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Hyper Active

Chapter 1:

Buffy sighed as she, Anya, and Xander neared Giles' apartment. It had been a long night of patrolling on the Hellmouth. They had slayed 4 vamps and some weird slimy demon trying to have his way with Xander. Overall it was a pretty usual night for them, except for the demon hitting on Xander…which when you think about it, wasn't that unusual after all.

Buffy hoped Willow was alright, she was stuck vamp-sitting Spike while they went on patrol and Giles had some things he had to go take of. Willow was the only one of them that didn't seem to mind baby-sitting the bleached blond pain in her ass. Why the redhead wanted to spend time with Spike was beyond her. It had been a full month since the vampire had been chipped by the Initiative. A whole month of him getting under everyone's skin, yep he was having a damn fun time doing it too.

The trio let themselves inside the watcher's humble abode with a smile on their faces, that is until they notice Spike's blood stained and vamped out face watching something on the couch with his head cocked to the side.

With the quickest slayer speed Buffy could manage she was at his side looking at the sight that caught his interest so much.

"What…What did you do?" Buffy asked barely above a whisper.

"Only what she asked Slayer," the vampire replied honestly.

"Willow? Where's Willow?" Xander asked frantically as he approached the sofa. "Oh, God."

Anya furrowed her brows as she watched the scene unfold. 'What are they so worried about? Spike can't hurt anyone with the government chip lodged in his brain, so the question is, what are Spike and Willow up to?' she thought glancing at Willow and Spike.

"How?" the ex-vengeance demon mouthed to the chipped vampire, who winked in response. Anya had to hide a smile. 'Oh, this should be good.'

Buffy took her stake out from the pocket of her jacket. Gripping it tightly, the slayer lunged at the vampire only to be stopped by Willow's hand quickly grasped the blonde's arm. Buffy and Xander's eyes went wide as their friend's eyes snapped open.

"Wanna play now," her and Spike's lips curved into a wicked grin.

"Uh…" was all Xander could manage as his friend rose to her feet.

"Wills? You're a-a vampire?"

Willow smiled sweetly at her childhood friend.

"Wanna play, Puppy?"

"Pu-puppy?" Xander started to sound nervous as she sauntered towards him. Tripping over his feet Xander landed on his ass with a thud. Spike, Willow, and Anya had to literally bite their tongues, so they wouldn't laugh.

"S'matter Slutty, vampire got your tongue?" Spike chuckled.

"You're a bastard Spike, I should have staked you long ago. Now I have more than enough reason to do so now. You killed Willow, I kill you."

"Now, now. No staking the sexy sire, Slayer," Willow cooed changing her direction from Xander to Buffy.

Buffy swallowed. This was something she was dreading ever since she met her friends, having to kill one of them.

Willow's eyes filled with mischief as she stepped behind the slayer. Slowly she pulled her blond hair to the side revealing her neck. Buffy shivered as Willow's warm tongue made a path from her collar bone to her pulse point…wait, warm tongue?

"What the hell…"

"Ha! Gotcha!" Willow chirped cheerfully, jumping up and down. "Told ya they'd freak."

"That you did, Red. That was bloody fantastic. Moron over there was scared shitless. And Slutty, you must've been scared as hell too. Seein' as how you never made a move to stake her," Spike laughed.

"I was not scared. Jus' surprised," Xander said trying to defend himself as Anya helped him up.

"Yeah, right, what ever you say mate. Looks like you won the bet, Red."

"That was so, not funny," Buffy stated as a sly smile graced her face, relief flooding through her that her friend was alright. Within a blink of an eye she had Willow down on the couch tickling the redhead.

"Ok. Ok. Sorry. I'll never. Do it again," Willow managed between laughter.

Everyone started to calm down after Buffy let her go, all except the young witch that is. She was dancing around the living room as the others sat around watching her amusedly.

"What's up with Willow tonight? I like her this way. She's very amusing," Anya stated smiling fondly as Willow jumped up on the coffee table and started playing an air guitar to music only she could hear.

"She's just a little wired is all," Spike replied casually.

"Ok, what did you do?" Buffy accused.

"Not a bloody thing…well, I gave her some espresso."

"EXPRESSO!" Xander and Buffy screeched at the same time.

"Yeah, didn't think it would hurt. She was all tensed up about some test comin' up so I gave her some. She refused at first, but I told her that if she didn't I would kill her pet rat. For some reason that seemed to sway her," the vampire smiled evilly.

"How many?" Buffy asked as Willow started to bounce into Giles' room.

"Uh, about 1 or 6 but whose counting," he snickered.

"What!?!" Xander and Buffy yelled simultaneously. Anya chuckled as Willow came out of Giles' bedroom with her hair in pig tails. The cute redhead started to bounce around slightly as she attempted in doing the MC Hammer dance to the music now coming from the portable cd player she was holding.

Spike's lips curved into an amused smile when Willow entered the room.

"So, what did she win?" Anya asked interrupting his stare.

"Hmm?" the vampire started.

"Willow. You said she won a bet, what'd she win?"
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