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Author: RedRosenberg
Title: Hell A
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Willow/Dawn and Lilah/Buffy
Genres: Romance, AU
Warnings: Spoilers Season 3 Ats
Summary: Willow, Dawn and Buffy head to LA when Angelus is brought back. Things happen.

Chapter 1

Willow sighed she really didn’t want to be here right now. Her Buffy and Dawn were on their way to LA after they found out that Angelus was back. Cordelia had rang late yesterday afternoon to ask if Willow could come out from Sunnydale to restore Angel’s soul as some weird old law firm had stripped him of it. She sounded worried and told them that it was urgent. Willow had hung up and informed Buffy straight away. Dawn had asked if she could tag along and only with a lot of persuasion from Willow did Buffy finally allow it.

Next to Willow Buffy fidgeted she was nervous. The last time Angelus had been let loose he had attempted to kill everyone dear to her. She didn’t know what to expect, she hoped that they would get there she would pummel Angelus while Willow quickly restored his soul and they could go home as if nothing had happened. Buffy’s thoughts were interrupted when Dawn spoke.

“Err Buffy, can you put the radio on?”

Buffy reached forward switching the radio on automatically. In the back Dawn started bobbing along to the beat, she stopped suddenly when she started to feel ill. She lay her head back trying to calm down her stomach. It had been a long time since she had travelled a far distance anywhere, she had forgotten just how car sick she could get. She hoped that if she closed her eyes and went to sleep she would wake up and be there. Like when Buffy always told her to go to bed early on Christmas Eve so it seemed that Christmas morning came earlier. Dawn’s eyelids fluttered as she drifted off to sllep leaving her travel sickness behind.

After a few more miles Willow turned round to see why Dawn was so quiet realising she was asleep and that she could talk to Buffy without having to worry the younger girl.

“Buffy are you ok?” Willow questioned.

Buffy looked at her childhood friend who had been there through everything and answered truthfully.

“Willow, I don’t know what to do,” Buffy replied as a tear slipped down her cheek “It’s not the fact that Angelus is back it’s that I still don’t know what to do, even after all these years.”

“It’s ok Buffy none of us know what to do; it took us all by surprise.” Willow said

“That’s the thing, it shouldn’t have. I should have been prepared in case this ever happened again. But I’m not, I’m just making the plan up as I go along and that worries me.” Buffy confided.

“Look Buffy, in the end things happen, they happen when and how they want to. We can’t change that and we can’t change wither we were ready for them to happen.”

The rest of the journey was quiet apart from the loud rumbling from the engine. Buffy wanted to weep and just surrender to her pain, but she knew she had to be strong. So much had happened that year. Willow going all evilly but Buffy had stayed strong and this was no different. Buffy knew she was Dawns anchor and so she would stay strong. For Dawn.

“We’re here.” Willow announced reversing the car into the parking space.

Buffy turned around nudging Dawn to wake her up. Dawn opened her eyes taking in her surroundings. They had stopped.

“Are we here?” Dawn asked

“Yep, so it’s time to get up and out Donnie.” Willow answered

The three Sunnydale women slowly evacuated the car, looking at there temporary home for the next week. They looked at the hotel opposite them. The Hyperion.

Willow looked at the large building. It hadn’t seemed that large the last time she had been here. She wondered why. Slowly she made her way towards the tall building. Dawn hung back for a bit taking in the enormousness of the hotel. How come nobody told me it was this big Dawn thought. She had never realised Angel had so much money. Realising she was the only one standing across the road she ran to catch up with Willow and Buffy.

As they approached the building Willow stopped just outside the door.

“Are you ready?” She asked. She got no reply from either of the Summers women.

“Well we can’t back out now.” She stated and without waiting for a reply she entered the building. Dawn and Buffy just looked at each other.

“Here we go then.” Buffy said simply before entering also. Dawn followed Buffy entering last.

Tbc in Part 2
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