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Disclaimer: I own nothing and seek no profit from this story.
Distribution: If you have Anywhere But Here you can have this one. Anyone else, please ask me first.
Feedback: Yes, please. It makes me all happy-like.

A/N: This is the sequel to Anywhere But Here, so it's set in the universe I "created" with the first story. If you haven't read ABH, you should do so before reading this- if you don't you'll be a bit lost. Spoilers are the same: Spike's been to the vet. (Plus minor spoilers for Angel S2, very minor ones.)

Dedication: To everyone who sent me feedback for Anywhere But Here... you are all amazing. Especially NightQueen, Gabrielle, Kat, and Elisabeth; this story wouldn't have turned into a series without you four.

Thank you to my wonderful beta, Knightie, she is incredible-maybe even an angel-so all mistakes are mine alone.

Enough of my babble... enjoy!



Spike slowly looked around the finished room sweeping his eyes over his work: the tree was decorated, the lights all blinked, the tinsel was sparkling, the mistletoe hung, and the fake, cottony snow lay around the room in soft waves. His critical eyes looked for anything that could be considered a flaw- anything that wasn't perfect. He had decided two days before that creating a winter wonderland for Willow was the best way to occupy him and cure his boredom until she arrived, this room was the result.

"William, everything is perfect, so stop brooding- that's my job."

Spike laughed. "Come to inspect my work, Sire?"

Angel shook his head. "No, Willow's on the phone, I thought you'd want to speak to her."

Spike ran from the room without looking back. Angel rolled his eyes and turned around, surveying the room. The older vampire had to admit that it looked wonderful, Spike had thought of everything. There were even a few Hanukkah items throughout the room. Angel grinned when he saw the toy train winding its way around the Christmas tree and walked over to it. His eyes shining like a schoolgirl's, he sat down to play.


"Baby, I miss you so much! And it's so bloody boring here! Peaches really has turned into a Pouf, too. He won't let me do anything fun! I can't even taunt the Watcher or the Cheerleader, and all they do is ask for it! I need you, Red. Come and save me."

Willow laughed at Spike's babble. "Well, Spike, it is only two in the afternoon. Aren't all good little vampires supposed to still be sleeping?"

She heard Spike mumble something but couldn't understand what he'd said. "What was that?" she asked.

"I said I can't sleep without you."

Willow's eyes filled with tears. "Really?"

"Really." Spike said.

"Oh, Spike," She began. "I was so afraid that you didn't even miss me ... I haven't slept very well either, and I've missed you so much."

Spike was silent for a moment. He knew Willow was crying because he could hear her sniffling. "Pet? Is everything okay? And why would you think I didn't miss you?"

"Yeah, everything's fine. I just miss you."

Her voice betrayed her words, but Spike decided not to push. He couldn't do anything from LA anyway, he decided. "You're coming up today, right?"

"We're leaving in a couple of hours."

"Not any sooner?" Spike asked.

Willow hesitated. "Maybe, I'm not sure. Spike, listen, I've got to go. Buffy's here."

Spike noticed that Willow's voice was suddenly very tight. "You okay, Willow?"

"Yeah, baby, I'll be fine. Gunn's here, remember?"

"Gunn's services are needed? Is the Slayer giving you trouble? What's going on?"

Willow didn't answer for a full minute. Spike could hear Buffy talking in the background and wished he could understand what they were saying. As it was, her words were muffled. He thought he heard the Whelp, too, but wasn't sure. "Red?"

"I'm here, Spike. And no, Buffy's not making trouble- none at all. Nothing's wrong, okay? I'll see you soon."

Spike heard the resolve in her voice. "You sure?"

"Of course."

He sighed. "Alright. I love you, pet."

"I love you too, Spike," Willow said. "And I will see you soon. Bye."

"Bye, luv."

The click told him she'd hung up. Hanging up his end, Spike hurried back to Angel. He knew something was wrong, but knew that it was out of his hands- had been since he'd left her in Sunnydale. Rushing back into the room he stopped quickly at the sight of his Sire and grinned.

"Having fun?" Spike asked.

"This is great." Angel said, his reply muffled.

Angel was laying on his stomach half under the tree. Spike grinned at the odd sight of seeing Angel's legs stretched out from under the tall, brightly decorated Christmas tree. His torso was hidden beneath the branches and the sounds of the toy train filled the room. Spike was tempted to join him until he remembered the reason he'd rushed up from the lobby.

"I don't think things are going very smoothly in Sunnydale."

Angel backed himself out of the tree and sat up. "Why do you say that?"

"She was crying. And when the Slayer showed up ... Red's voice changed. She got tense."

Angel nodded. "Gunn's there. He'll take care of her, Spike."

"You trust him."

"Yes," Angel began. "And I can't count the number of times we've been over this. Willow will be fine. They're leaving in a few hours, right?"

Spike nodded. "Maybe sooner."

"Go take a nap, Spike, maybe grab a shower. She'll be here before you know it."

Spike grinned. "Yes, Dad."

Angel rolled his eyes as Spike left the room.

"Oh, Peaches?" Spike asked from down the hall.

"What?" Angel called.

"You've got some silver icicles in your hair."


Willow and Gunn walked into the lobby of The Hyperion five hours later to find it empty. Willow stood and stared in awe at the muted grandeur of the place while Gunn looked around for evidence of their friends' whereabouts. He had just walked up the stairs when Willow heard the doors open. Turning, she bit back a scream. Walking towards her with a blinding smile was a green, horned demon. Willow brought her magic to the forefront, dropping her shields. The demon stopped moving and blinked at her, his mouth falling open for a moment in shock.

"Beautiful in all ways, aren't you, Dumpling?" he asked with a smile. "You are Spike's mate, right?"

Willow nodded, her defenses still high. "Yeah."

"I'm Lorne, a friend of Angel's."

"Right," Willow began. "A friend. Sorry, but I've had a rough couple of days so you'll forgive me for... GUNN!"

Her bodyguard was at her side as quickly as he could manage, weapon drawn. He pulled Willow behind him and looked around the lobby for a threat, not seeing one, he looked at Willow and then at Lorne. "What?" he asked. "What happened?"

Willow pointed and Lorne raised his hand. Gunn rolled his eyes. "After all the crap you've had thrown at you this week and this is what finally makes you scream? Will, this is not only the nicest demon I've ever met, but the most annoying, too. Willow, Lorne. Lorne, Willow."

Lorne grinned again and stuck out his hand. Willow excepted it and managed a sheepish smile. "Sorry, I was just nervous. Hellmouth issues."

Lorne nodded. "Oh, I understand. Thank you for not blasting me with your magic."

Willow just grinned. Lorne turned to Gunn and nodded to the emptiness of the lobby. "Where is everyone? I thought we were having a Christmas party."

"Vision, and we are." A female voice said.

All eyes turned to the door and saw Cordelia standing with her arms full of shopping bags. She smiled and looked directly at Gunn and Lorne. "There are more bags outside- the cab's waiting."

The men groaned and headed outside. Willow was about to ask how Lorne planned on hiding his appearance when she found her arms suddenly full of shopping bags.

"Thanks, Willow. My arms were about to fall off." Cordelia said as she directed them to a couch. "Don't even ask me how I got through the mall with all of them, cause I'm not sure myself. So, how are you? And why did you decide to come in a day early? Not that I mind ... it will be nice to have another woman around, believe me. Fred and I are always outnumbered. You'll love Fred, she's great once you get past her being a little bit crazy."

Willow stared at the other woman in muted shock. Cordelia stared back, clearly waiting on an answer. Willow swallowed and managed to find her voice. "Um ... I'm fine. How are you, Cordelia? And where is everyone?"

"I'm good. And, Angel, Spike, and Wesley are out taking care of a demon problem. I had a vision and off they went."

Willow looked at Cordelia confused. "You had a vision? And then went shopping? What-"

Her words were cut off by Cordelia's grin. "Well, yeah, I went shopping. I played the sympathy card- you know, 'oh, poor me, I had a vision on Christmas Eve,' It was great! I got Angel's gold card, the one that he never uses."

Willow looked even more confused. "Um, Cordelia?"


"You had a vision?"

Cordelia looked shocked. "You don't know about that?"

Willow shook her head and looked up as Gunn and Lorne came back inside. Cordelia stood and grabbed her bags again. She motioned for everyone to follow her. "Come on, Willow. You and I have a lot to catch up on."


Two hours later found Willow and Cordelia putting the newly wrapped presents under the tree in the lobby. Gunn had brought in Willow's things, so the presents she brought with her joined Cordelia's newly purchased ones. Gunn and Lorne were in the kitchen preparing a late dinner, and the girls were still bouncing story after story off each other. They had discovered that there was a lot to catch up on, indeed. They'd also found that when they weren't trying to be enemies, they actually had a lot in common. 

"So, it was like a tiny, tiny demon?" Cordelia asked.

Willow grinned. "Tiny, tiny. It looked up at us and was all, like, 'fear me'. It was kind of cute."

"Buffy stepped on it, didn't she?"

"Ruined her shoes."

Their giggling filled the room and neither one of them noticed when the men returned from demon slaying. Spike, Angel, and Wesley stood quietly across the room and watched the pretty picture the ladies made smiling and laughing under the glow of the Christmas lights. It was, in the end, Gunn who broke the reverie.

"Woman, you have been driving me insane for days with your hyper bouncing and psycho babble about how much you missed Spike, and now your man's standing a few feet away and you don't even notice?" Gunn teased.

Willow stared at him in confusion for a moment before turning to look across the room. Spike stood beside Angel grinning at her. Willow was on her feet and rushing toward him within seconds. She threw herself at her vampire and he gathered her in his arms. She wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him soundly on the lips. Spike eagerly returned the kiss, teasing her lips with his tongue. Willow noticed wetness under her hands and broke away. "You're covered in some sort of demon, aren't you?"

Spike grinned. "Yeah. Hagtesh."

"Really? Those are rare."


"Hagtesh ... oh, ew. They have purple blood." Willow looked down at her white shirt. "Damn- this was new."

Spike laughed and spun her around. It was then that Willow caught sight of Angel, and all the emotions she'd been harboring for the few days prior came crashing in on her. "Baby, put me down."

Spike hesitated, but complied. Willow turned and walked over to Angel, her emotions rising even closer to the surface. Throwing her arms around him she hugged him tight. Angel was surprised but returned the hug after a moment. He realized Willow was crying and tightened his arms around her small frame. Spike looked on concerned as sobs began to rack his mate's body. Willow turned her face up to Angel and managed a smile, though tears were flowing freely down her cheeks. "Thank you."

"For what?" Angel asked, softly.

"For getting him out of Sunnydale- for protecting him, for protecting me. Thank you."

Willow hugged a speechless Angel tightly for a few more moments before breaking away. She turned and looked at Spike. "We have a room?"

Spike nodded and led her upstairs. The rest of the group watched them go, concern for Willow etched on all their faces. Gunn shook his head and sighed. All eyes turned to him.

"I was wondering when she would break. That girl is tough as steel, don't ever doubt it. And I'm pretty sure her friends would walk into hell for her." Gunn said.

"What happened?" Angel asked.

"Those soldiers happened," Gunn began. "They've been harassing her since you two left. That Riley guy's been leading the attacks, too. Seems he never told his bosses that Willow's a witch before, and now that they know ... they've been trying to kidnap her for days, ever since they found out. They even sent a few demons over to try to get me distracted."

"You're serious?" asked Angel.

Gunn nodded. "Yeah, but I wasn't alone in protecting her, Riley didn't count on that. Buffy's declared all out war on the government, and the five of them rarely left Willow's side."

"The five of them?" Cordelia asked.

"Buffy, Xander, Anya, Giles, and Olivia. A strange group, but they're solid. And a word of warning ... never piss Giles off."

Angel grinned. "I remember."

Wesley glanced at Gunn, concerned. "They didn't manage to-"

"No, they never caught her. They came close a few times, though." Gunn said, cutting his question off.

Angel sighed. "They're smart, I'll give them that. They were trying to get her to call Spike and I back into town- to get us to help."

Gunn nodded. "That's the theory. Buffy thinks that you and Spike would be a double coup for Riley-and perfect research material for that Walsh chick."

"How determined are they? Will they try to come after the three of you here?" Wesley asked.

"That, we don't know," Gunn said. "Buffy said that she'd call right away if she suspects anything, and that she's going to do her best to keep them busy, but we won't know for sure until they try something else."

"But everyone agrees that it's not over?" Cordelia asked.

"No, it's not over." Angel said.

Gunn nodded. "But, it's Christmas Eve, right? Let's not worry too much right now... Cordelia said something about a party?"


"So, that's it. That's why I was so distant on the phone. I just didn't want you to show back up ready to save the day, you know? I was scared of what would happen if you did." Willow said quietly.

Spike nodded. "I know, Red. That doesn't mean that I like you not being honest with me, but you did what you had to do to keep me and Peaches safe."

Willow smiled. "You understand?"

"I suppose the end justifies the means."

Willow sighed in contentment and leaned back against Spike. They'd just gotten out of a long, hot shower and were lounging on their bed. With Spike's arms wrapped around her, Willow relaxed for the first time in days. She drifted off into her thoughts and enjoyed the feel of her lover's arms. Spike waited until she was almost asleep to speak. "They really came through for you, didn't they?"

Willow blinked. "What?"

He sighed. "Your Scooby-Gang, they really came through for you."

Willow nodded. "Yes, they did."

"So, you'll be going back to Sunnydale, then, after things calm down a bit?"

Willow sat up and turned to face Spike. "Why would I do that?"

"You'll not want to leave them now, I suppose. It's all right, Red, I understand."

Willow rolled her eyes. "Spike, my place, my life, my heart- they're all with you."

"I want you to be happy, luv," Spike insisted.

Willow sighed. "I am happy, baby. I thought you knew that. I'll admit, it is nice to know that my friends really do care for me and want me around, my life isn't in Sunnydale anymore. I want to be here with you."

Willow smiled softly at him and got up. Spike tried to grab her but she wouldn't let him. "Where are you going?" he asked.

"To get dressed. Then I'm going downstairs, I'm hungry."

"Are you upset with me, Red?" Spike asked.

She shook her head as she pulled on her jeans. "No, Spike. It's just been an emotional couple of days. I love you and I understand why you thought I would want to stay in Sunnydale, I'm just stressed out. Nothing's really wrong. Okay?"

Spike nodded. "I love you too, Willow."

Spike watched her walk out of the room and growled at himself for feeling so insecure. 'Well, that sure as hell could have gone better,' he thought. Getting up to get dressed, Spike decided to sweep Willow off her feet all over again. 'Make her forget all her troubles, I will,' he thought.


Half an hour later Spike entered the kitchen to find Willow, Wesley, and Cordelia talking over sandwiches. Willow looked up at him and smiled brightly. "Angel, Gunn, and Lorne are in the office discussing the evils of the Initiative if you want to join them," she said.

Spike smiled. "Nah, I know enough about that as it is. I'll stay here with you instead."

He walked behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. Willow's smile brightened even more causing Cordelia to grin at them. "You two make a beautiful couple." The Seer said.

"Thanks, Cor!" Willow said.

The four of them fell into easy conversation discussing the Hagtesh demon they'd fought earlier. Wesley and Spike, it turned out, got along quite well. Cordelia made it clear to Willow though, that it had taken a lot of beer and a rugby match to get the two men to agree to get past their differences. The redhead had just smiled. Gunn joined them in the kitchen with a grin on his face. "For a vampire pushing 250, he sure is acting like an eight year old."

Spike laughed. "He's under the tree again, isn't he?"

Gunn nodded. "Shaking all the presents."

Willow and Cordelia both gasped and jumped up from the table. They ran from the room quickly, all the men staring after them.

"Angel!" Willow's voice cried from the other room.

"Damnit, Angel! We spent a good two hours wrapping those! If any of them are broken, so help me..."

Wesley shook his head. "Cordelia's voice travels quite well, doesn't it?

The other men nodded. A few minutes later, a cowed Angel walked into the kitchen and smiled sheepishly at his friends. "Fred's back. They all ganged up on me, too. I think that life is about to get much more interesting around here."

Lorne laughed. "Angel-cakes, you have no idea."

"You read one of them?" Gunn asked the empath demon.

Lorne shook his head. "No, but I realized earlier that Cordelia's lease is up at the end of next month. Wasn't she going to move in here then?"

Angel groaned. "This is not good. They'll be even more girly things spread out here!"

"The first week is probably going to turn into one big slumber party. I've seen Willow, Anya, and Buffy make a party out of less..." Spike said with a grin.

"You don't think they'll mess with my hair, do you?" Angel asked.

Gunn laughed. "No, man, but they might freeze your underwear."

"I don't wear underwear."

"Well, now, that paints a beautiful picture, doesn't it, girls?" a feminine voice asked from the doorway.

The men turned and saw Willow and Fred grinning at them. Cordelia was staring at Angel with a glazed look on her face. Willow slapped her on the arm. "Cor, you're about to start drooling..."

The Seer shook herself out of her thoughts. "Sorry. I was um ... never mind," she said, a blush spreading over her cheeks.

Angel chuckled. "Something wrong, Cordelia?"

She shook her head. "Nope." She said, ignoring Angel's knowing eyes. "So, are we going to open our presents or what?"


It was a little after midnight when everyone finally gathered around the Christmas tree in the lobby. Willow sat on the sofa between Spike and Angel, Cordelia on the floor at Angel's feet. Gunn sat a few feet away, and Wesley and Lorne had claimed the two armchairs. The woman named Fred was beginning to pass out the Christmas gifts.

Willow didn't know quite what to make of the Texan, but she hoped she'd made a new friend. Fred's soft spoken nature and odd wit reminded the hacker of herself. Willow smiled as Fred handed her another gift, deciding to take the girl shopping to make up for not buying her something.

Spike squeezed Willow's hand to get her attention. "Willow?" he asked quietly.

Willow turned toward him and smiled. "Yes?" she answered.

"Only one of your presents is from me. I thought we'd have our own Christmas party later, upstairs."

She grinned. "Okay."

Angel elbowed her gently in the side. "Will you two shut up? I'm trying to talk here."

Willow blushed. She hadn't even realized Angel had been talking in the first place... "Sorry, Angel."

Spike smirked at his Sire. "Yeah, sorry, mate."

Angel rolled his eyes. "Sure you are, Spike," he said with a lazy smile. "Like I was saying, I'm glad you are all here tonight. It's nice to be surrounded by friends and family, and as I'm sure all of you have noticed, Cordelia went shopping." Laughter filled the room. "So, without further ado, Merry Christmas, everyone."

As they began to open their presents, Willow realized that she felt completely at ease in her new surroundings. It felt like home. She grinned as she opened one of Cordelia's presents. It was a black halter dress with matching heels. "Thanks, Cordelia!"

"You like it?"

"I love it, but I don't think I'll be able to wear it without blushing any time soon..."

"Willow, that dress will look amazing on you. You'll see." Cordelia said.

The two of them smiled at each other for a minute before moving back to their presents. Willow got a sweater from Angel, a set of books from Wesley, and a box of candles and bath items from Cordelia. She opened Spike's gift last. "Oh, wow."

He grinned. "Like it?"

Willow nodded and launched herself into Spike's waiting arms. Cordelia deftly lifted the small box from Willow's hand as her friend kissed Spike soundly. Cordelia's eyes widened and her mouth fell open in shock. "Holy shit."

"Cordelia! Language!" Angel teased.

Fred took the box from Cordelia and looked inside. The girl grinned. "Can I have a vampire too?" she asked.

"Damn, Spike, what the hell did you do? You've got two women staring at you like you're the king of the world and another attached to your lips." Angel commented as he took the box from Fred. Lorne, Gunn, and Wesley came over and peered into the box with Angel.

Angel smiled at his Childe when he saw the beautiful antique ring inside. It was silver and had a diamond encased by two rubies. "This is very nice, Spike."

"Indeed," Wesley said. "A fine piece of jewelry."

Gunn just nodded in agreement, Lorne smiled at the couple, and Spike shrugged. "Knew she'd like it."

Willow smiled at the group and retrieved her ring. Spike took her hand. "If you all will excuse us, I am going to give Willow the rest of her gifts, upstairs," he said as they walked towards out of the room.

"Willow, wait." Gunn said.

Spike almost growled when Willow turned, but held his temper. He held her tightly to him, possessively, as Gunn approached with a present extended. Willow grinned and took the gift. Gunn smiled at her. "Thanks for the DVDs, Will."

"You're welcome." Willow said as she opened her present. "Oh ... Gunn! When? How?" she asked, happy tears in her eyes.

Gunn's smile grew. "Yesterday, with a camera."

Willow rolled her eyes. "Smart ass."

"It's a hobby."

"Being a smart ass?"

Gunn grinned. "Well, yeah, but I meant photography."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome. Enjoy your night, Willow."

"Merry Christmas, Gunn."

"Happy Hanukkah, Will."

Willow smiled and turned back to Spike as Gunn walked away. "What is it?" Spike asked.

"A photo of Buffy, Giles, Xander, and I. Here, look."

Spike took the picture from her as they walked. The four friends were sitting around Giles' living room with books in their laps smiling at each other. The picture itself was stunning. It was shot on black and white film and captured the love the Scooby's felt for each other brilliantly. Gunn had done well. "You look happy." Spike said.

Willow smiled. "I was. I'll miss them, Spike, probably more than I realize. But, I'm happiest with you."

Spike was silent for a minute as the depth of her words hit him. He smiled brightly at his witch. "Come on, pet. We've got presents to get you to."


Spike lead Willow to a room down the hall from theirs. He moved behind her put his hands over her eyes and whispered in her ear as he opened the door, "Happy Christmas, Willow."

Willow gasped as Spike uncovered her eyes. She looked from object to object and took in the beauty of the room. The lights were twinkling, soft music was playing, and Willow felt as though she'd stepped into a Christmas card. "Spike! This is beautiful!"

Spike smiled. "You're beautiful," he said as he kissed her softly. "Do you really like the ring?"

Willow glanced from him to the box in her hand. "Yes, I do. Put it on me?"

Spike took the ring out of the box and lifted her left hand. He gazed into her eyes as he slid the ring onto her third finger. "Spike, are you asking me to ..." Willow began.

"We're mated, Willow. This is an outward sign that we are in a committed relationship. It can mean whatever you want it to."

She smiled. "I love you."

"I love you, too."

Willow pulled him close and kissed him lightly. Spike's arms slipped around her and he dropped his face to rain kisses onto her neck. Willow moaned as his tongue grazed his mark. He nipped his claim gently with blunt teeth, and Willow shuddered. He kissed his way back up to her lips and slipped his tongue inside her eager mouth. She kissed him back with passion, and he groaned when her fingernails raked over his back through his shirt. Breathless, Willow broke away. Spike grinned. "Want the rest of your presents now, luv?"

Willow whimpered. "You're not my present?"

"Not yet, I'm not. There's more here for you to unwrap than just me."

Willow laughed as Spike lead her over to the tree. They sat on the floor and he handed her a neatly wrapped package. Willow took it and stared at the other boxes under the tree. She grinned at spike. "I wondered what had happened to the gifts I brought you."

Spike smiled. "I had Cordelia sneak them up here. Do you like the train?"

Willow nodded. "I love it."

Spike smirked. "Angel did, too. He'll want to play with it some more before we put all these things away."

Willow grinned. "I think I'll have Gunn take pictures.

Spike laughed and began opening his presents. For the next several minutes the couple concentrated only on opening their gifts, only pausing to say thank you. In the end, Spike ended up with a few CDs, a new pair of jeans, a book of poetry, a leather journal, and a nice set of silver daggers. He smiled softly at Willow. "Thank you, Red! These are all great."

Willow just smiled as she looked over her gifts once more. She was speechless- Spike had really gone all out. There was a forest green velvet ball gown with matching shoes, a pair of diamond earrings, a couple of CDs, a red lace teddy that had made her blush, and the most surprising thing, a $200 gift certificate to a local magic shop.

Spike saw her gazing at the certificate and took her hand. "Willow, I don't want you masking your power any more. There's no reason to. I love you, Red. All of you."

Willow nodded, and for the first time in her life, she felt accepted for who she was, nothing more, nothing less. Willow kissed Spike softly and stood up. "You have one more present, Spike. I'll be right back."

He watched her go and didn't have to wait long for her to return. She came back and handed him a small, unwrapped box. "I wasn't sure if you'd like this one," she said.

Spike opened the box and smiled. "It's beautiful." He picked up the silver ring and turned it around in his hand.

"It's got an inscription." Willow said.

Spike looked on the inside band and read out loud. "Mine, forever. Spike and Willow." His eyes flashed yellow and he swiftly moved over to his mate. He crushed her lips under his in a hard, passionate kiss. After a moment, he pulled away and looked into her eyes. "And which finger should I wear this on, luv?"

Willow took his left hand and slid the ring on his third finger. "Mine," she stated.

Spike nodded. "Yours."

Willow grinned and suddenly found herself lifted into Spike's arms. "Um... Spike?"

"Yeah, luv?"

"Where are we going?"

"Our room," Spike answered. "I'm about to make wild, passionate love to you."

"You're going to fuck me senseless, aren't you?" Willow asked with a grin.

"I love it when you talk dirty, Red."

Willow laughed as they entered their room. Spike took her over to the bed and set her down. He immediately began stripping her of her clothes, and Willow pulled him down to her, kissing him hard. They made love for hours before finally collapsing into each other's arms right before dawn.

"I love you, Spike."

"Love you too, Willow."

And they slept.

...The End...

The third, and final, story in this trilogy is now being written, and I promise there will be a lot more Willow/Spike goodness in the next one...  Look for it in a few weeks. :-)

Happy Holidays, Everyone!
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