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Author's Chapter Notes:
Make sure to read all the rules before posting fics for the challenge.
Challenge runs from March 3, 2008 through May 31, 2008.

1. What if Willow and Xander had gotten together at the start of season 7? How would that have changed things?
2. What if Willow moved to L.A instead than Cordelia?
3. What if Angel stopped to say "thank you" to Willow before going to L.A.?
4. What if Spike had met Vampire Willow?
5. What if Willow decided to stay in L.A after Buffy died in "the gift"?
6. What if Spike had saved Willow from the Gnarl?
7. What if Willow had tried to help with Fred before Illyria could take her over?
8. What if Willow tried to contact Spike and Angel now they are in a L.A. hell dimension?
9. What if Buffy sent Spike to live with Willow after finding him in the basement of the school in Season 7?
10. What if Willow discovered about Buffy and Spike before the blond vampire had sex with Anya?
11. What if Angel asked Willow to help find Holtz in Quortoth?
12. What if Willow's fluke was with someone else instead of Xander? Who might it be?
13. What if Vamp!Willow sparked Percy to become interested in the real Willow?
14. What if Willow chose Oz rather than Tara?
15. What if Willow were captured by the Initiative...and Riley knew?
16. What if Giles and Willow had been briefly involved in England during her recovery? How would that affect her relationship with Kennedy? Would there even be a relationship with Kennedy?
17. Willow discovers what the Council got wrong about vampires.
18. What if Oz had never left?
19. What if Faith had hit on Willow while she was in Buffy's body?
20. What if Spike had sex with Willow instead of Anya in "Entropy?"
21. What if one of the L.A. Gang survived the battle with W&H and went to search out Willow? What do they want? Do they need help, or want revenge? Or something else?
22. What if the Amulet holding Spike had been sent to Willow instead of Angel? (Angel Season 5)
23. What if someone had called Willow to help make Spike corporeal?
24. Someone realizes Willow's magical potential before Season 5/6. Who? What do they do? Do they help her develop it? Or find a way to stop it? If they develop it, it is it for good or evil?
25. There was an episode (sorry don't remember which) that Willow said she'd had a crush on Giles. What if he had known about it?
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The authors own nothing. Joss, UPN, WB, etc. own Buffy, the show, the characters, the places, and the backstory. The authors own any original plots.