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Willow sat on her bed staring at the small silver locket in her hand. Buffy hadn’t taken it when she cleaned out the magical items from the house. She assumed Buffy didn’t realize it was a charm. She had kept the locket in her jewelry box; she had purchased it because she thought it was pretty she had never intended to use it for magic. Of course at the time she didn’t think she needed a love charm. Now Oz was gone, Tara was gone, Dawn and Buffy were mad at her, and Xander didn’t really trust her anymore. She needed all the help with love she could get.

She knew she should just put the locket away and give it to Buffy when she came home or call Tara to come and get it. She knew that was the right thing to do but too much of her wanted to keep it. She told herself again she would put it away and never use it for anything other than jewelry. Setting it down in the small wooden box she stood and went downstairs. Dawn would be home from school soon.


Willow shut the door to her room. Tonight had been hell again. Buffy and Dawn barely spoke to her. Then Tara came over to take Dawn to the movies. She had tried to talk to Tara but she just looked at Dawn’s arm and shook her head.

“Tara please you need to talk to me.” Willow had pleaded with tears in her eyes. “I’m not using magic anymore.”

“I wish I could believe that Willow.” Tara said softly, “I really do.”

And after that Tara and Dawn had left. Buffy had to go back to work, she had promised them she would come in for a few more hours to help until closing.

Pulling the small locket out of the small box again she pulled a book from under her bed. The book she admitted to herself she had hidden from Buffy. Quickly finding the correct page She placed the charm around her neck and clasping it tightly in her hand she began a soft chanting.

“Let me see the one who will always love me.” Willow finished, knowing she would feel better just knowing that one day Tara would forgive her.


Opening her eyes slowly she looked around. It was dark but this wasn’t the movie theater. She slowly moved further into the dark room. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness she realized where she was. No, this isn’t right, she thought. She was supposed to see Tara, or maybe Oz. But not this, she thought looking around. Suddenly she saw the cover to the sewers slide over revealing a platinum blonde head moving up the ladder. Willow searched wildly for someplace to hide. Damn, she thought, no place in this damn crypt where she wouldn’t be spotted.


Spike pulled the cover back over the ladder and stood up. Moving to the refrigerator he grabbed a bag of blood, tearing it open he dumped the contents into a mug and went to watch television.

Willow realized Spike couldn’t see her and calmed down slightly. Did the spell go wrong? She thought, I did everything right. Why wasn’t she watching Tara or Oz right now. Spike loved Buffy right? Her mind raced. He couldn’t love her.

Spike would’ve sworn someone was in the room with him. He turned quickly scanning the room as he moved. He didn’t see anything.

“Buffy if that’s you. I told you I’m not playing these games anymore.” He said loudly “Go away.”

Buffy, Willow thought, what games? She watched as Spike got up and grabbed his duster and headed out the door. Shrugging she followed. She didn’t know how long this spell would last but she might as well see where he’s going.


“Okay, what the hell is going on?” Willow said quietly as she found herself standing outside her bedroom window. “What are we doing here?”

“Where the hell is she?” Spike muttered crushing a cigarette under his boot. “She should have been home hours ago.”

“He’s watching for me?” Willow whispered in amazement.

Spike quickly moved behind the tree as Buffy approached the house. Willow definitely should have been here before Buffy, he thought.

“Damn he’s right.” Willow muttered, “I need to be back in the house now or Buffy will know I’m using magic.”

Willow started chanting again to end the spell. All she could hope for now was that it would return her to her room.

Opening her eyes, she found herself in her room again. She could here Buffy calling her as she came up the steps. Sighing Willow gathered the book and the locket. She would give it to Buffy to get rid of. She felt guilty for having used it, but she was also happy that she knew someone did love her. Now of course she just needed to find away to let him know she knew.

“In here Buffy.” Willow said turning on her lamp. “I need to talk to you.”

“What’s up Will?” Buffy said then stopped when she saw the items in her friends hand. “What are those?”

“Magic stuff you didn’t take before. I’m so sorry I know this is all my fault. I should have told you they were here before.” Willow said holding them out. “I think you should take them now.”

“Okay.” Buffy said taking the items. “Well I’ll get rid of these in the morning. Good night.”

After Buffy closed the door behind her Willow walked over to her window and looked out that the vampire standing below. She’d had a crush on him when he had first started helping them but she had gotten over that when she’d met Tara. At least she thought she was over it. But if he felt the same and it really looked like he did then who knew what would happen. Smiling she quickly changed to her pajamas, walked over to her bed and climbed under the covers falling asleep quickly for the first time in days.
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