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Challenges by pickamix
Summary: I would like to see a Willow/Spike story where it is pre-chip and they start out as enemies that are forced into a situation where they are either A) forced to rely on each other or B) together in such a way that Willow is safe from Spike hurting her too much. I want them to start to GRADUALLY start to like each other in a believable fashion. I don't care when sex starts or if it is shown or not but I would like the relationship to become sexual at some point. I don't want to see Spike torturing Willow or anything like that but if their relationship gets consensually rough that is fine. At least at first Spike needs to be evil to the point of killing people and Willow can't look the other way about it evil. They can come to an understanding or something or he can even somehow obtain his soul before the end of the story for them to get over this... but I want the reason for them to get over this to be believable. When this is set exactly and who all is in the fic and whether or not there's a happy end or not, is up to the author. But PLEASE if you take this challenge on... PLEASE finish the story.
Categories: Willow/Spike Characters: Spike, Willow

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