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Challenges by Gabrielle
Summary: BtVS/AtS/AB (AU for BtVS and Angel) Pairing: Willow/? Connor/? Because of an accident Willow and Connor end up in the Anita Blake universe. There Connor gets mistaken for a vampire and Willow for his human servant. Jean-Claude is of course not happy about having another vampire in his city. Things get even more complicated when they find out that Connor can call wolfs and Willow can call Anita’s cats. This is not the only problem for once Angel finds out that his son and Willow who is Connors godmother are missing he sends out a rescue party causing more trouble in the AB world. Must have: Connor calling Willow auntie. Spike, Faith and Andrew in the rescue party (can have others also). Spike claiming Willow is his. Nathaniel and Jason have big crushes on Willow. Willow trying to help Asher. Connor must have vampire like qualities like sped and strength. Willow being a powerful white witch. Anita trying to shout someone with her gun. Can have: Faith making a pass at Richard. Andrew annoying Jean-Claude and Asher. Spike and Faith beating Jamil and Shang Da in a contest. Connor strangling Andrew with Faith and Jason sharing on. Nathaniel asking Willow if he can be her kitten. Hope some one wants to write this, I would have done so myself but I already have too many stories going.
Categories: Willow/Crossover Characters: None
Summary: OK,this will be kind of vague,but please bear with me as this is the VERY FIRST time I have ever issued a challenge. After Angel returns from Hell,he becomes obsessed with Willow and kidnaps her.Angel CANNOT turn into Angelus,this has to be Angel behaving in this twisted fashion.I'd like it to be a darkfic,happy ending or not,it's up to the writer.I definitely want there to be sex,it can be consensual or non-consensual.Please make it hard R or NC-17.Oh,and if anyone takes this challenge,please let me know. I hope everyone will forgive me for any deficiencies in my challenge.I'm but a novice. I've posted this in a couple of places.I'd just like to see if anyone thinks that this a challenge worth taking up.
Categories: Willow/Angel Characters: None
Summary: My first challeng so bear with me! Must Haves: 1) Angelus and Willow, and/or Angelus/Willow/Spike. 2) Somehow Willow, Angelus and Spike all leave Sunnydale, preferebly out of the United States. 3) Someone saying "Out of Hell." 4) Rating: R to NC-17. Please let me know if anyone picks this up!
Categories: Willow/Angelus Characters: Angelus, Spike, Threesomes, Willow
Summary: Please bear with me as I have never posted a challenge before. Ok, Must haves: 1) I want this to be a secret admirer thing, whichever male (males) you choose leaving gifts, etc. for Willow. 2) Must have a total of 7, and please not just "On Monday WIllow got a fish and on Tuesday she got a bunny." PLEASE give it content. 3) At the end of the secret admirer part when Willow finds out who is, Ithey have to end up sleeping together. I don't care where and the more original, the better. Ok, that's it for must haves, but I would love it if the cause of this was the male overhearing Willow telling one of her friends that she'd love a romantic guy in her life. I guess that's it, but please let me know if anyone responds to this, I would love to see what comes of it.
Categories: Willow/Angel Characters: Angel, Angelus, Spike, Threesomes, Willow
Summary: Okay, this concept has definitely been done before, but it completely intrigues me so here goes ... Post S7 Willow time travels back to a previous season (pick any one you like!) to change one thing, if she wants to. What does she change? Why does she change it? How will it effect the future? Who gave her the option of changing one thing? Why? Does she tell anyone? Does she bring anyone with her? Keep in mind that she knows that she'll need to be just as powerful as she was in S7 to help defeat the First (and Glory S5), so anything she wouldn't change anything that could affect that outcome -- at least not knowingly. I would like this to have a happy ending, where Post S7 Willow returns to her own time to find a few changes if she indeed decides to change things. Any pairing, any rating.
Categories: Fanfiction Characters: None
Summary: I was thinking the other day ( I know, thank you, thank you) about Willow. What if Willow has visions too?. Req: Sunnyhell ( Which is where Willow is when she has her first vision, this is a MUST) Spike (Sexy piece of man, Angel's Childe and Giles' lover) Giles (Spike's Lover, has a thing for Willow...) Cordelia ( Willow's lover, eventually) Willow (naw Duh) (Cordy's lover eventually) Gunn (Another sexy piece of meat and Wesley's lover) Wesley (Gunn's lover, book-man, rogue demon hunter and sexy piece of meat) Angel (Champion and diaper changer for Buffy, hehe) ** I love Buffy, I meant the above as humor ** The rest is up to you
Categories: Willow/Cordelia Characters: None
Summary: I would really like to see a Willow/Cordelia story set in season 1 of Angel. I thought maybe after her break up with Oz, Willow decides to move to LA. She transfers to UCLA and Cordelia offers her a place to stay. Cordelia and Willow start to fall in love but with Cordelia being the chaser/seducer. Doyle stiil dies. (I love Doyle I do but I still want Cordelia to get the visions) I'd like a happy ending and if you could maybe a little bit of Angel/Spike. If anyone decides to take this challenge email me and let me know because I'd love to read it and place it on my website.
Categories: Willow/Cordelia Characters: None
Summary: What would have happened if Xander had gone after Willow as his mate rather Buffy when he went all hyena in The Pack? I'd really like to see a story that dealt with this concept. Must have: Hyena Xander deciding on Willow as his mate due to their long history with each other and her superior fertility. Willow becoming pregnant by him and trying to hide it from him. A happy ending. I would prefer it to be either R or NC17 rated, but that is really up to whoever decides to write it.
Categories: Willow/Xander Characters: None
Summary: A thought just came to me…… I wanted to give out a couple of Christmas Awards and the only thing I could come up with was to ask people to response to one of my three challenges. If you are interest email me your *complete* story by December 1, 2003. Your stories will be voted on between December 2-20 and they will be announced on the December 23. There will be a couple of different awards given. If anyone is interest E-Mail me . Challenge #1 Paring: Angel/Willow (and/or) Spike/? {If you want his torturing to be sexual related. It can be the Scooby gang} Rating: R to NC-17 Story takes place after Thanksgiving. Spike promise to help an evil sprite find a light Spike finds out the light was born in Sunnydale. The light is use to open the hellmouth The light open up the destroy the hellmouth if it is the right place on Christmas morning {The places are up to you} How Spike finds out the Willow is the light is up to you {Doing a spell is just a suggestion} Everyone finds out they call Angel in LA to take Willow away to protect her until Christmas Eve {Up to you again} When Spike finds out Willow is gone and he really didn’t want to kill her anyway this sprit takes of Spikes body Must have: Spike/Demon torturing the gang one by one in efforts to get answers {How is up to you….I prefer sexually} One of the gang tells Spike/Demon where they went Spike/Demon and Angel fight have a fight Bonus Spike singing his own version of the Twelve Days of Christmas.
Categories: Willow/Angel Characters: None
Summary: Challenge #2 Paring: Angelus/Willow and any other paring as long as the story is mostly about Angelus/Willow Rating: Up to you Willow has lost her soul but is still human (It up to you how) She is no longer pure and soul full. She is still human. Angel is in LA and his soul is taking from him (Not but sex) The gang finds out and keeps Willow in a safe place so they can find a way to restore her soul PTB has a plan for Angelus take Willow from the gang Angelus does what he could up to Willow
Categories: Willow/Angelus Characters: None

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