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DISCLAIMER: No infringement of copyright is intended. You know the drill, anyone appearing on or mentioned on BtVS are ME's.


The Pleasure's All Mine

by Eris 2004 — All rights reserved.

“Lookit you, all fuzzy... and pink.” The vampire leered, raking her dark-tipped fingernails across the offending hue.

Only the innocent unwavering eyes just continued to smile up at her, twinkling in the glow of the candlelight.

It felt like ridicule, and ridicule was unacceptable. Incensed, she sneered back, digging her nails in about to rend her latest acquisition limb from limb, when a different idea danced mischievously through her mind, and she let out a depraved snicker.

Slowly she began to flutter the rose-tinted softness over her own now-goosebumped pale smoothness. Beginning on her cheek, she traced a line down her neck and onto her chest, pausing just long enough to lightly circle a breast, eliciting a slight moan. Continuing, she pushed downward, across and over her stomach. She was becoming completely aroused by her new sport, and she had to struggle to think as animal instincts took over. Her game face lustily emerged and downward still she thrust, velvety pinknesses commingled, eventually taking the vampire up and over the edge in one mighty gasp.

Lying there, sated, the two shared the calm, and once again, she stared into the same innocent, unaffected, unchanged eyes. This time, however, her scorn of earlier was substituted by a different thought: ‘Damn, Buffy had nice toys. I should have stolen Mr. Gordo a long time ago.’

~ fin ~

PAIRING: Vamp Willow/Mr. Gordo
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