crossover, Harry Potter Characters: Crossovers, Willow

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