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Title: Espresso
Author: Shannon
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Willow/Spike
Distribution: My site http://www.shadesofgrey.us/ NHA, WLS, Bite Me…Please?, if they want it. Anyone else that wants it just let me know.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Joss Whedon, ME, UPN, WB, and FOX
Spoilers: Through up to Something Blue.
Summary: Spike’s hyper, and needs a friend
Author’s Notes: Takes place between Something Blue and Hush. I know I’m taking the easy, don’t have to deal with Tara or Spike loves Buffy problems, but I just felt like writing total fluff. So if I didn’t want to spend the forever explaining how things are different than canon, I decided to do it this way.

Part 1

Willow stretched out on the bed enjoying the silence. Buffy was visiting her father for a week. Xander and Anya had decided to take some time off and get away. That just left her and Giles for a few days. She had agreed to go help him out with research in the afternoons, but as long as there was no big bad to investigate she had her nights free.

This was a great time to catch up on studying and to read those books she had been wanting to read but never got around to. Spotting one of the books sitting on her nightstand she reached for it, but before she had finished the first page there was an insistent knocking on her door. Assuming it was probably just someone from the party down the hall she decided to ignore it. Unfortunately, whoever it was couldn’t seem to take a hint, the knocking wasn’t going away.

“Who is it?”

“Let me in Red.”

“Spike?” Willow asked. What the hell was he doing here? Why wasn’t he at Giles’?

“Who else?” The door was pushed open and Spike bounced through, slamming it shut behind him.

“Something wrong?” Willow asked, sitting up, watching the vampire opening and closing cupboards and closets along the walls of the small dorm room. “Did Giles send you for something?”

“Nope.” Opening Buffy’s closet door he began searching through the clothes he found there. “Well the watcher’s exact words were to get ‘the bloody hell out.’ So I came here.”

“Why did he kick you out?”

“Don’t know. He was mumbling something about Ritalin working on vampires though.”

Willow watched the vampire from the bed. She really should stop him from going through Buffy’s stuff, but she still wasn’t sure why he was here, or why Giles told him to leave. Was he dangerous? If he was, she didn’t want to piss him off. The phone rang, pulling her out of her thoughts.


“Willow?” Giles asked.

“Yeah. Hi, Giles.” Willow was only half paying attention to the phone call; she was still watching the vampire who was now almost completely inside the closet. Spike pulled a short red skirt and a black sleeveless shirt out of Buffy’s closet.

“This’ll do,” the blonde vampire said.

“Do for what?” Willow asked, “No not you Giles.”

“For you.” Spike carried the clothing over and set it next to her.

“Yeah he’s here,” Willow held up the skirt, wondering again what the hell was going on, “He said you kicked him out.”

“Yes, well I didn’t intend for him to go to you. I’m sorry,” Giles said, “I’m afraid he’s a little hyper.”

“Got that,” Willow watched as the vampire in question began searching through Buffy’s shoes, “Why?”

“He found the espresso machine Buffy gave me for Christmas; he tried to make his own.”

“Too much?” she asked.

“These’ll work too,” Spike said triumphantly, holding up a pair of boots with impossibly high heels.

“Yes,” Giles sighed, “Send him back. I’ll deal with him. I did promise you a few nights off.”

“Don’t worry about it, Giles. I can handle it.” Willow watched as Spike began searching through the makeup bags sitting next to the mirror. “Giles I gotta go.” She quickly assured him that she would send Spike away if he got to be too much and hung up the phone.

“I know the Slayer has more makeup than this,” Spike muttered, not finding what he was looking for.

“Uh, Spike?” Willow pushed the clothing and boots aside and walked over to where Spike was standing. “Do you want to tell me something?”

“Tell you what?” Spike tossed several compacts aside, “’Cause not really, except that you need better makeup.”

“How about the reason you’re going through Buffy’s clothes and picking out makeup?”

“Oh, we’re going out,” he set the makeup aside, “where’s the rest of the Slayer’s stuff?”

“With her. Where are we going?”

“I was thinking the Bronze on the way over here, but did you know there’s a party a few rooms down?”


“Wanna go?”

“No,” Willow returned to the bed and picked up her book, “I want to read my book.”

Spike grabbed the book and tossed it aside. “It’s Saturday night. You have to go out.”


“Because you do. You’re what, nineteen?” Spike was once again examining his choice of clothes. “You’re supposed to go out on Saturday nights, ‘sides I wanna dance.”

“If I go with you for an hour, will you go home and let me read?” Willow decided it was probably easier to do what he wanted for a while. Maybe it would burn off the excess caffeine and he could go back to Giles’ without the risk of the watcher staking him.

“Yep,” Spike nodded, still slightly bouncing, “But you have to wear these.”

“No,” Willow eyed the very short skirt, “I’ll go in my own clothes.”

“Please, please, please?!” Spike dropped to his knees in front of her, “C’mon. You’ll look so hot.”

Willow stared at Spike, he thought she’d look hot? No one had ever said she looked hot before, and it was just for a couple of hours. “What the hell? Give them to me,” Willow grabbed the clothes and stared at the vampire, “You have to turn around while I change. I’d send you outside, but I think you’d forget why you’re here.”

Spike flopped back on Buffy’s bed and rolled away from Willow. “Hurry up Red. I wanna dance,” he whined, bouncing on the bed.

“Give me a second okay?” Willow pulled the shirt over her head, and straightened the skirt.

“Done?” he asked, when heard her pick up the boots.

“I’m dressed, just need to get these boots on. If I fall and break my neck it’s your fault,” she tugged the boots on and stood up, “Ready?”

“Let’s go party.” he grabbed her hand, pulling her out the door and down the hall.

Part 2

Willow stumbled as she tried to keep up with the hyper vampire. Between trying to run to maintain the speed he was moving at, and the heels, she was going to fall. She didn’t even want to think about how short her skirt was. How did Buffy wear these things anyway?

“Spike, slow down!” she yelled at the vampire, “The party isn’t going anywhere.”

“We already missed a lot of it though,” Spike stopped in front of the room where all the noise was coming from, “We’re here.”

Spike pushed open the door and pulled Willow inside the very crowded, very noisy room. As he surveyed their surroundings, several people greeted Willow, as well as more than a few guys turning to stare at her.

“Beer?” asked a guy that Willow didn’t recognize, holding a large plastic cup out to her.

“Uh, no thanks,” Willow shifted uncomfortably.

“C’mon let’s dance.” Spike spotted an empty spot on the floor near where some other couples were dancing, and began pulling Willow in that direction.

“Spike, I really don’t…” Willow’s protest was cut off by the music coming from the speakers she was now standing next to.

Spike pulled Willow close to him as they danced to the slow song that was currently playing. He kept her on the dance floor for two more songs, before she convinced him that she couldn’t dance anymore in the boots he had chosen.

They made their way across the room to the door. Some of the party was spilling over to the next room. Hoping it would be quieter there, Willow directed Spike to the new room. They walked in to find everyone sitting in a circle on the floor, drinks in hand. They stood watching for a moment, before someone noticed them.

“Hey, you’re in that Wicca group right?” a girl Willow knew as Janice asked when she saw them.

“Yeah, why?” Willow asked.

“Can you really do spells? I’m Janice by the way.”

“Willow. And yes I can do spells,” Spike coughed slightly next to her, “Sorry, this is Spike.”

“We want to do a spell. We want to find our true love,” another girl offered moving over to make room for Willow and Spike. “We have this book but it doesn’t seem to be working.”

Willow sat next to the girl and took the offered book. She quickly scanned the spell they were using. Of course it wasn’t working for them; the spell didn’t use any of the right ingredients for a love spell.

“What exactly do you want to do?”

“We want to find our true loves,” someone volunteered.

“Not make someone fall in love with you though, right? Just make you able to find the person that already is meant to love you?”

“Yeah, can you do it?”

“I think so, but not with this book, and not with these ingredients.” Willow closed the book, “Let me see what I have in my room.”


Willow came back to the room a few minutes later, hands full of spell ingredients, to find Spike sitting on the floor talking to the group of girls. They were all leaning in listening to whatever it was he was telling them.

“So you really knew a werewolf?” Janice asked.

“Not as well as Red here but yeah,” Spike jumped up to grab the items Willow had nearly dropped at the mention of werewolves.

“What the hell are you doing?” she whispered angrily, as he took some of the items from her.

“Don’t worry Luv. They think I’m drunk, and they won’t remember a thing in the morning anyway.” He gestured to the pile of empty bottles next to one of the beds.

“Willow did you really date a werewolf?” someone asked, “And that girl that rooms with you, did she really date a vampire?”

“Spike!” Willow began setting the candles in a circle while glaring at the vampire. “Do you all believe in those things?”

“Well, I’ve lived here all my life, and it would probably explain a lot of things.”

“Spike seems sure it’s all real,” someone else pointed out.

“Spike is very drunk,” Willow placed the last candle, “Now, I need everyone to move into the circle.”

“Are you sure this’ll work?” Janice asked, stepping into the circle.

“I’ve never done a spell to affect this many people before,” Willow began arranging the ingredients in front of her, “So I can’t promise it’ll affect everyone. Also, it may not happen right away.”

“It won’t?” a disappointed voice asked.

“No. You may not have found your true love yet. If the spell works it’ll draw you to them, but if you don’t already know them it may take some time.”

“Are we ready to start?” Janice looked around the crowd of girls in the circle, “Spike, aren’t you going to do it too?”

“Yeah, Spike, maybe it’ll bring Harmony back.” Willow hid her smile behind the book.

“Not bloody likely,” Spike stepped into the circle. Not like it could hurt, unless of course something went wrong with Red’s spell. True, that does happen often, but as long as it didn’t make him kiss the slayer again…

After everyone was in the circle Willow began to read the spell from the book, adding the ingredients as directed. When she was finished, everyone just stared at her.

“Is that all?” Janice asked, “How will we know it worked?”

“Yeah, I don’t feel any different.”

“Just give it a couple of days. See if you feel more drawn to anyone. If anyone wants I can try individual spells then, assuming this doesn’t work.”

“Hey, Red, I’m uh, feeling kinda tired. Are you ready to go?”

“Oh, sure Spike,” Willow said goodbye to a few people and reassured them they could call in a couple of days if they wanted the spell redone.

Spike and Willow made their way back to Willow’s room, Spike moving slower with every step.

“Are you okay?” Willow asked, unlocking her door.

“I guess. Just got really tired suddenly,” Spike stumbled into the room.

“Espresso wearing off will do that to you. Kinda like a high, it’s great till it’s gone then you crash,” Willow laughed, as the previously hyper vampire collapsed onto Buffy’s bed, “Okay, guess you’re staying here tonight.”

Before she had the words out, Spike had fallen asleep. Picking up the phone, she called Giles and told him the situation. She assured him that she would bring the vampire back as soon as the sun set the next day, and ‘yes’ she would be fine with him in the room, and ‘yes’ she did have a stake handy.

She grabbed a pair of boxers and an oversized t-shirt and headed to the bathroom to change.

Part 3

Spike opened his eyes slowly, not sure where he was. He was positive it wasn’t the watcher’s bathtub because he was in a bed. Looking around he realized he was in Buffy and Willow’s dorm room. It was starting to come back to him now. Watcher kicked him out; he went to see the witch. He had gone to her, because she was as depressed as he was, though her friends didn’t seem to notice. They went to a party; she had done a spell for a bunch of girls. He didn’t remember much after that.

Getting out of the bed, he turned her clock so he could see the time. It was noon and he had at seven more hours before he could leave. Where was the witch anyway? He made his way to the small refrigerator in the corner and found a note taped to it.


Hope you slept well. I had to go to class.
I’ll be back around two. Sorry I didn’t have any blood here,
but I’ll bring some with me after class. Help yourself to
anything else in the fridge.


Spike read the note. Great, no blood. Opening the door he looked at the food that they did have; some yogurt, an apple, and a few candy bars. No wonder they were always at Giles’ flat, they needed to eat. Grabbing a candy bar he wandered around the small room looking for something to do until Willow returned.

As he was looking through the pile of books next to Willow’s bed he heard a beeping sound coming from her desk. Looking up to find the source, he saw that her computer was on and a small window had opened. Moving closer he saw it was a message from Angel.

Angel: Willow, how are you?

Spike stared at the screen for a moment. Obviously the poof thought Willow was here and was expecting an answer. His day was getting interesting after all. Now all he had to do was figure out how to reply. He decided to start typing and see if it worked.

Hi, Angel, I’m great. You still broody?

Spike hit the enter key and was pleased to see his message had been sent. Now he had to see how long it would take his grand-sire to figure out it wasn’t from the witch.

Angel: Is Buffy okay? She was kind of upset when she left L.A.

Smiling Spike quickly typed a reply. His day was getting better and better.

She’s fine. Spent a whole day making out with Spike, they were planning their wedding.

Spike smiled, as he imagined the look on Angel’s face as he read the message. He was enjoying himself so much he didn’t hear the door open next to him.

“Spike, I got back early,” Willow came through the door holding up a paper bag, “Brought blood. What are you doing at my computer?”

“Red, I uh, I was bored and…”

“God, Spike you didn’t. You told Angel. Does he know it’s you?” Willow asked as she quickly read the messages on the screen.

“Of course not, wouldn’t believe me if I did,” Spike pointed out.

“Move.” Willow pushed the vampire out of the chair and quickly began typing a message to Angel.

Angel, sorry that was Spike, not me. He shouldn’t have said that.

A few seconds later a message appeared.

Angel: Is it true?

Yes and No. It happened but there was a spell.

Angel: She’s not dating Spike then?

Of course not.

“Take all my fun away,” Spike mumbled, as he rummaged through the bag and pulled out a plastic container of blood.

Willow finished her conversation with Angel and shut down the computer turning her attention to the vampire in her room.

“What were you thinking?”

“Just having some fun Pet.” Spike pulled a mug from a shelf and began pouring blood into it.

“Fun?” Willow was staring at the vampire, “You call screwing with both Buffy and Angel’s lives fun?”

“Well, yeah,” Spike set his mug in the microwave and pressed the appropriate buttons.


“You left me here alone. With the computer on,” he pointed out, as he withdrew his mug and began drinking.

“I didn’t know you even knew how to use it,” Willow was pacing the room, “And this so not my fault. I didn’t invite you over, I didn’t want to go to a party, and I certainly didn’t tell you pass out on Buffy’s bed!”

“Fine, I won’t do it again, okay? What’d you want to do now?”

“I don’t know. I don’t suppose I could do my history paper?” Willow said looking at the pile of books she needed to go through this week.

“That what those books are for?” Spike gestured to the books next to her bed.

“Yeah. Gotta write a paper on Germany during World War II.”

“I’ll help,” Spike said, grabbing several books and lying down on the bed.


“I was there Luv,” Spike opened a book and began scanning the pages, “Probably know more than these books.”

“Alright, then let’s write a paper.” Willow grabbed her notebook, no point in arguing, he probably did know more than the books about this.

By sunset Willow’s paper was almost finished, she just needed to proofread it. The paper had gone quicker than expected; of course she didn’t have to read all those books. Spike had answered most of her questions. Her Professor had said they could write a personal account of the war instead of a research paper. Of course, she would have to lie and say he was a grandparent or something.

“Ready to head back to Giles’?” Willow closed her notebook.

“Rather go out somewhere.”


“Don’t know?” Spike grabbed his duster, “Bronze? Or we could look at flats, I really need one.”

“You want an apartment?” Willow looked at the vampire, surprised.

“Yeah. Rather not stay in the watcher’s tub forever.”

“Are Giles and Buffy going to let you do that?” Willow was a little skeptical, “It’s not like you’re there voluntarily.”

“You think the watcher wants me in his flat all the time?’ Spike raised an eyebrow, “And I doubt the slayer really cares as long as I leave her alone.”

“Isn’t it kinda late to look for an apartment? And how are you going to pay for one?”

“Got money, Luv. Don’t get to be my age without saving some money.” Spike looked at the still shocked look on Willow’s face. He didn’t really care about finding an apartment but he was enjoying spending time with Willow. He didn’t want to see that end already. “Gonna help?”

“Um sure,” Willow grabbed her jacket. She had really enjoyed last night and this afternoon. Spending time with Spike was kind of fun, when he wasn’t going out of his way to annoy anyone. “Where are we going to find anything this late though?”

“For enough money there are always places to look at. Let’s go buy a paper and see what we can find.”

Willow shrugged; he was more accustomed to doing things like this at night than she was. So, she was going to have to take his word for it.

To be continued…
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