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DISCLAIMER: No infringement of copyright is intended. You know the drill, anyone appearing on or mentioned on BtVS are ME's. New characters introduced here are mine.

PAIRING: Willow and Miss Kitty Fantastico

SETTING: Season 5


S'all Good

by Eris © 2005 — All rights reserved.

Willow lay on the bed completely engrossed in the break down of a Chemistry formula. Chewing on her pencil, and scribbling notes, she involuntarily flexed her legs in the air, lost in deep concentration.

All of a sudden, she heard an unfamiliar sound and froze. Listening close, she heard it again. The sound of lightly ripping fabric. Holding her breath, she scanned the room, yet found herself completely alone. Tara had a late class tonight and wouldn’t be home for... She quickly glanced at her watch...another thirty minutes or more.

There it was again, only more rhythmic now. Startled, Willow tensed, readying to flee. It was coming from ... right in front of her, at the foot of the bed.

Without warning, a tiny paw made an appearance, followed by more ripping noises, and a furry little head popped atop the coverlet. A high-pitched mewl filled the air as the distressed kitten tried to make its way onto the bed, the hard way.

It was just Miss Kitty Fantastico. Willow had forgotten all about her, and released a greatly relieved sigh, rolling her eyes at the little cat. Tara wasn’t going to be happy about the bedspread. Reaching out, she nabbed the clingy climber, rescuing her from her self-induced predicament, and placed her on the bed next to her, stroking her lovingly.

Immediately, the kitten went into full-blown monkey-mode, jumping about and pawing at the air, tumbling and flailing.

Willow waved her pencil at her. Too tempting to ignore, Miss Kitty fell all over herself to chase it and gnaw on it. Willow smiled contentedly at the enthusiastic bundle of energy until she started bouncing up and down on her homework.

“Hey!” she scolded softly, “let’s not go all cliché, shall we? No one’s going to believe that the kitten ate my homework.” She raised an eyebrow, “Heh, I can’t even say that out loud without it being taken all wrong.”

Thus, folding her paper and sliding it, along with her pencil, into the book, she shut it, and focused on the little one in front of her, feeding her frenzy with her fingers, tickling her and playfully cooing.

She pondered the springy ball of fur. She was hers, totally hers, and the one she pledged herself to’s. She felt her heart swell with affection as she picked up the wiggly worm, holding her close, snuggling her and kissing her gently, while the scamp playfully batted her chin, tiny needle sharp claws clutching her hand making her wince and beam all at the same time.

Her mind wandered back to when she was little and begged her parents for the longest time for a puppy, or a kitty, or a hamster, but all she got was fish. Uncuddleable, unfurry, unsleep-in-the-bed-with-me fish. Then again, she was kind of relieved about it, when she became a teen and the whole incident with Angel going all Angelus went down. If she had had a cuddly pet, she didn’t know what might have happened… Well, she did know. Only didn’t want to even go there. Too scary, and now, now she was responsible for this little girl right here, as well as another special gal. Willow rolled over to lie back cuddling the kitten. Life was good.

~ fin ~
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