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Challenges by Gabrielle
Summary: ok what this must have is, Oz not liking Willow, so she's rejected, sad, hurt, etc. She summons Anyanka, doesn't go through witht he wish but has a little kink, her first kiss even kink with the demon then the gang's reaction to find out willow is in love with not just a vengeance demon but the second in command...must have, a sex toy, Anyanka must be morphed during their play time, Willow must babble frequently.
Categories: Willow/Anya Characters: None
Summary: Okay ... I don't care how, but I want a fic with a W/Andrew pairing. Preferably S7, and if you want to make it a Xander/Willow/Andrew, I'd love you even more!
Categories: Willow/Other Characters: Other, Willow
Summary: The challenge: Use Evanescence's 'My Immortal' or 'My Last Breath' from 'Fallen' for a W/T songfic. The must-haves: 1) Tara and Willow must be together in the end. 2) Must be in season 6, most likely somewhere in or after 'Seeing Red', though not limited to that timeframe. 3) Should be in Tara's POV. Good luck!
Categories: Willow/Tara Characters: None
Summary: would love a Willow/Riley S6 fic ... how do they get together? What about Sam? What about Tara? What's going on with Willow's magic? I'd love a happy ending, though angst and drama are welcome along the way!
Categories: Willow/Riley Characters: None
Summary: here are a few separate challenges here... here it is: Challenge #1: all i want is willow's POV and thoughts for the whole episode of the episode 'amends'. Also i, myself am a devout willow/oz shipper, so if i read any of the slightest hint of willow/xander shippage i won't be happy Or... if you can't do that: Challenge #2: also in 'amends': (Iím obsessed with that episode) what would of happened if oz had taken up willow's offer to "do that thing", also the aftermath of it (ie. xander finding out, or just plain fluffiness ect.). Again please make sure thereís no W/X paring. Try and make it realistic to the characters please (Iíve read lots of fics that a way too unbelievable) It can be angsty, fluffy, smutty...whatever, just make sure it ends with a *happy* *willow/oz* ending. challenge #3: willow and oz over the summer between season 2 and 3: what they did, the development of there relationship, try and keep it totally fluffy or at least a happy *ending* challenge #4: willow and oz over the summer of season 3 and 4: again what they did, conflict, (maybe xander finds out that they "did that thing"?) can be smutty, fluffy dosen't really matter. again W/O ending blah, blah, blah... My apologies if this sound completely boring or really stupid! Itís about 4:00 am and Iím on a sugar high and completely board, not a good combination. But... ...please respond to this challenge anyway! If you do i will be *realllllly* grateful, i am in serious need of a willow/oz fic Thanks!
Categories: Willow/Oz Characters: None
Summary: Post season 7. Bring back Oz (i really dont care how. Maybe bringing news of a coming apocolype or something). Have Kennedy killed by some new big bad (maybe the reason Oz came back?). You take it from there. The only requirement is that you get Willow and Oz together! This can be fluffy and have a happy ending or be dark and angsty and have a heart wrenching ending.
Categories: Willow/Oz Characters: None
Summary: Imagine Jesse knew of Willow's crush on Xander, but had one on her himself, and to mask it he pretended infatuation with Cordelia. When he was turned into a vampire, those reservations disappeared. So what if he went after his love and turned her into a vampire too, and the events afterward changed time and he avoids being staked by Xander? What would be different if Buffy, Xander, and Giles had a new enemy of Willow and Jesse? How would that change the Buffyverse? That is the challenge. ((Instead, maybe he convinced Darla to turn Willow because he was a newly turned vampire himself? Perhaps he used the argument/convincement that it would hurt the anti-vampire front.))
Categories: Willow/Other Characters: None
Summary: OK here is the challenge, one or two scenario 1) Willow and Faith find out what its like to live on the dark side. Buffy Thinks Some "bonding" could be fun. She notices Willow and Faith tension and placed them on a day out, to get along. Must include... A) Light/ Heavy bondage B) One bondage tool (i.e., Crop, saddle, Whip...) C) And Faith's GF (Buffy) Walks in on them. ( join if wanted) Idea number two... 2) Willow is Kidnapped and Drugged but and evil Faith, but faith is surprised when Willow wakes up and feels slightly arosed. Must Include... A) The Phrase "Five By Five" and "What in the frilly heck." B) One Major drug must be used (i.e. Cocaine, E, weed...)
Categories: Willow/Faith Characters: None
Summary: Faith and willow get transformed back to the past, Where they find that Love is the only thing that conqures all. There must be a war. Willow being a princess, and Faith a lesser noble woman. There must be a child and Willow must be a virgin. Also the whole ensamble cast has to have a part or two. Have fun.
Categories: Willow/Faith Characters: None
Summary: What would happen if some people from Anita Blake ended up in Sunnydale? Parings can be: Willow/Richard, Willow/Nathaniel, Willow/Jason or Willow/Stephen/Gregory Can allso have Xander/Cherry, Xander/Anya or Buffy/Spike, Buffy/Angel. Raited From PG to NC-17. Main story: For some reasion or other people from AB end up in Sunnyhell. There they meet Willow who tries to help them out. It turns out that a bad vampire from the AB world has been causing trouble for the scooby's and the visitors help out. Choose the ending yourself's.
Categories: Willow/Crossover Characters: None

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