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Title: A Simple Goodbye
Author: Mary Ellis
Email: chocolatewillow@hotmail.com
Disclaimer: Joss owns everything.
Pairing: Willow/Spike
Spoilers: None, futurefic.
Distribution: Want, take, have.
Rating: PG
Feedback: Yes, please.
Summary: Willow says goodbye to a lover no one knew she had.

Willow Anne Rosenberg stood by a lonely gravesite, that, by all mortal
means, should not have existed. The year was 2027, and silent, hot tears ran
down her face as she bid a final goodbye to her lover and soulmate of twenty

Words stuck behind the tight ball of emotion lodged in her throat, and
really, there were no more words to say. They'd all been said during a
twenty year relationship that had, to the world, their friends, as well as
their enemies, had not existed at all.

Secrets had been kept, and lives had been hidden, even now, Willow thought,
staring at the simple wording on the black stone.

"For the rescuer, and the rescued."

No explaination, no other words. A six word phrase that told you nothing,
and everything.

The once-upon a time redhead swept a lock of pure white hair behind her ear,
and laid a single white rose on the stone.

"I love you, Spike."

Then she turned and walked away.

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