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Willow smiled at her husband not all that long ago he had been one of those guys she wouldn’t have touched with ten foot pole, but he had changed. He was better now, sweeter. There was no one she’d rather be with.

He was with their children in the airport. All of them were of them were on their way to L.A. They’d made a wonderful home in Sydney to live on their vacations. They wanted to stay but the agency needed them, Angel couldn’t leave his business alone that long.

They had a semi big group, it was Willow and Spike, and her friends Xander and Anya, Buffy and Angel, Doyle and Cordelia. They were all on their way back home. And Willow and Spike’s 16 year old girl Freddie and 14 year old boy Gabriel.

She watched them all sitting there playing a nice little game for all as her daughter approached. “Mom, when’s the plane taking off. This game is getting a little old.”

“Not to long, dearest, we’ll be off before you know it.”

This was supposed to be a business thing. All her friends had kids now too, but they were at home being watched by family. Yet Freddie and Gabriel had begged their parents to let them come along and Willow couldn’t not bear to say no to her beloved Children. She smiled at them all.

The announcement for the boarding of their plane came on and they made there way to the line. They were behind a blonde pregnant lady that sounded Australian. Willow smiled as she talked to the attendant at the door. And then they were off to the

They weren’t all that scattered but there was enough all by random people. Willow couldn’t help the uneasy feeling she had.


Willow jerked awake when the turbulence started. She looked at Spike a little confused and suddenly the fasten seatbelt sign switched on. She looked back at her kids and her friends a little concerned when Spike took her hand. “It’s all right, luv.” She couldn’t shake off the feeling of worry. The plane started jerking more and suitcases flew Willow took a hold of Spike’s hand and squeezed.

People flew out of there seats and the air bags fell Spike took care of Willow’s before his own and he grabbed her hand tight. He knew that she was going to be scared. He had to be there for her. He loved her so much. A suitcase flew back at them and hit Willow on the forehead leaving a lot of blood…

Freddie had no idea what was happening. Her eyes opened when a blonde man flew faster followed by some flight attendants. And not that long after the fasten seatbelt sign dinged on. She immediately looked at her mother, and the plane jerked and the airbags fell in front of them. Freddie took care of her brother, for as much as she teased him she loved him. When she was done she saw her father take care of her mother and then the luggage fly and hit her mother’s forehead. Freddie cried out in pain for her mother. She hugged her brother as the plane went down. When she’d heard about going to Australia she had been so excited. She had no idea anything like this would happen.

Doyle heard the ding of the fasten seatbelts sign and worried not. He’d been on a plane many times before he was not worried. He looked over at ‘Delia and smiled. She was his beautiful angel. He’d always felt so much happiness when he was around her. Everything seemed to get so much better after he made friends with Angel. He had a beautiful wife, wonderful kids, and many friends. The plane started jerking and the tail section broke off. It all happened so fast Doyle immediately fainted…
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