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“Are you sure you have to go LA Willow?” Xander wined to his friend as he put her bag in the trunk of her car.

“Yes,” Willow stressed once more. “Buffy is dead Xander and Angel needs to know.”

“Why can’t Giles go?” He asked.

“Because after Angelus killed Jenny, Giles still hasn’t really forgiven him yet.”

“But it’s eleven at night Willow,” Xander spoke. “Why can’t you go in the morning?”

“I like driving this time of night and you know that,” she answered. “If there is any problems you can call me on my phone.”

“He has a phone too Willow,” he spoke. “Why can’t you call like normal people?”

“Because….,” Willow spoke and stopped to take a deep breath. She couldn’t believe that he was so….so…like a male was the best way to describe it. “Because Angel needs to know this and a phone call is not the way to tell someone that the love of their life is dead.”

“But…” Xander started to say but stopped when Willow held up her finger to stop him.

“Don’t you dare say anything else. I am going and I will be back. Make sure you take care of Dawn.”

“But…,” Once again he was cut off with the finger. “No buts just do it,” Willow ordered.

Xander nodded not wanted to say anything that would make her mad. He closed the trunk and walked up to the drivers’ side of the car as Willow got in.

“Thank you. I will be back in a couple of days and we will try to figure things out,” Willow told him.

“Ok,” he said as she started the car and closed the door.

Xander watched as Willow drove off.



Angel walked into the hotel and placed the axe back into the cabinet.

“Bad night….well morning by my watch?” Cordeila asked.

“More like bad month,” Angel spoke as he walked up to the counter.

“Don’t worry Angel, we are just leaving for a week,” Cordeila told him.

“I know but do all of you have to go?” Angel asked. He really didn’t want to stay here all alone again. He was used to having them around and he actually liked the company now.

“Yes its call a vacation Angel and we would ask you to come but it isn't a safe place for you on a boat.”

“I know….I know Cordeila but there is something that is bothering me but I don’t know what.”

“Sorry to hear that Angel,” Cordeila comforted.

“It’s ok,” he replied.

“Well I am off and I hope that you have a wonderful vacation too,” Cordeila spoke as she grabbed her bag. “And Angel,” she called from the doors.

“Yes Cordy,” Angel answered.

“Don’t brood too much ok.”

“I won’t,” he told her as he smiled.

Cordeila smiled back as she waved and closed the door.

Angel sighed and headed up-stairs to his room. It had only been mere seconds and the place was already quite and he had the feeling that he wasn’t going to be able to hold Cordeila on that promise he just made.

As Angel's foot touched the first step on the stairs he heard a knock at the door. He smiled thinking that he might not be so bored if he still got some business while they were gone. Angel strolled over to the door and opened it. He was going to say may I help you but was in shock to see who was on the other side.

“Willow?” He called her name as a question more than a greeting.

“Umm….hiya Angel,” Willow greeted from the other side.

Angel stared at her. Willow the imag……..nope that thought will have to come later for now he had to find out why she was here.

“Angel I like the outdoors but there's a lot of demons out here,” she told him.

“Oh I am sorry Willow, do come in,” the move to the side and watched her walk in.

Angel followed Willow and gestured her to sit on the couch in the lobby.

“Not trying to sound rude Willow, but why are you here?” Angel asked as he looked into her eyes. Angel saw pain and he wondered why.

“I…umm…need to tell you something,” she whispered as she looked at the floor.

“What is it Willow?” He asked softly. Angel knew what ever it was it wasn’t good.

“She’s dead Angel,” Willow told him as her body shock violently. Angel didn’t really register what she had said. He only tried to comfort her. He held her as she cried. After she calmed down and pulled back, he finally asked her what she said.

“Buffy…..she is dead Angel,” she said as his world seemed to stop. If he needed to breath he wouldn't have been able. Angel shook his head as to register what she had said.

“Excuse me?” He asked.

“Buffy is gone,” Willow told him again.

Angel couldn't believe it, his love was gone. Angel didn’t have time to take it in, because he could hear "him". He had been quite for years and now he was back as if Willow telling him Buffy was dead was a trigger.

[It’s about damn time that slayer is dead] Angelus spoke inside Angel mind.

[Shut up Angelus] Angel answered.

[Why Angel…..are you missing our dear dead slayer?] Angelus asked. [Nooooo you aren’t; are you? You don’t miss her at all. I bet you are glad she is gone….aren’t you?]

Angel shook his head. Willow looked at how quite he had gotten. She knew he needed time to take it in.

[Aren’t you?] Angelus asked again.

[No] Angel answered.

[Yesssss…..yes you are…..and I know why] Angelus spoke. Angel tried to come back to focus but Angelus was making it hard. As Angelus spoke his tone became harder and louder. [It’s all because of….]

“NO,” Angel shouted as he stood making Willow jump.

Willow stood and looked at Angel as he began to pace back and forward.

“An….Angel are you….,” she started to say but didn’t. {Of course he is not alright}.

Angel paced for a couple of minutes until he no longer heard Angelus' laughter in his head. He looked at Willow who was still standing in the spot she jumped in minutes ago.

“I am sorry Willow,” he apologized for his outburst. “Have a seat.”

“No need to apologize Angel. I just told you that the love of your life has passed away. I was ready to be sent out into the street,” Willow looked at him and the way Angel looked at the floor she could have sworn that it was something that she had said.

Willow sat down and watched as Angel followed her suite.

“How…..how did she die?” Angel asked.

“Saving her sister's life, she saved all our lives,” she began. Willow took a needed breath as she told Angel about Buffy’s heroic story on how she saved this earth once again. As Willow finished her story she could see Angel was taking this well.

“That’s everything,” she said and stood.

“Where are…..are you leaving now?” Angel asked as he followed her as she walked toward the door.

“Yes Angel I will find a room in a hotel somewhere and I will head back to Sunnydale in a day or two.”

Angel almost frightened Willow as he walked in front of her.

“You can stay her if you want,” he suggested.

“I can’t Angel. You need time to grieve and you have everyone else here.”

“No I don’t Willow,” he spoke. “Everyone went on vacation about five minutes before you came and they won’t be back for a week. Willow I really won’t feel right if I let you go out and find a hotel when I have plenty of rooms myself.”

Willow smiled. Angel was too considerate if she would say so herself. He needed to have time alone to accept the lost of his love and he was willing to have her around for a couple of days.

“I don’t know,” Willow spoke.

“I won’t take no for an answer Willow,” he said.

Angel on the other hand was taking Buffy's loss pretty well if he said so himself. He didn’t….well he did know why he was. His love for Buffy had gone way before Angelus came, but he just suffered it out with her.

Willow chuckled as she nodded in agreement.

“Great,” he said. “Now let’s get your bags.”

Part 2

Angel showed Willow to the room. It was almost three in the morning and he knew she needed to sleep. They could talk some more tomorrow.

Angel headed back to his room. He took off his shoes and socks. Then his shirt and pants were next. After Angel turned off his light he laid down onto his bed. Angel wasn’t even down but a second before he knew that someone or something was in his room. As he opened his eyes he saw his dead friend Doyle there.

“Doyle! What are you doing here?” Angel asked. Doyle had died years ago and since Angel hadn’t seen him by now he didn't expect to see him at all.

“My friend I am here only because I need to be,” Doyle spoke with his usual accent.

“And why do you need to be here?” Angel asked sitting up in his bed.

“You tell me,” Doyle answered. “Tell me what’s the problem and I might be able to help you.”

“I don’t have a problem.”

“Yes you do. You was just told the love of your unlife was dead, yet you act as if you was just told that your dog….if you had one was killed.”

“I know but…..” Angel answered. “Were you listening to us?”

“Yes…now go ahead and talk. Tell me why you are not in love with the slayer anymore? I am here to guide you because I know you need it. The PTB knows you need it.”

Angel sighed as he began to talk, “I know you knew about me and about my life in Sunnydale because you told me the first day we meet. You knew about me helping Buffy. You *think* you knew about me falling in love with Buffy but what you didn’t know was the truth,” Angel sighed as he contiued, “It all started right before me and Buffy…well you know. I was in Sunnydale only a couple of months before meeting The Whistler. I was in an alley chasing my next meal when I heard them. There were three of them; two males and one female. They were all laughing, talking have a great time as they walked passed the alley I was in. I watched them from a distant, but out of all of them one person caught my eye. She was so sweet, pure; she was beautiful and she had a scent on her that I couldn’t believe. I watched as she suddenly stopped laughing and tensed up but for only a second as she walked passed me. I didn’t know what made me do it but I followed them. As I followed them I knew that I was infatuated with her already and didn’t even know her name. I followed them as they walked to the movies and I waited outside for them to return. I had to find out where she lived for some reason. As they walked out of the movies I continued to follow them. As I did, she kept looking back and I believe she knew she was being followed, but I didn’t care. I continued to follow them as they walked her home and then I waited outside until I knew she was asleep before I finally left. I did that for months until I meet The Whistler and made a decision to help Buffy. I helped Buffy in efforts to get my mind off of this person, but after a while the slayer got friends and then I tried my hardest to fall in love with Buffy but loving her was a lost cause. The worst part of it all was when I started having dreams that I made love to this person. I had dreamt of taking her almost every time I closed my eyes to sleep. What was strange was I always woke up every time before I finished but in my dreams she always did and that’s all that mattered. From the first time I woke up from those dreams her scent was everywhere and even on me but I didn’t say anything to anyone about it. I just thought I was going crazy.”

“That’s sounds familiar,” Doyle cut in. “But do continue.”

Angel looked back at him and continued. “Then you and everyone know what happened that night with Buffy, but you never knew *how* it happened. No one knew how it was triggered. I really didn’t want to but Buffy had insisted on us sleeping together. As Buffy and I were together, I was with her, but Buffy was nowhere in my mind. As I took Buffy I had the other person on my mind the whole time. I even called her name out when I did finish. Buffy looked at me with tears in her eyes after hearing my slip of the tongue but she didn’t say anything. As we slept I had another dream about this person. I dreamt that I was making love to her and *that* time she finally brought me to my one moment of true happiness in my dream…..that's how Angelus was released. During the time Angelus was free. He tortured her friends and he mostly watched over her at night. Then that night at the school when he tried to kill her to get her off his mind, he couldn’t and that’s when it dawned on Angelus that he wanted her just as much as I did. Angelus did some things after that night that he, as a demon, would be ashamed if any other demon found out about it. As time passed and my soul was restored I didn’t know what the hell to do. Up to today Buffy never mentioned my slip of the tongue that night. We talked and once I told her I had to leave she agreed that it probably was for the best. I came to LA and I was doing great. I wasn’t having any dreams until……….,” Angel finally stopped talking.

“Until *her* better known as Willow walked through those doors tonight,” Doyle jumped in.

“Exactly.” Was all he said. [Come on Angel don’t feel so bad about it. You are getting a hard on just talking about her] Angelus teased Angel, but Angel didn’t respond.

“My friend there’s nothing wrong with loving someone else, but if you didn’t want to be around her why ask her to stay?”

“I didn’t say I didn’t want to be around her.”

“Then why did you leave?”

“It seemed like the right thing to do.”

“Or did you do it because you want to be with her too much?” Doyle suggested.

“No she was my ex-best friend…..I couldn’t?”

Doyle smiled making Angel looked at him confused.

“What?” Angel asked.

“Nothing my friend I have to leave for now but I will leave you with this,” Doyle spoke. “You said you couldn’t; not that you wouldn’t.”

Angel watched as his friend faded. He laid down and finally fell into a peaceful sleep….or so he thought.

Part 3

Willow had been asleep only an hour before she jumped up out of her dreams.

“Shit I haven’t had those in a long time,” Willow said to herself as she sat up in the bed.

“Had what my dear?” Doyle asked from the other side of the bed as he appeared.

Willow scrambled out of the bed at the sight of the ghost.

“Damn it don’t do that,” Willow almost yelled.

“You tell me that you grew up around vampires, demons and other things and you tell me you are afraid of a ghost?”

“No I am not afraid of ghosts you just scared me that’s all.”


“It ok…..so when did Angel get a ghost? Are you some evil ghost that wants to run us off or are you help or other reasons?” She said as she sat back on the bed.

“Other reasons?” he spoke. “My name is Doyle.”

“Hello I am Willow,” she greeted.

“Nice to meet you Willow.”

“Nice to meet you too..…so what are you here to tell me?”

“Why do they keep asking me that?” Doyle mostly said to himself.

“Excuse me?”

“Nothing….I am not here to tell you anything. I am here for you to tell me.”


Doyle rolled his eyes. “Why don’t you tell me the story of your life.”

“All of it?”

“Don’t have much time for that.”

“Oh….so where do you want me to start?”

“How about the time you felt someone watching you one night when you and some friends went to a movie.”

Willow looked in shock. Had it been him that was watching her?

“Well…it started one night when Xander, Jessie and myself decided to go to a movie. On the way there we were having a good time until we passed by an alley. I felt a cool chill go through me. It went away when I went to the movies but came back as we walked home. Once I was home I still felt like I was being watched but I feel asleep anyways. Well once Buffy came to Sunnydale and I found out there were things out at night I figured that’s why I felt like I was being watched all the time. We all became close friends after Jessie's death. But then the strangest thing happened. Buffy started dating Angel. He is a vampire, as you know. Well once he came into the picture I fel….Buffy and him fell in love. I felt so bad though. I felt bad because I dreamt of Angel many nights. He would come to me and make love to me but he never finished. I would always but he never. I remember waking up from those dreams and my…well I would be sore. Especially that first time. It was like I lost my virginity. Which I did, but for some reason I couldn’t explain or try to get some answers on how a dream Angel could take my virginity for real.”

“How did you know your virginity was taken?” Doyle cut in.

“It funny but that first time I woke up it hurt to touch myself and there was blood there but only a little. I knew I was crazy so I ignored it. I knew that night that Angel and Buffy disappeared something had gone wrong, but I couldn’t….and didn’t say anything. But on the night that they slept together I had dreamt that Angel came to me and that was the first time he ever finished. When I woke I felt better than I had in months. It was like him finishing made me feel better because I didn’t know why he never did and I never asked him because we barely talked in the dreams. Shit we barely talked at all. Once Angelus came we didn’t know until after that night in school when he captured me in the hall…..it was funny but I could have sworn when he held me I felt his erection press up against me and I knew that when he felt my breast, that it wasn’t a slip of his hand. After that night he tortured all of us. He killed my fish but he later replaced them for some odd reason. I wasn’t sure but I knew he did it. I knew he would watch me when I was alone and follow me home. I wasn’t scared of him, because he had access to my house, but he never killed me. He just left gifts, pictures, and jewelry. I accepted it and never told anyone about it or the dreams I was then having with him. Angelus was different in my dreams but I am not going there with you. All my dreams stopped when he left Sunnydale but…”

“Started back tonight,” Doyle finished.

Willow nodded.

“I see….I might have a remedy for you two.”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t worry about it, I have to go and I will talk to you later.”

“Ok,” Willow said as he faded.

Willow laid down and tried to fall back to sleep. She didn’t know why she has just told this ghost that story but for some reason she felt a little better.

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