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Title: Human 1/1
Author: Shannon
Characters: Willow, Spike, Fred
Rating: G
Distribution: SoG, NHA, WLS, anyone that has previous fics of mine, anyone else just let me know.
Disclaimer: Not mine, characters belong to Joss Whedon, ME, FOX, UPN, WB
Spoilers: Gonna say through Smile Time to be safe
Summary: Willow and Fred discover what attacked Spike and Angel.
Author’s Notes: This is for the Vampyre Haven ficathon.
Challenge: Set anytime before Smile Time, Willow comes to Wolfram & Hart. I'd like no particular pairing (although if you want to write Spike/Fred, go for it), but would love to see funny Willow/Spike/Fred friendship.

Willow looked through the microscope for several more seconds before turning her attention to the brunette across from her. She had made the trip to Los Angeles two weeks ago to apologize for Buffy, Giles, and Andrew’s attitude, and to make sure they were all aware that everyone did not share the Slayer’s opinion. She had spoken to Angel and then she stayed to work with Fred and Wesley. Angel had wanted someone with magical abilities that he could trust working for the firm. The fact that she also could help Fred with the science stuff was just and added bonus.

She enjoyed working the physicist. She liked having someone to talk to about science and chemistry as well as magic and prophecies that didn’t look at her as if she was speaking another language. She was also tired of spending all her time tracking down and training slayers. Adult company was a wonderful thing.

She enjoyed being able to patrol again, not something she ever thought she’d miss but it had been missing from her life lately. She had also found that she missed the blond vampire’s company. He was very different here, away from Buffy and Xander.

“I don’t see anything unusual,” she said frowning at the offending slide. “It all looks normal, human.”

“Me either,” Fred agreed, “Its human blood.”

“”Who’s going to tell him?” Willow asked grinning, anticipating the reaction of the vampire at this revelation.

“He’s really not going to be happy,” Fred smiled.

“Wouldn’t be nearly as fun if it was,” Willow pointed out.

“Having fun without me?” Spike asked coming through the door of the lab.

“Just science stuff,” Fred said biting back her grin.

“Right then,” Spike frowned, something was going on with them, “We still on for tonight?”

“Is it that late already?” Willow glanced at her watch and frowned, it was already after dark. “Just let me go change and we can go.”

“Don’t take too long, we really need to see if there are anymore of those things that attacked me last night.”

“Right, it’ll just take a minute,” Willow looked over to Fred and both women started laughing again.

“Spike, tell us again what attacked you,” Fred said following Willow toward the restroom to change into more patrol-appropriate clothes. “You said it was big right?”

“Huge,” Spike leaned on the wall near the door and talked as the girl’s changed. “It may have been a vamp of some kind or a demon that could look human. But it was definitely big.”

“And strong?” Willow asked innocently.

“Yeah, like the uber-vamp things in Sunnydale.” Spike frowned at the door as both girls broke into more giggles. He had the distinct impression he was the butt of some joke right now.

“And it totally kicked your ass?” Willow asked, “Angel’s too?”

“Yeah,” Spike reluctantly agreed. He didn’t like admitting that anything had bested him. “Why?”

Willow pulled the door open and stepped out wearing jeans and a black t-shirt, followed closely by Fred dressed in similar clothes. “’Cause we know what it is.”

“Well then?” Spike asked, he had patrolled with Angel the previous night and they had been attacked from behind by something, they had never actually seen what it was.

Both had returned to the office battered and bruised. They had healed quickly of course, but Fred and Willow had taken blood samples from their clothing to see what had attacked them. While neither vampire had a clue as to what it was, they were certain it had to be very large and dangerous.

“Well, first we had to figure out which blood belonged to you and Angel,” Fred explained, “That was easy enough.”

“Yeah, then all we had to do was identify the species that the rest of the blood came from,” Willow grinned.

“And…” Spike prompted, not sure he wanted to know why the girls were prolonging this so much. “Did you?”

“Yep, it was easy actually,” Willow’s grinned widened.

Spike frowned at them as they began to laugh again. “It was—it--,” Fred managed between fits of laughing.

“It was what?” Spike asked impatiently.

“Human,” Willow said biting her lower lip to control her laughter.

“A witch?” Spike asked.

“Nope, don’t think so,” Fred replied, “I ran it through all the mystical tests.”

“Sorry Spike, but the two Vampire Champions got their asses kicked by a plain old human,” Willow said, “God Xander is going to love this.”

The End
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The authors own nothing. Joss, UPN, WB, etc. own Buffy, the show, the characters, the places, and the backstory. The authors own any original plots.