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Challenges by Lamia
Summary: After his son Charlie was murdered by one of his many enemies, CIA Special Agent Lionell Collins gives up his four year old daughter Willow for adoption and then fakes his own death in order to protect his now only child. He then joins the Air Force as his new persona Major Jack O'Neill, and gets soon promoted to Colonel. Two years later one Col. Jack O'Neill then gets into contact with a top secret project under the code name Stargate. 13 years Jack, once known as Lionell, kept track of Willow Rosenbergs, once known as Willow Collins, life from afar, never knowing of the dangers his daughter fought after the sun went down. Though his heart broke, Jack was content to let his beloved daughter continue her seemingly happy and normal life without disrupting her life with his reappearence. But now shadows of his past force Jack to call on Willow and reveal to her the truth. Will it be the happy reunion he prayed and hoped for for years? How will Jack and his teammates react when they learn of the things that go bump in the night? And what does Jack say when he comes to know just who his daughter dates? Can be any pairing, really, but I would love to read about Willow with either Angel or Spike.
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