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Knew Too Late

Dru hadn’t meant for things to turn out this way. All she had wanted was to bring her Daddy back. The stars had warned her not to do what she had done. Nonetheless, Dru had ignored their wisdom for the first time in her unlife. She had been so sure that her plan was perfect and would bring her the joy she craved. But like all plans, this one had been flawed.

She had kidnapped Willow and fled Sunnydale, knowing that Angel would pursue her to rescue the Slayer’s best friend. And he had. And he had found them, just as Dru had intended.

Then Dru had named the price she wanted for the little tree’s freedom. She told Angel he would have to share her bed for a night, certain that she could take his soul with her body and that the two of them would play with, then drain, the pretty red witch.

Angel, having no choice, had agreed, a part of him seeming almost eager for the chance to share his childe’s bed once more after his century in Hell.

And Angel and Dru had made love for hours, sharing their blood, their violence, and their passion. But when it was all over, Angel still possessed his soul. It seemed that making love to his childe couldn’t give him that feeling of being just a man, and not a demon, that the happiness clause specified. And having had a taste of pleasures he had thought he could never know again, Angel was loathe to give them up.

So he remained with Dru and Willow, insisting that Willow be treated well and lavishing her with gifts as he and his childe took her with them, returning to Europe and all their old haunts. And while Angel’s lust for Dru burned hot and their bed was rarely used for slumber, Angel fell more and more in love with Willow each day.

A part of Drusilla delighted in Willow’s unhappiness in her captivity, knowing it meant that she would never return Angel’s love. And at least she could never share her Daddy’s bed. But Dru knew that she would never really be her Daddy’s Princess ever again.

She would never hurt the little tree, having come to care for her at least somewhat during their travels, and knowing that Daddy would be lost to her forever if she even thought of harming his Willow. Now that she had a taste of her Angel once more, she could never bear to give him up. Yet, if she had it to do all over again, Dru thought she would listen to the stars and the warnings they had given her. She hadn’t meant for things to turn out this way. Now she knew how Spike must have felt during all their years together. And Dru didn’t like it at all.

The End.
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