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Midnight Special

The Slayer, the witch and the vampire sat in uncomfortable silence as they traveled north on I-5. Buffy, her head splitting, pinched the bridge of her nose wishing Spike would stop fidgeting in the backseat. Willow did her best to concentrate on her driving. The night’s bizarre events played in all their minds looping over and over again. The car cruised past a highway marker. It read

Sunnydale 52 mi.

Willow sighed, relieved that this road trip would soon limp to a merciful close. To the east just below the desert horizon a pale bruised blue indicated the imminent sunrise. Spike continued his jitterbug; he tapped his fingers on the back of Buffy’s seat like he was Keith Moon. Somehow the damned vampire was keeping time with the sharp thud of her migraine.

“Spike will you please stop that!” Buffy hollered loud enough that Willow let out a small “eep,” causing her to swerve to the shoulder of the highway. Spike was thrown against the backseat door. Buffy didn’t think it was possible but the sudden movement made her headache worse.

“Sorry about that!” Willow quickly apologized after she regained control of the car. Despite Buffy’s outburst Spike resumed his Neil Pert impersonation.

“Willow pull over.” Buffy asked softly

“Is something wrong?” Willow asked.

“Please Willow,” Buffy asked again. Willow eased the car back to the shoulder, the tires squealed as the brakes brought the aging hulk to a stop. Buffy pushed the car door open and bolted for a small cluster of sagebrush at the side of the road. She barely reached the unfortunate brush before she puked. She fell to the dusty earth thankful and embarrassed. The cold sweat after her vomiting was relief and at the same time felt like broken glass on her skin. Willow rushed to her friend’s side pulling her hair back and comforting her.

“Oh God,” Buffy managed. She stood up wiping the cold sweat from her forehead. Standing by the car lighting the cigarette he was forbidden to smoke on the drive back to Sunnydale, Spike chuckled.

“Look’s like the Slayer can’t hold her liquor. Boy I tell you that is going to make a great capper to tonight’s story. I can’t wait to tell everybody about tonight. Most bloody fun I have had in a long time.”

Buffy marched towards Spike regaining her strength and grabbed him by the collar of his prized leather duster. “I will say this only once, Spike, no one is going to mention anything about this night ever or so help me I will drive a stake in you one splinter at a time. Got it?” Buffy’s eyes pierced Spike’s.

Spike took one last drag from his cigarette and tossed it to the ground. “Sure thing Buffy, anything you say. But, uh, what about the smitten kitten over there?”

“Eep!” Willow gasped.

* * *
The giant Bonneville pulled into the parking lot of the Hyperion Hotel just before dusk. All the passengers were excited and looked forward to a fun time in Los Angeles. Buffy could barely contain herself; it always felt like too much time passes before she got to see Angel again. She wanted to spend every minute catching up with her first and only true love. This is going to a great night, she thought. Willow was glad to get away from Sunndale, even if only for a night. She was a small town gal and always wanted to see L.A., now was her chance. Who knows maybe it will help me get over Tara, she thought. Spike itched to hit all the demon bars. Willy’s Place always felt like a redneck demon dive to him. He wanted to rediscover all the great watering holes that were so unique to this town. He knew the bars around here even had real human blood on tap. That is one way around this bloody chip, he thought. It would be a perfect night if it weren’t for Peaches tagging along.

“Alright we are here!” Buff said barely containing herself. “Let’s go!” She said pushing the door open; but Willow didn’t move. She was petrified.

“I don’t think I can, Buffy.” Willow whined. “He is in there.”

What? Why? Who? Angel? Yes I know he is in here. That is why we are here. Remember? He invited us up. He said he has a friend that just opened up a nightclub. Angel said to come up for the grand opening.”

“No not Angel, it will be good to see him I am talking about,” Willow’s voice suddenly went very soft, “Wesley.” Willow slunk down in the car seat hiding her embarrassment.

“Yeah he is Angel’s partner now. So?” Buffy said somewhat confused.

“Well…you see…I kinda…well I had…um…how do I say this…I sorta—” Willow stammered.

“Oh bloody hell!” Spike exclaimed as he climbed out from the backseat. “Red, here, has a crush on the poof.” He said lighting his cigarette. Buffy glared at Spike hatefully.

“Tell me why again you came along?” Buffy asked. Before Spike could answer she looked back at Willow. Willow smiled sheepishly. “Oh my God, Willow you have a crush on Wesley!” Buffy was shocked.

“Had. I had a crush on him. In high school. I don’t know I think it was that accent. Accents always do it for me.” Willow admitted.

“Accents do it for you eh, Red?” Spike said laying on his own accent thickly. Buffy shot him another evil look. Spike got the message, throwing his hands up in surrender.

“C’mon Will. That is ancient history. And besides he was so wrapped around Cordelia’s little finger then, I am sure he didn’t even know you existed.” Hearing that, Willow found a little more room to slink further down in the car seat.

“Good on you, Slayer! I am impressed! One hundred years and I don’t think I have ever been as cruel.” Spike clapped his hands in mock reward.

“Shut up Spike.” Buffy said annoyed. “What I meant Will, is he probably won’t say a thing about it.” Slowly Willow gained the courage to get out of the car. The three of them went into the hotel.

* * *

“Angel!” Buffy screamed and ran to her boyfriend? Ex-boyfriend? She didn’t know. Whatever. She wrapped her arms around him covering him in kisses. Spike rolled his eyes at this saccharine display. Willow’s eyes darted looking for a sign of Wesley. She relaxed when she didn’t spy him anywhere.

“Buffy!” Angel said with surprise in his voice. “Glad you made it! Hi Willow.” He looked at Spike. “Hello Spike, I didn’t expect you to come too.”

“Well what can I say, Angel, how often do I get to see my grand-sire.” Seeing that his words stabbed Angel Spike smirked.

Angel shook off Spike’s snide remark and turned back to Willow, “Something the matter? You look a little nervous.”

“No. I’m good. Is…Wesley here?”

“Nope he is out on business tonight. Why do you ask?”

“No reason.”

“Ok.” Angel said. “But Cordy is upstairs. Hey Cordy!” He hollered towards the flight of stairs “C’mere!”

Out of the office a strapping black man ran out carrying an axe almost as large as he was. “What is it boss?” Then he spotted Spike and charged towards the intruding vampire. “I’m gonna get you sucka!” He shouted swinging the axe at Spike’s head. Spike dodged the axe swing. Before his attacker could swing again Buffy grabbed the handle and wrenched it from his hands and for good measure she spun around and booted him in the ass sending him toppling to the floor.
“Boss, get them!” He screamed. He scrambled to his feet and lunged at Buffy. Buffy spun to avoid him. He stopped himself before he went to the ground. He speeded after Buffy a third time but this time Angel put himself in front of her.

“Gunn, hold on this is Buffy and her friends.” Angel looked at Spike who seemed non-plussed about this melee. “Well friend, this is Willow,” Willow waved at Gunn. “And that is Spike, he is…well he is Spike.” Angel explained to Gunn.

Gunn scanned the three visitors. He focused on Buffy. “You got some game girl.” He said.

“Yeah, considering I just wiped the floor with your ass.” Buffy said sarcastically.

“Buffy is the Slayer, Gunn. I told you about that.” Angel said.

“Well it is a little hard to remind myself when she is waltzing in here with a vampire on here heels. What is she doing acting all friendly with a bloodsucker anyway?” Gunn asked still gasping trying to catch his breath.

“Oh, Spike?” Buffy said hitching her thumb at him. “He’s harmless.”

“Hey!” Spike protested. “I’m the Big Bad and it would sever you not to forget it!”

“Yeah right” Buffy razzed him. “He’s got a chip in his head that makes him about as scary as a Teletubby.” She whispered to Gunn.

“I heard that Slayer!” Spike said,

“I don’t know have you seen those things? They seem pretty scary to me.” Gunn added.

“You have a point.” Buffy conceded.

Suddenly Cordelia came racing down the stairs wielding a sword. Maniacally she screamed like a Shogun warrior, ready to attack whatever sort of evil had invaded the Hyperion Hotel. As she reached the bottom of the stairs she realized whom she was about to attack.

“Buffy! Willow! Spike? What is he doing here?” She asked with a twinge of the bitchiness Buffy and Willow remembered from their high school days.

“Long story.” Buffy and Willow said in unison.

“Anyway.” Cordelia said, ignoring Spike. “Glad you guys could make it to L.A. So are we going to Lorne’s new place tonight?” She asked Angel.

“Yeah I thought was the idea.” Angel replied. “If that is okay with all of you.”

“I think I will pass tonight boss,” Gunn said. “I am not sure I like all the company I will keep if I went along.” He finished eyeing Spike suspiciously. “Nice meeting you Willow, and Buffy you are gonna have to show me how you do that. Not many humans can get the jump on me like that.” Gunn said cheerily.

“It’s a gift. Chosen one and all.” Buffy said with pride.

“So who is this Lorne bugger anyway and what is so wonderful about his place?” Spike asked. “If he is a friend of yours I imagine I will be bored to bloody tears.” Spike remarked.

“I don’t know Spike you might be surprised.”

Why is that, mate?”

“You’ll see.” Angel said with a sparkle in his eye.

* * *

The sign outside the apparently abandoned building said:


“We’re here,” Angel announced.

“We are?” Buffy asked. “Angel I have been to some crappy places before. But I think this one wins the gold star.”

“I agree with the Slayer on this one. Let’s find us a real bar with real blood—I mean booze.” Spike seconded.

“Yeah Angel, I am not so sure. I thought you said Lorne had a really classy place. This looks like CHUD Central.” Cordy said. “I feel like I am getting filthy just looking at the place.”

“C’mon guys. I promised Lorne I would be here for his big night.” Angel pleaded. “If you guys aren’t having fun after ten minutes we can leave. But we should at least go in and say hi.” Everyone answered Angel with surrendering groans.

The group trudged down the stone steps leading to the front entrance. Angel pushed the door open. Buffy instantly knew what Dorothy felt like when she opened the door to her farmhouse to the Land of Oz. The dim and gray L.A. night behind them suddenly exploded into color and music before them. All manors of demon and human sat at red linen covered tables sipping all manors of libations. A yuppie with a diamond stud and ponytail nursed on an imported beer chatting on his impossibly small cell phone while his trophy girl friend sat arms crossed looking bored. A giant horned demon sat in a corner booth pleading with a small furry female demon not to leave. The furry girl demon tried to slap the giant horned demon in the face but a magical barrier repelled her hand from his face. Never the less the horned demon started balling like a baby.

On stage, wearing a very loud cherry red lounge suit and vintage wingtips was a green horned demon belting out the old standard “Fever”. Except for the yuppie, his girlfriend, the horned beast and his girlfriend all eyes and ears were transfixed on the golden lungs of the demonic performer. Angel beamed when he looked at the other’s faces. Their jaws hung open and their eyes were as wide as saucers. They stood motionless and silent caught up in the transcendent voice of Lorne the Host.

Once Lorne ended the song on his famously big finish the entire house exploded in uproarious applause and whistles. “Encore! Encore!” The audience chanted. Lorne turned a darker shade of green as he blushed and waved off the crowd.

“No, no I can’t! You guys have been beautiful. Thanks bunches everyone.” He said as he exited the stage the crowd still cheering. Lorne spotted Angel and his party and dashed over to them.

“Angel, baby you made it! Thanks for coming.” Lorne said slapping Angel’s back in welcome.

“That was great Lorne. You shoulda sang one more. They loved you!” Angel said.

“No way. There are two rules in show business. The first is the show must go on and the second is always leave them wanting more. But come in! Don’t just stand there. I have saved you the best table in the house.” Lorne led his VIP’s to their table near the stage. “Now no arguments everything is on the house tonight! Whadya have?” He asked.

“Do you have any human blood?” Spike asked breaking the silence. Buffy and everybody looked at Spike in shock. “What? That’s the whole bloody reason I came to L.A. tonight in the first place.”

Lorne studied Spike for a second and then turned to Angel. “What a kidder!” Lorne turned back to Spike. “I have some very fine pig’s blood, special reserve stock. How’s that?” Lorne suggested.

“Yeah, whatever.” Spike looked annoyed. He pulled out his pack of cigarettes and started to light one.

“Sorry snookums. State law prohibits smoking in all bars and restaurants. You will have to take it outside if you wanna smoke.” Lorne said.
“What the bloody hell, are you talking about? This is a demon bar isn’t it?” Spike protested.

“Sure is babe, but they are pretty strict these days. Shut me down in a heart beat if they caught you smoking that coffin nail.”

“Going to be a bloody long night if you ask me.” Spike said putting his pack away. Lorne shrugged an apology.

“So anyway, drinks!” Lorne said. Everyone ordered their drinks. Spike conceded to the pig’s blood.

Several minutes passed before a pretty cocktail waitress balancing a tray came over with everyone’s drinks. Buffy had to admit that this was turning out to be a pretty good time after all. She was here with Angel. Willow seemed to have her mind off of her break up with Tara. Cordy was catching them up on all the wild adventures she has had with Angel Investigations. And even Spike was behaving himself.

The fourth round of drinks had just arrived and Buffy was feeling more than just a bit tipsy. Willow was giggling so hard her stomach hurt from the exhortation Cordelia fell off her chair twice. Suddenly the house lights dimmed and a spot light shined down on the stage. From behind the velvet curtain Lorne appeared. Immediately the audience exploded again anticipating Lorne’s next song.

“Thank you thank you. But please everyone settle down. We have very special guest with us tonight, friends of mine who have come to make the grand opening of Caritas an even bigger hit. Bugsy can you please hit Angel and his friends with the spot so everyone can see them?” The intense beam of light hit everyone straight in the face, causing them to wince.

“Everyone please welcome Angel and his friends, some of who have come all he way from Sunnydale California! Now it’s a little known secret that my friend Angel has a voice very much like an angel; so with no further ado let’s welcome Angel to the stage,” Angel in good nature begged off. “C’mon Angel you ain’t getting out of here without giving us one song. Come on.” Lorne waved him up. Reluctantly Angel climbed the stage taking the microphone from Lorne.

“I’ll get you for this.” Angel said jokingly. Lorne laughed. “Well I don’t know. I haven’t sung in a long time I could be a little rusty. Let’s see…” Angel floundered.

“Bloody hell man, stop waffling!” An obviously drunk Spike shouted.

Angel pointed at Spike. “Ladies and gentleman my grand sired William the Bloody,” Angel announced. The audience chuckled. “Well get up here Spike if you think you can do better.” Without hesitation Spike leaped to the stage taking the microphone.

“Of course I can do better. But like your buddy said you’re not getting off this stage without a song. So…” Spike paused.

“Are you thinking what I am thinking?” Angel asked.

Spike turned to the band. Okay fellas give us a sting.” The band all played one note. “Hit us again.” The band stung two notes. “And one more time for luck,” The band played three notes and Spike and Angel leaned into the microphone together and Angel started to sing:

One day, one day, Sir
I was walking along
I heard that special
Singing a lonesome song

Buffy buried her face in her hands in embarrassment. “Oh no he isn’t.” She moaned. Spike continued.

Oh, let the Midnight Special
Shine her light on me
Let the Midnight Special
Shine her ever lovin light on me.

“They are!” Cordy answered back. Somewhere in the audience someone wolf whistled at the vampire duet. The band picked up like any good house band and played the song. Together Angel and Spike continued together.
If you ever go to Houston
You know you better walk right
You know you better not stagger
You know you better not fight
Because the sheriff will just arrest you
You know he'll carry you down
And you can bet your bottom dollar
Oh Lord, you're penitentiary bound

Oh, let the Midnight Special
Shine her light on me
Let the Midnight Special
Shine her ever lovin light on me

Yonder come little Rosie
How in the world do you know?
I can tell her by her apron
And the dress she wore
Umbrella on her shoulder
Piece of paper in her hand
Goes a marchin to the Captain
Says I want my man

Oh, let the Midnight Special
Shine her light on me
Let the Midnight Special
Shine her ever lovin light on me

Now here comes jumpin' Judy
I'll tell you how I know
You know, Judy brought jumpin'
To the whole wide world
She brought it in the morning
Just about the break of day
You know, if I ever get to jumpin'
Oh Lord, I'll up and jump away

Oh, let the Midnight Special
Shine her light on me
Let the Midnight Special
Shine her ever lovin light on me

Oh, let the Midnight Special
Shine her light on me
Let the Midnight Special
Shine her ever lovin light on me.

The song ended and the audience applauded and cheered and whistled as loud as they had for Lorne.

“Oh thank God that is over!” Buffy said but just as she finished Spike and Angel segued into Credence Clearwater Revival’s “Proud Mary” the
crowd’s cheers refluxed. Cordy and Willow even seemed to get caught up in the energy of Spike and Angel’s act. Buffy waved to the cocktail waitress indicating she was ready for another drink. Buffy had lost count of how many this would make and she didn’t care.

* * *

Buffy was drunk. No two ways around it she was plastered. Cordy was buzzed and Willow was giggly but Buffy was shit faced. Those two hams on stage just kept going one song after another! Just make them stop! Buffy prayed. This was supposed to be my night with Angel! She moaned to herself, her chin propped on her palm. She started staring at the floor and noticed a spider crawling across the scarlet carpet. I guess ol’ Lorne didn’t think to have this place sprayed for pests. Her muddled mind thought.

Spike and Angel were half way through “Islands in the Stream” when all hell broke loose! Wesley Windym Price burst through the front door of the nightclub.

“Eeep!” Willow chirped. For the first time in two years she had laid eyes on him and how much sexier he had become. His face was scraggily with three-day-old stubble, he wore roguish leather gear, in which, he no doubt fought demons. His eyes burned with a fierce and intense blue. Willow found herself smitten—no she was lusting after Wesley. Suddenly the spider Buffy was watching grew twenty times its original size! The people in the audience human and demon alike scrambled to get away. The giant demon spider started snarling and drooling snapping its fangs at Buffy Willow and Cordy. They all shrieked. Cordy and Willow leaped to Buffy’s chair. Even the Slayer had her phobias. In Buffy’s case she feared giant snarling spiders. The tree girls balanced on the chair kicking at the ugly eight-legged ghoul.

“Ahah! I finally caught up with you! It took me all night but I finally have you now!” Wesley leaped down to the main floor brandishing a gleaming long sword. Willow admired his rakish and charming new style all while still screaming! “Thought you could get away by shrinking down and pretending to be a common spider, did you?” Wesley said bringing the sword down on the giant spider demon slicing it in two. Weird yellow ooze sprayed from the giant spiders innards coating Wesley. His teeth flashed in triumph when he noticed Willow.

Willow,” Wesley said singing her name. He lifted her down from the chair after he was sure the danger from the freakish demon spider was gone. “Did I ever tell you how smitten I was with you back when you were in high school?” He asked before kissing her deeply. Willow swooned.

“Hello! Right here!” Cordy pouted. Wesley sized her up.

“You had your chance Cordelia.” He replied. “He looked around at the stunned and dazed patrons. He was satisfied no one was hurt. “Willow my sweet I wish I could stay but there are still evils in the world! I must defend the night!” Saying that Wesley Whyndam Price disappeared into the Los Angelino night.

After Wesley departed Lorne came out from underneath a table. “And on that note everybody. Closing time. You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.”

* * *

The Bonneville pulled into the drive to Buffy’s house. Willow was still smiling though still freaked about Wesley’s admission to her. You never know there is always a chance we could hook up. She thought. Buffy’s head still throbbed but at least now it was down to a dull roar.

“I am sorry you didn’t get to spend more time with Angel tonight,” Willow said trying to help Buffy feel better. “But it was pretty cool that Wesley came to rescue us!” Bffy could practically hear Willow’s smile in her voice.

“Someone’s got a boyfriend.” Spike teased. “And some big bad Slayer is afraid of spiders.” He continued. “It might be worth getting the old stake to the heart if it means I get to tell this story.” Spike finished as he got out of the car and lit his cigarette.

“Spike!” Buffy called to his as he hurried away. The sun was just starting to peek over the horizon.

“Yes, Slayer?”

“”If you tell anyone about tonight. A stake to your heart is the least of
your worries. I will make sure the boys down at Willy’s hear about your rendition of My Heart Will Go On.”

“You are an evil bitch you know that Slayer?” Spike chuckled. “Thanks for a lovely evening” He said as he walked west away from the sun.
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