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If you have a challenge for a drabble, I am ready and willing to make one for you, just drop me a line.
For: Linds, hope you like it!

Willow stood in the kitchen of her parents home, party hat perfectly on an angle of her head, party favor in her mouth arm full of grocery bags. "What" *Squeak* "Do" *Squeak*-

Buffy laughed and walked over to her friend taking the party favor out of her mouth.

Willow smiled and blushed. "Thanks." Walking over to the island counter, she set the bags down. "What do you mean, Xander and you want to take me out tonight? Buf.. It's my party, I can't just up and leave. It's rude and inconsiderate and people might take back the presents if the birthday is big with the rude." Her eyes were wide at the thought.. She just knew her parents had gotten her the new micro scope for her birthday that she had been wanting since last Hanukkah.

"Well." Buffy started a bit embarrassed. She had been the real reason for wanting to go, but she figured it would of been a spiffy occasion to take Will since she was of age now.

Willow eye'd the blond suspiciously.

Feeling the heat she had to come up with something on the fly. "There is this new science mus-ileum.."

"Museum." Willow corrected. At least she had hoped it was a correction.

"Yeah that's it. Mussolini." Buffy continued on not realizing she had said it wrong once again. "Well, Me Xander and Faith thought it would be cool to take you on such a ostitches occasion." She smiled brightly, not noticing her other whoops in word choice.

"Ostentatious." Again the red head corrected.

"Yeah thats it... So please Will.. Come on we wont keep you that long, besides the party is kinda dying down, and I dont really think they will notice, the brandy was opened like ages ago." Giving her best friend the Slayer puppy look she pouted her bottom lip in an extra effort.

Crossing her arms over her chest, Willow tried to resist but at the pout she ultimately caved.

"Woohoo!" Cried Buffy as she was now even more excited to check out the new Mr Pointy vibrator 3000. But shhhh Will didn't know that was the reason.

Some time later, about twenty minuets or so, the beat up Pinto putted into the parking lot of Pipe Cleaners. (Also known as The local adult book store).

"Buffy." Willow announced angrily.

"Yes." The blond replied in a fiend innocence.

"This looks like no museum to me, and besides what musuems are open at 9:30 at night anyways." That part hadn't hit her till now.

"Oh come on Red, don't tell me you've nevah been curious to see the inside of one of these things." Faith stated matter of fact-ly.

"You hush." Willow said quickly. The red head had confided one night over Rosenberg sundaes that she had wanted to see what went on here.

Faith laughed as she climbed out of the cramped back seat, and Willow following suit.

"Well ladies." Xander grinned a million watt smile rocking back and forth on his heals and toes. "Shall we?" Gesturing to the door, he waited for the ok.

"So how bout it Willz... Please." The blond princess slightly begged.

"Fine but you guys owe me big time." She said in a slight mock protest.

The bell chimed over the door as they entered and a very large and bearish woman stood behind the counter, her shirt read 'Bitsy' and her attire said 'Butch'. Willow slightly backed up only to be caught by some feminine arms behind her and a soft pair of lips coming to her ear. "Come on Red, it aint that bad.."

Shivering she pressed on and heard an indignant shrill of laughter behind her from the brunette.

Buffy beelined it for the dildo's and seemed to maneuver the shop like a regular.

Xander on the other hand bumped around a little skittish but felt right at home in the girl on girl video section.

Faith on the other hand chose to hang back with the witch to mark the occasion and to find many many things she could poke fun at her for later.

Meandering though the shop Willow passed the crotchless leather jump suits, passed the finger massager's and stopped in front of the hand cuffs. The leopard one seemed to have gotten her attention. Picking up the little box with the plastic window she examined the silver fuzz covered cuffs with an intrigue.

Faith seeing this walked up behind her and again leaned in so she could see over the lithe shoulder. "What'cha got there Red?" She said in a sultry tone.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" The box flew into the air and came back down with a clink and thud. "Jesus!"

"The names Faith, Red." The Slayer chuckled.

"Don't do that." Willow snapped and turned on her heal to stalk off.

"Hey red wait up." She walked briskly after the girl. "Come on Will, Im sorry." Faith never used her real name and this time she chose that maybe it was a good time to be more serious. Or not!

Stopping Willow looked at her with a curious look after hearing her name. "What, gonna tease the virgin som'more?" She asked a bit upset.

"Nah, was just gonna say you should check out the arcade, its bitchin in there, got some nice games." She smiled sweetly.

"They do?" She asked incredulously. "Like pac man, and and Asteroid destroyer?" She was slightly liking this idea.

"Yeah." Faith said with a brow slightly raising. "Im not sure if they still have Ass-toroid destroyer, but I know they got pack man."

"Really?" Willow asked excitedly.

"Yeah, go check it out.. Right over there." The brunette pointed the way.

About two minuets after Willow had walked into the back room she came back out with a face redder then her hair and walked straight for the exit door.

Faith followed chuckling the bell ringing as she walked out. "Did you find Pack Man?" She asked as if she knew nothing about it.

"You!" Willow said with a deep anger.

"Come on Red calm down, it aint that big a deal." She smiled again sweetly. "Besides got you a present."

"You did?" Willow asked cautiously.

"Sure did." She continued to grin.

"What is it?" Willow asked a bit freaked and unsure to find out.

"This!" Faith held up the fuzzy cuffs letting them dangle off her index finger.
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