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These are obviously not my characters, I'm just borrowing them from Joss Whedon, Aaron Spelling and anyone else who owns them. My apologies if the handbinding ceremony is not strictly wiccan, everything I could find was very general so I wrote my own.
If you have issues with people of the same sex loving each other, or live someplace where that's illegal (in which case, consider moving) please move on.
Background and difference from canon:
Buffy: Seeing Red did not end with Tara's death. Therefore the rest of Season 6 did not happen and the parts in Season 7 that had to do with Tara's death also did not happen. Willow and Kennedy obviously did not get together. Kennedy got together with Faith instead, meaning that Faith and Wood did not get together. Willow and Tara remained happy and did the spell to turn all of the potentials into slayers together. They graduated from UC Sunnydale before the town shut down. After the destruction of Sunnydale the whole gang (Buffy, Dawn, Willow, Tara, Xander, Faith, Kennedy, Giles, Wood, and Andrew) went on a cruise in the Mediterranean.
Charmed: Starts somewhere in early season 6 since that's where it would be.
Pairings: Willow/Tara, Kennedy/Faith
Rating: PG-13

Willow stood on the deck of the cruise ship looking out over the Mediterranean sea. The cruise was almost over, and they still hadn't talked about what they would do next. She felt her soulmate walking up behind her and turned with a smile.
“Hi baby. I was just thinking about how fast this cruise went by.”
“Yeah it did. But still, it seems like a lifetime ago that we watched Sunnydale implode.”
“That's true.”
Willow turned around again to watch the sun set. Tara moved behind her and wrapped her arms around her girlfriend.
“So have you thought about what we should do now?” Willow asked softly.
“Yes, I have. As long as it's with you I'm happy, love.” Tara answered. “Um, actually, I had an idea.” She gently turned Willow around so she was facing her and knelt down on her knee, feeling quite stupid but vowing to do this right. She reached into her pocked and pulled out a small ring box, opening it to reveal a beautiful if small diamond ring. She took a deep breath.
“Willow Rosenberg, will you marry me?”
Willow stood in shock. “Marry you? Baby I don't think we can.”
“Well no, n-not legally, but emotionally we can. There's a wiccan ceremony for two women…” Tara trailed off and looked down, suddenly afraid this was a bad idea. She changed her mind when Willow pulled her to her feet and kissed her passionately.
“Of course I will marry you. I love you Tara.” She said as soon as she had to break for air.
Tara took the ring out of the box. “Can I…” she asked.
“Of course. But you should have a ring too!”
“If you want to get me a ring then you can, but I want you to wear yours. I hope you like it…” she said as she slipped it onto Willow's left ring finger.
“Tara, it's beautiful. But how did you…where did…when..”
“I bought it when we stopped in that port in Greece. Remember, Giles took you to do something? He was in on it. He leant me the money too, but I'm going to pay him back.” She explained, knowing her love would wonder where she had gotten the money.
“So Giles was in on this, huh? What did he think of it?”
”He wondered why it had taken me so long.” She said with a blush. “But it was just him, nobody else knows.”
Willow kissed her again.
Tara felt like she might burst with happiness. The past year had been one of the best of her life. Willow had gotten control of her magic and was now even capable of performing white magic, especially when she cast with Tara. The witches had acted as surrogate mothers for the dozens of SITs while they were in Sunnydale, but they were happy to see most of them return to their own families, albeit as full slayers. She and Dawn had fully repaired their relationship and she was pretty sure that Dawn thought of them both as her older sisters just as much as Buffy. But it was the care of the SITs that had actually brought the idea of marriage to Tara's head. She found herself daydreaming of a time when she and Willow would raise their own children. She had already thought about being with Willow for the rest of her life but this solidified it. She waited until the battle was over, but in the following days she resolved to ask Willow to marry her. Realizing she needed help to distract the redhead while she bought a ring, she asked Giles to do it. He suggested lending her money, knowing she had very little. She protested, but Giles insisted so that she could get Willow a suitable ring.
“Baby the sun is set.” Tara pointed out. “I think we're late for dinner.”
The gang met up for dinner at what had in the past week become their usual table. Willow and Tara were the last to arrive.
“Hey girls, we were just talking about what we were going to do after the cruise.” Xander greeted them.
“Well, Tara and I were just talking about the same thing. Actually…we have an announcement to make.” She grinned at her fiancée.
“What is it Will?” Buffy asked. Then her eye fell on Willow's hand and her mouth dropped open.
“Tara and I are getting married.” She beamed.
“Nice ring Tara!” Buffy approved.
“Oh my god oh my god! Really! That's an engagement ring? Oh it's so pretty!” Dawn squealed.
“Yes, it's an engagement ring. I'm going to buy Tara one when we get to shore so she has one too. She asked me, so she was prepared.” Willow explained.
“I didn't know that two women could get married.” Said Andrew.
“Well, we can't really, it won't be legal. But we want to do it anyway. It'll have the same meaning for us as if it was. And Tara says she knows a wiccan ceremony.”
“Is it gonna be like a real one though? Do we get to be in it?” asked Dawn, excited.
“I think it's basically the same, and yes, you can be in it.” Tara answered.
Suddenly Willow looked at Xander, who had an odd look on his face. “Hey Xander, can I talk to you for a minute?” she asked. “Over there?”
He got up wordless and followed her out of earshot.
“Xand, I'm sorry, I should have warned you. Are you okay?” Willow asked, concerned. She knew Xander was still really upset over the loss of Anya in the fight against the First.
“Of course Wills, I'm so happy for you. Anyone can see you two are meant for each other.” He gave his best friend a hug.
“Anya knows how much you loved her.” Willow said quietly.
“It just seems so…pointless. If we had known what was going to happen … she didn't even need to be there.” He broke down.
“I know. I can't say anything that will make it better. I wish I could.” She hugged him tighter.
Xander wiped his eyes. “Thanks, Willow, for understanding.”
“I had another question for you, actually, while we're over here. Would you give me away?” she asked.
“Give you away? But…I…what about your father?”
“My father hasn't seen me in years. They didn't even come to my graduation. And you know they don't … approve of my life with Tara. Anyway, even if he would do it, I don't want him to. I want you.” She explained.
“I'd be honored.” He hugged her again. “Now, let's get back to your fiancée, shall we?” he teased.
They walked back to the group with linked arms.
“Everyone, Xander agreed to give me away!” Willow announced.
“That's great Willow! I was kinda wondering about that, I was hoping you wouldn't want Giles to, because I was hoping he'd give me away.” Tara explained, looking at Giles for an answer.
Giles' eyes misted over and he removed his glasses to clean them.
“Of course, Tara. I think of you all as my children and I'd be honored to give you away.”
“Are you going to have bridesmaids? Ones for each of you, or what? How does it work with two brides?” Dawn asked excitedly.
Tara looked at Willow.
“Well I don't know, I've never seen a ceremony for two women. I guess we can do it however we want. I think we could just have joint bridesmaids, don't you Willow?”
“Sounds good to me. Do all four of you want to be bridesmaids?” she asked, looking at Buffy, Dawn, Faith, and Kennedy.
“Duh!” said Dawn and Buffy at the same time, then giggling.
“Sure thing Red, but are you sure you really want us?” Faith asked.
“Faith, we've had our differences but I think that's all behind us.” Willow explained.
“Well yeah but we're not really the same as Dawn and B, you know?”
“Maybe Dawn could be my maid of honor and Buffy could be Willow's. You two can be bridesmaids. How does that sound?” Tara suggested.
“Well yeah, that sounds more right.” Faith agreed.
“Besides, you two are our only other lesbian friends, you have to be in the wedding!” Willow put in. The lesbians in question rolled their eyes.
“How many times do I have to tell you I'm bisexual?” Faith groaned.
“Not while you're with me you aren't.” Kennedy teased.
“You want me to be your maid of honor?” Dawn asked in awe.
“Of course Dawnie!”
“And you know I want you as mine.” Said Willow to Buffy.
“So, who's going to come to this wedding?” asked Xander. “Practically everyone we know is in it.”
“Well, you know, Andrew, Mr. Wood, you are invited of course. The gang from LA, I'm sure some of the new slayers would come, and we did have a few friends from school.” Said Tara.
“You can invite Harmony.” Suggested Buffy, giggling.
Willow rolled her eyes. “Sadly, I'm sure we will. And of course Fred, Angel, Lorne, Wesley, and Gunn.”
The food arrived and the hungry group spent some time eating.
“So, have you thought about where you are gonna live?” Buffy asked. “That's actually what we were talking about before much more exciting wedding plans were announced.” She grinned.
“I'd like to stay in California.” Said Willow. “I don't know where though.”
“How about San Francisco?” Tara suggested.
“Are we going to stay together?” asked Dawn, rather fearfully.
“My vote's yes on that.” Said Xander.
“Mine too.” Said Dawn.
“Well, San Fran's not bad. Probably enough baddies to keep us busy. And it's nice and gay friendly.” Faith put in.
“Sounds good to me.” Buffy agreed.
“So San Fran it is?” Willow asked. “Giles, are you going to come with us or go back to England?”
”Well, England doesn't really have much to hold me there anymore. I was thinking of staying with you.” He answered rather nervously.
“Yay!” Dawn was clearly happy about it. Buffy jumped up and hugged him to show her agreement.
“I've been offered a position back in New York, I'm going to visit there after the trip but I will probably take that myself.” Said Wood.
“I've got nowhere to go, I'll go to San Francisco.” Added Andrew.
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The authors own nothing. Joss, UPN, WB, etc. own Buffy, the show, the characters, the places, and the backstory. The authors own any original plots.