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DISCLAIMER: No infringement of copyright is intended. You know the drill, anyone appearing on or mentioned on BtVS are ME's.

PAIRING: Veruca/Willow


Green-eyed Monsters

by Eris 2005 — All rights reserved.

She watched them from afar through cunning green eyes, shadowing their every move, and casing their haunts. Leaving just enough of her behind to tantalize and confuse. In truth, she wasn't really interested in him. He was just an appetizer. A meaty morsel to whet her appetite for the main course, which was setting her feral senses on fire with desire.

She couldn't eat, or sleep, or get through one single moment of the day without thinking about her. About the wonderful way she smelled. About how it would feel to run her fingers through her silky hair, over her soft skin, and explore parts secreted away by frivolous fashions that ignited her primitive passions and drove her to complete distraction.

Only one thing stood in her path. The witch was in love, or thought she was. Yet that would be no problem for a gal with talents such as hers. Stir up a bit of the 'ol green-eyed monster, some well staged infidelity, and a heart was easily turned bitter cold.

Her plan couldn't have played out more perfectly, for before she could even take a breath, her competition was eradicated in front of her very eyes by the hand of his so-called lover. And, now she knew what it was like to run her fingers through those silky red tresses, over soft pale skin, and into secret places that elicited responsive returns giving way to complete ecstasy.

They sparked like her flame colored hair and their love burned wild and passionate as Willow thrilled to the new vistas before her. Therefore, Veruca was as unprepared as she was overwhelmed the day she finally chose to enter her world for real.

It was nothing like either of them had ever experienced or expected. They burned bright, white hot and intense. She had created a monster, a red, shaggy furred, green-eyed monster that mirrored her in all aspects and she was proud, as proud as any parent/lover/sister could be.

~ fin ~
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