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NHA Prompt Challenge: Winter 2007-2008 Prompts

Submissions: November 1, 2007 through February 15, 2008
Voting:February 16, 2008 through February 29, 2008

  1. What if it was Willow, not Buffy, who found Angel when he was about to meet the sunrise in Amends?
  2. What if Willow had worn a different costume on Halloween?
  3. What if Willow had stayed a ghost when the spell was broken?
  4. What if Willow had not been able to restore Tara's mind after Glory's brain-sucking?
  5. What if it had been Willow's mind Glory had sucked instead of Tara's?
  6. What if Willow managed to complete the resouling spell in the library instead of getting clobbered by Dru?
  7. What if Willow made some very different things come to pass with her Will Be Done spell?
  8. What if Tara, not Willow, was the one who started having a problem with magick? How would Willow deal with that?
  9. What if Willow had ended up having to stake Vamp!Willow. How would that have affected her? What might have happened because of it?
  10. What if it had been Willow, not Buffy in danger in Pangs?
  11. What if Spike's obsession had been with Willow, not Buffy?
  12. What if Angel had been able to contact Willow directly, rather than go through Giles, when Fred was dying? Would she have helped?
  13. Willow's depressed about spending Valentine's Day alone, but someone tries to cheer her up. Who? How?
  14. Completely open challenge here. Christmas or Hanukkah.
  15. (This is taken from an old challenge issued by Kaz)Willow had the chance to go back in time to change the events of any one episode. What would she change? How would it affect the future? Who gave her this chance? Does she tell anyone what she's going to do?
  16. What if Willow had taken D'Hoffryn up on his offer to become a Vengeance demon?
  17. Willow has a secret admirer leaving her gifts. Who is it? What do they leave her? Does she return their feelings or is it a stalker thing?
  18. Someone survives the battle in Los Angeles and goes to find Willow. Who survived? Why did they want to find Willow? What happens when they do?
  19. What if Oz had returned to help fight in Chosen? Would he want Willow back? Whom would she choose if he did? If he didn't, how would she react?
  20. What if Willow had gone to L.A. and Angel Investigations after Grave, rather than to England withGiles?
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