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The subtle ways she would smile at him when everyone else seemed to shun him. The way she attempted to lift his spirits even when he had tried to kill her on numerous occasions. It had taken him years to figure out that she actually cared for him. To realize that the one that filled his head and his heart wasn’t the slayer, but the redhead resting peacefully beside him in his bed.

Willow was everything Spike could want in a woman and then some. They had shared something tonight, something special… they made love, he made love for the first time in his existence.

He trailed his fingertips along the length of her delicate face and smiled as she leaned into his touch.

Bright, emerald green eyes slowly opened peering up at his stormy blues. Her smile increased and her hand rose to the one he had on her face. Wrapping her fingers around his palm, his fingers closed over hers; she brought his hand to her lips, placing a soft kiss on his knuckles.

With a smile of his own, Spike leaned forward brushing a soft kiss upon his lover’s lips. She had the cutest pout when he pulled back after just a few seconds.

“Love you.” The smile appeared on her face again at his words. It was so bright that it could have illuminated the darkest of the nights. Her arms immediately wrapped around his neck, holding him tightly to her. Closing his eyes, his arms circled around her and he smelled her hair then dipped his face into the crook of her neck inhaling more of her scent. Warm cinnamon and soft vanilla… it was purely, Willow.

Her lips lightly brushed against his neck and her breath warm on his skin as she whispered in his ear, “I love you too, Spike.”

His heart soared and if it had been beating it would have broken his chest. He never thought it possible that he could be so happy. Pulling back from her embrace, he captured her lips in another kiss, his mouth moving over hers slowly and sensually. Her eyes fluttered closed, her lashes brushing lightly against his skin, returning the kiss as he slowly lowered her back to the bed, his arms still around her body, keeping her close to his own. He moved over her, taking her bottom lip between his teeth, nibbling lightly, earning a soft moan from Willow.

He released her lip, moving his hands to the side of her, propping himself up as she placed her hands on his upper arms, her fingers splayed and lightly tracing the muscles there. He looked down at her as she looked up, a soft smile on her face.

“Do you know how bloody beautiful you are?”

She shook her head. “Remind me?”

Spike smirked at her response, lowering his head to her neck, kissing down the length of it. “You’re a Goddess.” She turned her head to the side, allowing him full access to the tender flesh with another soft moan. Her hands trailed up his throat, grasping the nape of his neck against her palm. Her fingertips slid into his hair and her legs bent around his sides, parting so he could rest comfortably between them.

He moaned lightly against her skin, sucking on her pulse point as he adjusted between her thighs. He wanted nothing more than to sink into her heat and slide his fangs into her skin, tasting that ambrosia that coursed through her veins. His hand moved down her side, feeling goosebumps rise on her skin by the time he caressed the outside of her thigh.

“Spike…” She moved a hand further into his hair, lightly scratching her nails against his scalp. He loved when she did that, sent chills through him, it did. “I-I want you to bite me.”

He froze, lifting his head, locking his eyes with hers once again, his questioning. “Love?” Did she have any idea what she was asking from him? Was she ready for that?

Cupping his cheek, she smiled, “You heard me…” His face fell.

“You know I can’t, Red, even if I wanted to.” She knew that since the chip he hasn’t be able to bite anyone. He longed to have his bite back, if only long enough to claim her as his. Her thumb moved gently against his face.

“Can you try? Maybe if it’s for pleasurable purposes it won’t affect the chip.” The look in her eyes, the tone of her voice both hopeful and pleading. How could he refuse to try for her?

“You know what it would mean if I am able to, yeah?”

She nodded. “I’m yours, Spike. I have been for a very long time.”

“And what about the others? Can’t hide it forever.” He had to bring it up, had to make her realize that they might not agree with their joining, even more so than if she would be baring his mark. There would be no subtle way to bring it up to them once they saw the bite.

“I know. But if they’re really my friends, then they’ll be happy that I’ve found someone who makes me happy and loves me as much as I love them.” There was that beautiful smile of hers again and he loved being the one who put it there. There was truth to her statement. If they’re all as close as they say they are then they’d get over it.

Smiling, he brushed his lips against hers. Tonight was truly a night he’d never forget. A vampire and a witch in love, bloody incredible, that and so much more than he expected to have.

The End.
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