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Author: Ray Harley
Disclaimers: Joss Whedon and ME own all... blast 'em
Summary: That blue-haired meeting in Istanbul, only they're in Italy and it's set twenty years after 'Hush'. Also it's more of a narrative poem than a fic.
Distribution: If you want to. Go Ahead.
Feedback: Hell. Whether I get it, or not.

Half a lifetime,

Half a lifetime ago, half a world away,
she had finally been able to say goodbye,
cried tears of sadness, tears of passion,
cried tears of joy, tears of grief and loss.

Half a lifetime away, half a world ago.

Crossing a square,

The noise of remembered voices,
speaking a thousand tongues,
of battles fought, foes vanquished,
lovers kissed, couples dancing,
laughing children, whispered dreams.

All in the steps it takes... crossing a square.

Sipping a cup of joe.

Sipping a cup of joe.
Sat, all but alone, in a near empty square,
with two (other) musicians... In an empty square.
The sun was bright, which somehow seemed right.
There was the smell of baking bread,
garlic and coffee beans roasting in the open air.

Sipping a cup of joe.

Nights making love,

Nights making love... and days...
and nights... and days...
of caresses and exploration...
of lips and salty wetness...
of passions shared... and memories...
of the one she was never without...

Forever... Always... Everything...

Crossing an ocean

Crossing an ocean
... with you watching the skies, while they sleep.
... with you smiling at his snores, while she sleeps.
... with you watching day become night... while they sleep.
... with you caressing her breast, while he sleeps.
... with you tasting her... while he sleeps, and she smiles.

Sat at a table, she smiled.

At a table, Beneath a tree, On a couch,
On a chair, On a bench, At a wheel.
Stood on a stage, At a tree,

Beneath a tree, she smiled...
Beneath a tree, she smiled...
Once more with feeling...

Beneath a tree.
In a corridor, At a door, Beneath a tree.
Sat at a table, she smiled.

Peaceful faces,

A daughter, at home, friends on the couch.
A lover, asleep, a son at her breast.
Friends, asleep, their twins on their laps.

A joy watching them all.

Gentle faces, beautiful faces, spotty faces.
Scarred faces, scared faces, smiling faces...

Peaceful faces.

Crossing a street,

One step at a time... to the grocer.
One step at a time... to the school.
One step at a time... to the park.
One step at a time... to say goodbye.
One step at a time... crossing a street...

To say hello...?

Scarlet, Auburn, Red.

Eyes that glittered, smiles that glowed,=20
Hair that flowed, gently caressed.
Hair, now short, now grey,
now multi-coloured, now grey... or was it silver?

Daughter - hair scarlet...
Son - hair auburn,
Lover - hair red,
Wife(?) - forever stained black...

Should be blue.

A Piper... playing, a woman sings,

A piper on Northumberland pipes,
playing a jaunty tune, from foreign shores, on foreign land.
A woman sings a song of love,
between people of stranger faiths born.

Children playing, children dancing, children sleeping.
We were floating, always floating, here we're floating.
A woman watches a piper playing,
A woman sleeps, while another sings.

Crossing a sidewalk,

A cup leaves a mouth, once so familiar,
A soul leaves a body, finally at peace,
The cup comes to rest, gentle applause,
A face turns, eyes twinkle, a gentle smile,

Boy wears jacket, girl a coat,
Son wears diapers, daughter ?
Men in kilts, woman in trews.

She sniffs... He stands... She Nods... He smiles.

"You're sitting down," she sniffs.
"It's not Istanbul," he replies. He stands.
"You're not around the corner," she nods over his shoulder.
"You're hair's not blue," he smiles.

Half a lifetime, half a world, half a promise.
Half a world away, half a lifetime ago.
Hug and hold him. Kiss and love her.
Bury your dreams and love the rest as best you can.

Barely a word. Never a sight.
We're early, their eyes said, not blaming.

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