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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Slayer and Shadow Introduction

It all began with just a simple wish....

Cordelia Chase, unreasoningly angry over the turn her life had taken , blurted out, "I wish that Buffy had never come to Sunnydale!" Sadly, she did so with a vengeance demon called Anyanka nearby, who granted that wish, and remade their world.

Sunnydale was transformed into a vampire ruled city, lead by the Master. Willow and Xander, once heroic champions, were vampire servants of the Master, torturing Angel for their amusement. A rag-tag band of vampire slayers lead by Rupert Giles tried to oppose him, but their efforts were mostly futile.

Calling upon a scarred, bitter Vampire Slayer named Buffy they prepared for a final battle even as Giles worked to undo the wish that had created that world. The Master slew Buffy with his bare hands, even as the vampire slayers fell all around them, Willow being slain by Oz, even as Giles shattered the crystal of power belonging to Anyanka.

Sunnydale was restored to normal, and that should have been the end.

Anyanka, now simply calling herself Anya, desperately wanted to regain her power. Calling upon Willow wiccan assistance she tried to reach into that 'wish-verse' to retrieve her powers. They failed, but unknowingly they had brought something back with them.

The vampire version of Willow had come to Sunnydale. Gathering hench- vamps, she sought to make this world like the one she had come from, but Buffy and her friends managed to round her up fairly quickly. But the vamp Willow was a disturbing revelation to the merry band, with her clear interest in the female of the species and kinky sexual nature.

With Giles' assistance Willow reversed the enchantment, and after getting in a bit of a grope of her counterpart, vamp Willow went on home. Willow's boyfriend Oz left, and after a period of grieving Willow fell in love again, this time with a woman named Tara. Their lives went on, their love was challenged, broken, and ultimately restored before Tara was tragically slain.

In the fanfic Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Itsumo means Forever, Willow has returned to Sunnydale to guard over the First, who was sealed away behind the Hellmouth by Buffy, Spike and Anya's heroic sacrifice. Still in shock over the return of Tara, the servants of the First conjured up the vampire Willow, hoping she could slay her twin.

While Willow discovered her combat magic's couldn't directly effect her vampire twin, she could quite effectively contain her. At Faith's suggestion they were able to restore the soul of the vampiress, and then returned her home, unknowingly setting a new chain of events in motion...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Slayer and Shadow Part One

The blonde walked down the street, looking around her nervously yet seemingly unaware of the escort she had picked up. She turned down an alley, stopping when she hit the brick wall. She turned, and saw the vampires waiting for her there.

It was odd, seeing a human wandering around this vampire infested town, but the leader of the vampire gang wasn't going to toss away such a rare gift. His eyes narrowed in anger, since the Slayer had killed the Master, blood was in short supply around here. "This is gonna be fun," he smiled, his face twisted demonically.

"Yes, it is," the blonde grinned, suddenly unafraid of ther creatures of the night. "Ready, partner?" Buffy loudly asked with a smile.

"Ready," the voice spoke up from the mouth of the alleyway. The vampires quickly turned around in surprise to see a strange vampire standing there, a long black coat billowing around her legs. Red tinted brown hair fell into grim eyes that held no mercy at all. Willow took on the vamp-face as she said, "Let's go."

They moved as one, Willow attacking them from one end, Buffy from the other. The Slayer fought with great intensity and almost suicidal recklessness, while Willow worked quite methodically, dropping her opponents one by one. In a matter of minutes eight vampires were dusted, leaving only a panting Slayer and a hungry Willow in their wake.

"You'd think they'd stop falling for the little lost lamb routine," Buffy said with a smile.

"We haven't let anyone escape to warn the others yet," Willow pointed out to her reasonably. She saw a trickle of blood snake down Buffy's arm from a shallow cut and had to gulp as the hunger surged. "I'll meet you back at the mansion," Willow said as she swiftly moved to walk away.

"Wait a minute," Buffy reached out to grab at her arm, "what's wrong?"

Willow had to fight to keep from going into vamp-face again as she softly growled out, "I'm hungry." Buffy let go as she took a half step back. Willow softly said, "I'm going to go see if I can find a mugger, or else I'll hit the hospital blood stores."

Buffy watched her walk away silently. She forgot, sometimes, that Willow was a vampire, that she shared her seemingly human body with a blood hungry demon. Willow was kind, even gentle in the time that they spent alone together, and even out fighting the vampires she wasn't cruel, ending their lives quickly and efficiently.

'If Willow was a normal vampire I'd have slayed her by now,' Buffy admitted to herself. Even when they had first joined forces she had been ready for Willow to turn, to try to attack her. But somehow, over the past two months, Buffy had felt her guard going down.

'It's not just the soul,' Buffy mused as she made her way across the town, 'that vampire Angel had one and I still didn't trust him. It's something else about her. She cares, about me, this town, and those that the vampires hurt.'

Buffy felt the presence as she pushed open the old front door and smiled. Willow had beaten her home once again. "How'd it go?" Buffy asked softly.

"I visited the blood bank," Willow had a odd look on her face, and Buffy gave her a look. With a soft laugh Willow said, "The nurses put the packets aside for me." She shook her head slightly, "They were happy to see me."

"They know the two of us are protecting the town," Buffy pointed out, "especially after we beat back that vampire attack a few weeks ago." Silently she added, 'And I think a few of the ladies were impressed with the chivalry you showed to them then, too.'

"It's just a bit hard to get used to," Willow murmured. A grim expression, "I guess I'm more used to seeing people run from me in terror."

"What you were," Buffy said softly, "is not what you are now."

"That's not true," Willow shook her head, "the demon is still a part of me." More softly, "And I remember everything that I did then."

"I know what you were," Buffy said softly, "I know you were one of the Master's favorites." Her voice took on a new intensity, "I've been watching you the past two months, and you are nothing like that viscious killer."

Willow actually smiled at her, and it lit up her face. "Thank you," she said with gratitude in her voice, "I forget, sometimes."

"Yeah, well," Buffy looked away uncomfortably. She still found it hard to explain what it meant to her, to have Willow standing by her side. Up until very recently she had been alone, taken from her mother and trained to be the Slayer. It had been the only thing in her life, no friends, family or other obligation to distract her.

When she had faced the Master in the factory, she had known she was going to die. He was old, radiating power and darkness, with the odds so badly stacked against her there was no way she could win. With the ragtag band of vampire hunters backing her up, she had marched towards the Master, towards her own death.

Then she appeared.

Dropping down from a catwalk above Willow landed right behind where the Master stood. She grasped him from behind, holding him fast, even as she cried out to the Buffy, "Do it!"

She didn't hesitate, with a single fluid movement Buffy had drived the sharp stake right into the Master's chest. Willow released him, and the Master gazed at her in shock as he weakly said, "You were one of my favorites..."

The Master fell to the floor, his body converting to a cloud of dust and ash. Strangely his skeleton remained intact on the cement, but Willow raised up a block of metal and dropped it on top of them, shattering it to fragments.

Buffy looked down at the pile of ash, then looked up thoughtfully at Willow, taking in the leather clad vampiress. Buffy raised the stake even as she softly said, "You're a vampire, too."

Willow spread her arms wide and said to her softly, "Do what you must."

Their eyes met, vampire and human, a deeply searching glance. Buffy lowered the stake, "You're not like other vampires, are you?"

"I guess not," Willow answered softly.

"I'll probably have to stick around for awhile," Buffy had said quietly..

Willow picked up the long leather coat from the ground, shaking out the vampire dust that still clung to it. She slid it on over her own leather dress easily, and as Buffy watched her walk towards her it felt so right, somehow.

"I'd like to help, too," Willow's voice was soft, looking at Buffy's face.

Buffy met her eyes, and she was surprised that she felt no fear at all. She nodded slightly, admitting, "I could use the help."

Willow brought Buffy back to the present with a gently touch on the arm. "Are you all right?" Willow asked with a gentle smile.

"Sorry, just lost in my thoughts," Buffy answered.

"It happens," Willow smiled slightly as she lead Buffy from the large front hall into the depths of the mansion itself. Long abandoned it had been taken as a nest for vampires until Willow and Buffy had cleared them out. Taking it as a spoil of war they had set up shop there, moving into an oddly domestic arrangement.

As they entered the kitchen Buffy remembered something. Slightly sheepishly she said, "I forgot to pick something up on the way home."

Willow opened up the refridgerator, revealing a large silvery case laying on the bottom shelf, containing her packets of blood. Other than that, there were pretty slim pickings. With a sigh Willow said, "I'll see what I can throw together from the leftovers."

"You don't have to.." Buffy started.

"If I don't," Willow said pointedly, "you'll just go out looking for a pizza or burgers or some other kind of junk food." The vampire shook her head ruefully, "How you managed before I came along I don't know."

"Neither do I," Buffy admitted, sounding almost fond. As Willow bustled about the massive kitchen something that had been bugging Buffy slipped out, "Are you a lesbian?"

The egg slipped from Willow's fingers to fall to the floor with a loud splat!

To be continued...
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