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Author's Chapter Notes:
The first chapter has no Willow but the rest do.

art by me

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Who knew that werewolves stopped aging several years after first infected and had more vampiric tendencies after that? Oz didn't. No ... mirrors, stakes, garlic, or holy relics were never an issue. But Oz now exclusively ate animals straight from the forests … without cooking them. Any meat that you could buy was processed in some way and that didn't agree with his digestive system. Also, while sunlight is not an issue for werewolves the same way it is for vampires, Oz finds that he's more active at night, and can't seem to change that. Poor Jordy was going to be thirteen for the rest of time.

The whole involuntary shifting while emotional problem hasn't changed, so he sticks with the last … creature … that he expected to. He has no emotional attachment to Spike but they get along and the fucking ain't half bad. They can take out their full strength on each other and not have to worry about it. But when Spike takes up with someone else … Oz could care less and just asks Spike if he had a good time.

"Your nail polish is so chipped it's ugly," Spike comments while Oz picks at his guitar.

"Hmm, and you're still butchering that rhythm," Oz notes as Spike strums his own guitar.

"Gimme another lesson?"

"Repaint my nails?"

"Deal. What do you want to do first?"

"Guitar makes more sense."

"It does. So what am I doing wrong here?" Spike asks as his fingers try to work the strings.

Oz puts his fingers over Spike's and helps him with the motions. His nails really do look like shit, but the feel of skin under his fingers feels too good for him to care about looks at the moment.
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