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Angel took a minute to absorb all this. He didn't want Spike running loose hurting innocent people but he didn't want Willow to get hurt either. "There's just one problem with that plan Spike. I destroyed the Gem," Angel confessed.

"Right, see here's the kicker, there's a spell to harness its power without it being in this world. There's just one tiny price," Spike explained still holding a relaxed Willow tightly in his muscular arms.

"And that would be?" Angel inquired.

Spike looked at Willow and then back at his grand-sire smiling. "Your soul."

"My What!?!" Angel screeched at the couple. "You both should know what a big mistake that would be, especially you William." Faith walked up to Angel rubbing his arm trying to calm him, but he didn't even notice her there.

"Oh, don't get your knickers in a twist," Spike said trying to calm Angel. "It's not gonna be right this minute, gotta wait for the proper alignment an' that such." Spike sighed as he continued. "'Sides, you know Red, here wouldn't do it if she didn't plan to return it. The spell requires the death of the last known wearer of the Gem, and that would be you, oh mighty destroyer. She figured out that she actually didn't have to dust ya. Just rid you of that soul. 'Though, I prefer the first choice."

The blond vampire let go of his witch walking up to the dark vampire. Willow let out a sigh and pouted when he left her side, she loved to be touched by him. The smell of him, his presence, his everything filled every fiber of her being and she loved it. Angel glared at his grand-childe as he approached him. Spike whispered just low enough for only the brooding one to hear him. "You hurt her by not accepting her into our family or if you touch her in anyway, Peaches, I will rip out your throat, got it?" He stared icily at the other vampire after warning him letting him know he was deadly serious and would follow through on his threat. Angel clenched his teeth and nodded once showing he understood.

Angel couldn't believe that Spike thought that he wouldn't accept the redhead into their family with open arms. He loved Willow, cared for her. Though he wished she had lived a longer life, but she did seem so much happier now. He should put Spike in his place for speaking to his elder in such a manner, but he could see the love and devotion in his eyes when he was with Willow. He would talk to Spike about that later.

Angel notice the redheaded witch yawn as her eye lids slowly opened and closed. He assumed she was still adjusting to being a vampire, only days old, he could sense it.

"Spike. Sire, I'm tired," Willow said interrupting them in a soft voice. Spike swept Willow off her feet carrying her in his arms while she wrapped hers around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Faith, take us to our room," the blond vamp demanded. Faith complied picking up their luggage and walking them upstairs. Angel's brows furrowed as he thought of the events of the night.

Wesley finally broke out of the thrall he was under while in the young vampiress' midst. "Well, that was unexpected." Cordelia rolled her eyes at the Watcher as he stated the obvious.

He and the brunette had become quite good friends when he had met up with her, Faith, and Angel in L.A. as a rogue demon hunter. The four of them had bonded, went through the good and the bad with each other. And now, the introduction of the newly found vampire couple was just another obstacle they had to get past, together. Maybe, eventually, Willow and Spike would become family. Like the one all of them secretly craved to belong to. A loving, devoted, caring family.

"So, what's for dinner?" Faith asked descending the stairs.

"What the hell were you thinking!?! You shouldn't have let him do that to her. You've damned her to a life of hell, do you realize that?" Angel hissed at the Slayer, not raising his voice to where their guest upstairs could hear.

"She chose this Angel! Even if I didn't want her to do it, she would have anyway. She's a grown woman now, she can make her own decisions. And the way her life was going at the moment, what with Xander pulling a gun on her and Buffy threatening her, I figured that she would finally get the chance to be happy, to be with the one she loves," tears began to drip from the dark Slayer's eyes. "I-she wanted us to be happy."

Angel's eyes softened when she choked out the last part. His undead heart felt for her, he loved his Faith, wanted nothing more than to be the man she thought he could be. But with the ongoing threat of losing his soul he had pushed her away, hoping she would just give up and leave him because he didn't think he would have the strength to leave her.

Angel walked up to Faith who was standing in the middle of the hotel on the steps in front of the French doors that led out to the garden. He took her in his arms, embracing the love of his life and let out a sigh. She took a step back after her sobs slowed and he wiped the tears from her face with his thumb, it was the first time he had seen her cry. Even when he was evil she didn't weep once, though she occasionally kicked the living hell out of him.

"What did you mean she wants you to be happy?" Cordelia questioned.

"She can anchor your soul, Angel, make it so we can be together," Faith stated, her eyes never leaving the vampire's.

"Who's ready to eat some greasy treats?" a voice boomed shaking them from the realization of what Faith had just revealed to them.

"Yeah, we got burgers, fries…" said a small feminine voice trailing behind.

Gunn and Fred froze and their faces fell as everyone solemnly looked up at them. "Did something happen while we were gone?" Fred asked the ex-cheerleader walking up to her.

"Loads, I'll fill you in, in the morning." Fred looked disappointed, she always missed the good stuff.

"I need to get out, I'll be home later. You should get some sleep," Angel kissed Faith on the forehead as he proceeded to go out into the night, just as he was about to leave the building Wesley asked him where he was going. "I need to think" was Angel's simple reply.


Angel walked down a dark path to a local night club for demons. Caritas. The club was a sanctuary where lost beings could find their path. And Angel was in desperate need of help.

As the song Mandy faded a few scattered claps filled the room after he finished singing karaoke. Angel stepped off stage stalking over to the Host who was intently watching him at the bar of the club. "Well, what did you see?"

"Easy, Angelcakes. There are a lot of things at work here. First off, you are already on your path. Trust the witch, she knows what to do. As for the other thing, that's for you to decide, she loves you and whether or not you two have a future together is up to you."

"Thanks Lorne," Angel told the green demon, as he turned to walk away. "Anytime,"

Lorne replied holding up his glass. "And good luck!" Lorne lifted the glass to his mouth and mumbled. "Your gunna need it."


Mean while at the hotel…………………

"Spike, I love you," Willow whispered to her lover. He laid beside her under the covers spooning against her back, nuzzling his face in the crook of her neck.

"Love you too, pet," he said just as they passed out for the night.

Visions ran through Willow's head as she dreamt. It was dark but she could see everything as clear as day. She walked further into the darkness, seeing a beautiful blonde woman coming towards her. Willow felt a shiver go down her spine as the woman came closer. The stranger had a confused look washed over her pale face. She knew this woman, met her once before. But when and where? Willow felt a bond, yet felt hatred toward the young woman before her.

The lights came on and the woman was gone. Willow was standing in the middle of an office. It was very sophisticated looking, full of books and a huge desk in the corner.

Then Angel appeared before her evilly grinning looking her up and down. Then there was darkness as she awoke.

Spike pulled her closer as he slept. Willow immediately fell back asleep as she relaxed in his arms.


At the same time as Willow's dream…………

Angel hurriedly made his way back to the hotel. Just as he approached the entrance to the hotel a young woman stepped out in front of him. Angel's eyes narrowed as he recognized the blonde in front of him. She was a vampire. He could feel her presence as he neared the hotel but shrugged it off thinking it was just Willow and Spike being so close to the office and all.

"Darla," he snarled. Her lips curled into a evil smile as he vamped out ready to fight.

"There's my boy."
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