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"Are you sure she's a demon?"

"She has a tail," Giles said calmly, not even looking up from his book.

Willow smiled down at the adorable little demon baby, or baby demon, whichever. Giles wanted them all to research and discover what type of demon she was. But Willow's heart wasn't in it.

If she was a harmful demon, Buffy would have to kill her. Buffy was sitting over on the couch, not even pretending to research. She said she wouldn't do it, no matter what type she was.

The baby smiled back at Willow and Willow's heart broke at the thought of having to… she couldn't even think it.

Spike came running into Giles' apartment, throwing the smoking blanket aside.

"What's the big emergency?" He spied Willow sitting on the floor next to an adorable baby Cheiva.

"See ya got yerself a little Cheiva demon," he said to Willow with a smile. "You'll make a right fine mum for her. Bloody brilliant they are and cute as a button, just like you."

Willow blushed at his compliment, not even noticing that the rest of the room was now in an uproar.


"Is she dangerous?"

"Please tell me I don't have to kill her."

Spike held up a hand to quiet them. "There's Cheiva's all over, can pass as human easily enough. Tails fall off on their third birthday and then you can't tell 'em apart. Bloke at the laundromat's a Cheiva."

They all sighed in relief and went back to looking up Cheivas.

Spike sat down on the floor by Willow.

"Gonna keep her?"

Willow looked wistful, but said, "I can't. I can't even take care of myself."

Spike looked away and whispered, "Love, there's somethin' I've been wantin' ta tell ya…" then looked up with a smile.

The End
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