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Chapter One: Revelations.

Everyone stood stunned at what they had just seen. She was standing right there before them. How could she be she was dead. Wasn't she? They all saw the body removed from the home, she was taken out in a gurney. "Tara?" She spoke again the redhead was scared, but most of all confused. She had just kissed Freda from work not Tara. What had happened? where is Freda? These were all the questions on everyone's minds except for one person.
"Why is everyone staring at me?"
The blond witch hadn’t realized that she wasn't in heaven anymore. Giles walked over and examined her; he couldn’t help but hug her, his big English arms wrapped around her. He let go and stepped back, everyone took turns hugging her. Except one person, Willow. She couldn’t stand to only see her one last time, if that is what this was. Her eyes welled and reddened, she wanted to touch her and kiss her, she wanted to tell her everything, how much she missed her, how much she died each day without her. So much but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She ran to the kitchen and leaned against the counter heaving and crying.
"Will!?" Tara went after her. No one followed they all knew that Willow needed this time alone with the blond. "What's wrong? I don’t understand? Why did you run from me?" Her gaze locked on Willow’s, eyes pleading for her soul-mate to explain.
"Tara?" she wasn’t sure what to believe not after The First had played those tricks on her mind. "Baby?" her tears streaming in waves. "But how?" she sighed.
"What do you mean Will, how what?"
"Your dead."
"no I’m not." Tara protested.
"I saw you die."
" Three years ago, you were shot by Warren." The redhead's eyes filled with hurt reliving thoughs dangerous emotions.
The flash back hit her. "I wonder if they are making up?" lots of smiles. "I hope they are, that's the best part" more smiles and pleasant sighs. "Your shirt..." She remembered that she started to fall. But she never felt the ground, she was in a warm light, it was so comforting on her cheeks. "Oh god!" she remembered it, all of it. They had just made up; they were getting ready to go to city hall to look for the records. She started to feel flush, what had happened? How had she come back? "Willow how? What? I don’t understand." she paused. "I missed you, I missed everyone. what happened? how did I come back? why did I come back?" Her words not pieced togeher, showing her thoughts out loud, she was so confused and now distraught. Her eyes moved over the kitchen trying to make better sense of this, of everything.
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