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A Different Road
by AnyaRocks
Rating R
Disclaimer, All BTVS and Ats characters belong to Joss and ME productions, I own nothing.
Feedback, absolutely.
Summary Faith and Willow take a different road of adventure, love and violence.

Part 1 (The Crush)

Willow sat in the library with Xander, Cordelia, Buffy, Giles and Oz. Oz, oh yeah, the guy she'd been talking to but not yet gone out with, the guy she thought she could never get but now there was a problem.

Last night they were introduced to the new slayer, Buffy was bent out of shape needless to say but oh well. The girl was taller than Willow by a few inches, leather pants, boots, jacket and a revealing top that showed her well toned tummy off.

"So we're clear on what to do as to the number of vampires?" Giles had finished asking the group when Willow looked up having not a clue as to what was being said but did a good fake job. "Very well then, do be careful." Everyone stood to head for class.

Willow walked into the Bronze that night, not really into helping Buffy and Angel in whatever they were fighting. She sat down at a table barely noticing the fact that Oz and his band was playing. The reason for her not noticing was that Faith was dancing provocatively with a bunch of guys. Willow hung her head knowing this gorgeous brunette would never like her, heck she'd just realized she liked girls. Girls, oh Goddess, she began to grow nervous at the thought of what everyone would think.

She was so wound in her thoughts she didn't notice Faith walk up to her and tapping her arm finally was what brought her out of thought. "Red," Faith motioned to the dance floor. "Why you sitting here alone? Have some fun."

"That's ok, I was just," she looks at the floor.

"You wanna hang with me awhile?" Faith asks putting her jacket on. "I'm gonna do a sweep then get a pizza and see what’s on the tube at my room."

"I thought you'd be slaying with Buffy." Willow said in a small voice as Faith laughed.

"She'd rather slay with the vampire. Big vamp deal going on and I'm not wet enough behind the ears G-man says." Faith heads for the door and Willow follows her catching the slight resentment in Faith's voice.

They walk down the street with Faith telling her about Boston, her training there and how men are only good for a quickie lay and nothing more.

A vampire with cloven feet lumbers out of an alley hissing Faith's name. She stands there frozen in her tracks and Willow begins to freak. Maybe she isn't ready, why isn't she doing anything, he's going to kill us or worse yet turn us. She thinks speedily in her head. "Faith do something!" She screams as he grabs her.

Faith's mind flashes back to this seven hundred year old vampire killing her watcher and her being unable to do anything but watch. She knew he was after her and planned to get here to seek help from Buffy. That's out, she thought. B and I didn't click from the get go. Now I have to stand here and watch him kill another. Hell with that, I'm the slayer now not B.

Faith catches him with a hard right and kick to the groin causing him to drop Willow. He lunges at Faith growling angrily shoving her into some bushes.

Willow had hit her head pretty hard when she hit the ground so just lay there watching. The punching, kicking and colorful banter from Faith was all different than Buffy's style. She had a rage to her fighting, a reckless attitude, and did she say something about a dead mother, Willow thought as the two fighters went sprawling across a lawn before Faith proceeded to pound on him like there was no tomorrow then finally driving the stake in.

She got up, dusted herself off and glanced at her arm which was bleeding before going to help Willow stand. "Thanks," Willow said shaking her head. "I'm ok, wow you fight different than Buffy, it's really cool."

Willow noticed the once dancing eyes of Faith didn't look so dancy anymore and she was very quiet. They walked a bit in silence with Willow trying to figure out what to say. Something told her Faith wasn't one to spill her guts and didn't like to be bothered when in these moods but she had to try.

Maybe if she showed her friendship and was able to keep her ever-growing crush in check they could be friends and maybe Faith would be her friend just cause she was Willow and not because she was smart, a computer geek or into magic. Then again, who was she kidding, no pretty, well hot looking girl who could have any guy in town would want to be her friend besides Buffy, and oh Goddess did I just think Buffy is hot, she thought. "Red," Faith said whistling pointing to the intersection. "You want me to just walk ya home?"

Willow's head quickly spun and wove around like it could mentally burst as she thought of what to say. "Um, well I'm kind of hungry and I'm sure you are too and, I would like to buy you a pizza to thank you for saving my life and maybe hanging out would help you relax." Good going Rosenberg, you always say to much.

"Sure," Faith said turning down the road that led to her hotel room which should have long ago been shut down.

After eating the pizza and cleaning up Faith's arm Faith got a quick shower while Willow browsed through the few TV channels available. She looked around the room as quietly as she could and saw Faith had very few belongings. Some clothes she knew would be drool worthy on the slayer, stakes, crossbow, sword, that was about it.

She wondered how it must feel to Faith to come here and see Buffy getting to live in a nice home, wonderful mom and have plenty of whatever she wanted.

As Faith stepped out of the shower she wondered how easy it would be to get Willow in bed. She'd always found that women were a much better time in bed. She felt something drawing her to the cute geek though and wondered if maybe bed was a bad idea.

Faith came into the small room and sat down on the bed next to Willow. "Sorry it isn't what you're probably used to. Not all of us have the luxuries the mega-slayer has." Damn it Faith, she thought, you just had to let your thoughts slip out.

"I've always wondered about all that," Willow said trying to relax and not stammer so much. "Your fighting is different, your personalities, the look in your eyes when you fight. It intrigues me and," Willow blushed back the thought of how sexy Faith looked, she had to be, hands down, the hottest girl in Sunnydale. Then her thoughts quickly shifted back to why was she thinking this about a girl.

"So is B right? We fought once together, she says I need to learn more, I'm not up to par. Not in those words but I know what she meant." Faith said opening a Pepsi and handing Willow one.

"No, I think you're a great slayer, maybe you have the edge Buffy has lacked in, she gets to emotional and you, well it's like a fighting machine who doesn't give a damn." Willow blushed again as Faith touched her hand.

"Do you always compliment girls this much Red?" Faith smiled as Willow grew more red and began to panic inside.

"I-I-I'm sorry I'll," Willow's insecurities had gotten the best of her and she got up to leave thinking she'd just made the biggest idiot of herself as she possibly could.

Faith, being a woman of few words, displayed her motto and quickly spun Willow around pulling her to her kissing her. It didn't stop there, after all the motto of the dark slayer is, "want, take, have."
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The authors own nothing. Joss, UPN, WB, etc. own Buffy, the show, the characters, the places, and the backstory. The authors own any original plots.