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Challenges by Gabrielle
Summary: Challenge #3 Paring: Angelus/Willow Rating: NC-17 Angelus, Spike, and Dru is infatuated with Willow. {What brought it on is up to you} They all try different things to get her attention by bringing or doing something to her {No Sex involved until she has told them who she wants} Angelus, Spike and Dru each take day up to the twelve days of Christmas Must have: Spike and Dru fight over one of the gifts Spike and Dru sleeping together after they notice their lost to Angelus Willow saying/asking: “I am Jewish, I don’t celebrate Christmas.” “Have you three being doing a bunch of drugs lately?”
Categories: Willow/Angelus Characters: None
Summary: One of the characters of BtVS is captured, sold as a slave and bought by… Who is his/her new owner and what is he/she going to do? To free him/her, to cuddle and hold him/her as a pet, or to treat him/her cruelly? Later, slave and master end up in bed together. But will it happen after a sweet and irresistible seduction or through the assertion of the owner’s mere right on what belongs to him/her? And does the slave willingly submit or does he/she fight (in vain) to protect his/her dignity? The story can be setted in an alternate universe in which slavery is normal or in our world. In case you choose the second, you should make this slave traffic credible in our democratic age (it could be vampires secretly dealing in humans or vice versa, unleash your creativity!) *Warning*: I’m the webmistress of Bloody Twilight (www.bloodytwilight.3000.it), the first Italian site of adult fanfictions translated form English. The stories I’ll riceive will be translated and put on-line on the site (obviously with your name, your e-mail and the address of your site, if you have any), and the best story will win a special award. If you don’t agree, don’t loose your time taking up this challenge. For further informations: babycharly2002@yahoo.it Requirements: - It must be NC-17; consensual, semi-consensual or non-con sex are equally welcome; - The pairing must deal only with characters of BtVS, so neither original character nor characters appeared only in AtS (the ones passed from BtVS to AtS are okay, the ones exclusive of AtS are not); - Any kind of pairing is accept: hetero, slash, femslash and threesome; - The main pairing must be slave/master (or mistress), while any secondary pairing can deal with whoever you want. Bonus for the inclusion of: - A slave auction (it can be described while it’s taking place, it can be recalled by one of the characters or through any other expedient your fantasy suggests you); - An unconventional pairing (a couple that has never been together in the show) or a conventional pairing in the most original situation you can find; - Hurt/comfort: the slave is hurt (emotionally or physically or both) and the master (or the mistress) comforts him/her; - A happy ending.
Categories: Fanfiction Characters: None
Summary: *Challenge* I did Halloween so I have to do a Christmas one: It is ten years in the future. The Scooby’s have all moved on with their lives. They all finally decide to meet up in Sunnydale for one last Christmas celebration. Note: Before taking this challenge I just want the writer to know that I want a story that has everyone around the fire or something like that while telling stories about what happened years ago. You have to write in details what happened back then. With everything that is said and done everyone has to leave happy. Rating: At least R Must have: Buffy telling everyone about her and Faiths one night of passion. Xander telling everyone about his crush on Spike Willow and Angel tells everyone about their relationship and when they started dating {prefeally after Angel and Buffy broke up} and they are now mates. Spike tells everyone about his threesome with Faith and Anya. Cordelia tells everyone that her baby is Wesley’s not her ex-husband {who her ex is, is up to you} Wesley and Fred break up because of the baby. Gunn and Fred get back together that night. Conner tells Cordelia that he loves her. Bonus: Dru comes and tells Giles she wants to make him ‘bark like a puppy’. Everyone singing the twelve days of Christmas. Angel proposing to Willow. Xander and Spike kissing. *Challenge* The Scooby’s start auguring with each other. It could be from a dispute or magical, it’s up to you. Their fighting leads them up to a serious contest that could kill all of them if they don’t complete the task. Paring: Angel/Willow Characters: Buffy, Willow, Anya, Angel, Spike, Xander Rating: It can be R up to NC-17 Must have: Willow and Angel becoming lovers during a break period. Buffy and Angel fighting. Buffy complimenting to Spike after she finds out about Angel and Willow. Some sort of reward has to be earned besides their lives. Xander and Anya auguring The team separting but later on coming to a conclusion that if they work together they can all get out alive. Bonus: Angelus comes to play. (But he can’t stay…sorry) Spike flirting with Willow and making Angel pissed. Bunnies (For Anya) *Challenge* It’s Halloween and the Scooby gang is having a party. This takes place after Willow recurses Angel. Without knowing something happens to the both of them after the curse. They become bonded and soon fall for each other but keep it a secret from each other. They can hear each others thoughts but they don’t know how to use it to talk to each other yet. Rating: NC-17 Must have: Willow masturbating and Angel listening and vise versa. Angel thinking how hot Willow would look in leather pants. {Willow can hear it}. Bonus: Willow dressing up for Halloween wearing leather. Spike wearing all white. Angel carving jack-o-lanterns *Challenge* What if Xander couldn’t stop Willow at the hilltop and she starts the spell to destroy the world but instead of destroying the world she is taken back to the year Angelus ruled Europe or better yet to an AU where vampires ruled the world and Angelus is the leader. What would Angelus do to Willow? What would Willow do when she sees Angelus? Rating: Up to you Must have: Willow loosing all powers when she arrives in England. Darla gets mad and tries to kill Willow because Angelus is paying more attention to her. Spike and Dru having a tea party Angelus changing Willow (Either before or after Darla tries to kill her) Willow going back to the present Angelus and her getting back together once she is back
Categories: Willow/Angel Characters: None

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