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“Dawnie?” Willow yelled down the hall as she looked around. “Hey Dawn! Where are you?” She reached the stairs and began her descent.

“In the living room, Willow.” Dawn stopped what she was doing and waited for the red-head to appear. “Hey,” she said as Willow walked in the doorway. “What’s up?”

“Just lookin’ to see if you’d had breakfast yet.” Dawn glanced at the clock and grinned back at Willow.

“Um, Will…you know its noon, right?”

“Wha-? Noon?” She also looked at the clock and turned beet red. “Huh. Well, whaddaya know…guess it’s lunchtime. So much for pancakes.”

“Lost track of time, eh Will?” Dawn smirked. “Someone must’ve been a little busy with a certain blonde witch that she’s just gotten back together with.” Dawn giggled at the look on Willow’s face.

“Oh jeez, Dawnie. If we kept you awake…Oh no, Buffy’s gonna kill me.”

“Relax, Willow. I was at Janice’s last night. Buffy and I kind of figured you’d want another night to yourselves. But this is the last one! I wanna see Tara too.” Dawn stammered for a second, her face flushed. “Oh, oh…but not that way, mind you. Uh, just in general. Don’t think that I’d ever want to see Tara that way, not that she isn’t worthy of being seen that way, but I would never…”

“Dawn! Hush.” Willow laughed. “I swear, you’re just as bad as me sometimes.”

“Sorry.” Dawn smiled and turned away from Willow and began staring at the computer screen. Willow walked behind Dawn’s chair and questioned her.

“What’cha doin’, Dawnie?” Before Dawn could answer, footsteps attached to an inquiring voice bounded down the stairs. The body of the voice turned the corner, into the living room.

“Willow! Where did you put my underwe—h-h-hey Dawnie!” Tara stammered, noticing the teenager, trying to correct herself mid-question.

Dawn tried not to look at the blonde bed-sheet-wrapped Wiccan but couldn’t resist teasing. “Hey, Tara. Get any sleep last night?”

Knowing she couldn’t lie to the girl, she stated plainly, “Um, no, not really.” She looked over at Willow, who was trying to keep a straight face, too.

“Didn’t think so.” Dawn laughed with a mile-wide grin, turning to Tara with knowing eyes.

This time it was Tara’s turn to squirm. “Oh, no. Will, she heard…Oh Goddess, Buffy’s going to kill me. A stake through the heart…that’s what it’ll be.” Willow moved over to Tara, grasped her hand and kissed it, trying to settle her down.

“Tara, honey…don’t wig on me. Dawnie was at Janice’s. Besides, it’s not like we’re that loud, right?”

Dawn rolled her eyes and stared at the screen. *Cough, cough.* “WILLOW!” *Cough, cough.* “Oh God, Tara!” *Cough, cough.* “Please, please, PLEASE!!” Without turning towards them, the teenager continued. “I swear, there were times last summer that I thought you two had megaphones strapped to your mouths or you had a PA system in there.” She turned to them and winked, grinning. “Quiet much?”

“Apparently not.” Tara responded, her face matching the same shocked crimson expression as her girlfriend’s.

“Um, enough about our surprisingly loud love-life, Dawnie. You were about to tell me, well us now, what you’re doing there on the laptop.”

“Oh yeah. Got distracted.” Tara turned red again. “I found this website where all these people write stories about the characters on their favorite TV shows.”

“You mean that fan fiction stuff?” Tara asked.

“Yeah, that. It’s actually kind of cool. There are like thousands of stories on here. I even found ones for old shows like ‘The Love Boat’.”

“The Love Boat? Ick. Sounds like people have way too much time on their hands to be writing about Captain Stubing’s love-life.” Willow shuddered at thinking about Captain Stubing at all. “Ew.”

“Maybe so, but some of its fund to read. Although…” Dawn scrolled the screen with her mouse until she found a story. “Some of this stuff can be a little, ok a lot, weird. I found this story for ‘Gilmore Girls’. You know how I love that show. Well, I was looking for stories with Rory and Dean or Jess or Tristan and instead I found this.” She pointed to the summary. “Rory and Lane.”

“Rory and Lane?” Tara squeaked.

“Yeah, it’s some story where the two of them realized they were in love with each other…blah, blah, blah. I so totally have never thought of them that way. Now, I’m not sure I can ever look at that show the same way again.” Dawn laughed.

“Rory and Lane? In love with each other? Yeah, right.” Willow scoffed. “That would be like me and Buffy harboring secret feelings for each other for years until finally revealing them because we can’t go on anymore.” Both Tara and Dawn turned to Willow, wide-eyed and jaws to the floor. Seeing their reactions, Willow backtracked. “Not that that is, er, was ever the case. I was just saying, hypothetically.” Not noticing a change in the other girls’ expressions, Willow tried again. “Ok, um, bad example. Ok…Rory and Lane would be like me and Xander.” Tara’s eyes narrowed. “Oops…been there, done that. Another bad example. Um…”

Tara gave her girlfriend a sympathetic hand squeeze, effectively shutting down Willow’s embarrassing ramble. “Baby…just quit now. I think we get it. You’re saying you don’t think it’s realistic.”

“Right.” Willow smiled slightly. “Just trying to find that ‘friends since we were five’ or ‘friends forever’ example. Didn’t work so well, huh?”

“No baby, it didn’t. Just quit while you’ve only got one foot in your mouth.”

“Ok, shutting up now.” Willow sighed. She looked at the living room table, noticing two half-drunken mugs of coffee and some uneaten toast. “Hey, was somebody here?”

Dawn looked at the table and nodded. “Buffy. I got back from Janice’s early as she was getting ready for her shift at the Doublemeat. She had a couple of minutes, so we made some toast and coffee and talked.”

Tara and Willow grinned at the teenager, happy to know that the sister’s relationship was growing stronger. “That’s so good, Dawnie. It’s about time you and Buffy got back on track. Before you know it, you’ll both be on each others’ nerves again and back to normal.” Tara stuck her tongue out at Dawn when the younger Summers sister rolled her eyes.

“Hey! I thought you stuck your tongue out only for me!” Willow teased, pouty face firmly in place.

“Didn’t you know I had two Tara tongues? One that I stick out at other people, and one that I stick out only—“

“HEY! La, la, la…not listening! Young girl in the room! La, la, la…so totally not listening about dueling tongues!” Dawn shrieked and clamped her hands over her ears, embarrassment flushing her face.

“—to cause writhing and shudd—” Tara, so wrapped up in her vivid description, had forgotten that Dawn was even in the room. When realization dawned (pun intended), Tara clamped her own hand across her mouth. “—er…ing. Oh my. I’m sorry, Dawnie. I guess I get a little wrapped up—“

“Um, I can see how wrapped up you get, Tara.” Dawn mentioned, nodding to Tara’s choice in bed-sheet clothing. Wanting to avoid further, er, any mental images of her two Wiccan friends, Dawn hopped out of the chair, making a hasty exit. “Guys, it’s been fun, but I’m guessing you haven’t gotten all that ‘stuff’ out of your systems yet. I’m so outta here. I’m off to work off my debt to Anya at the Box. Bye.”

“Um, bye Dawnie. Be back for dinner!” Willow yelled to Dawn’s retreating form. Once the door slammed, she turned back to Tara. “So, what was it that you were saying about two Tara tongues? I’m intrigued.”

Smiling mischievously, Tara questioned, “What did you want to know about them?”

Willow grabbed Tara’s hand again and began to walk her out of the living room toward the stairs. “Well, for starters, why didn’t I know about this earlier? And, secondly, is there any way for both of them to appear at the same time? In the same place? Say, upstairs?”

“Hmm…possibly,” Tara replied as they walked up the staircase. “But, Will…we can’t be loud.”

“Why not? No one’s home. We can be as loud as we want.”

“Perhaps.” The two women reached Willow’s bedroom. “So, should I pretend I’m Buffy?” Tara winked at her girlfriend.

Willow pouted. “Tara, I wasn’t being serious. I was making a hypothetical scenario.”

Tara opened the bedroom door, dragging Willow in. “I’ll give you a hypothetical scenario.” Tara kicked the door closed quickly with her foot, not wanting to break contact with Willow. “What if, hypothetically, I told you I had four Tara hands to go with those two Tara tongues…?”

The End
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