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Willow sat in the library, Daniel Ozwald, a musician, was looking for her. She was thrilled to know someone who was actually liked and sort of popular may like her. However, it wasn't the one, he just wouldn't do and she knew she could never have the one.

The long legs, sensuous smile, beautiful hair and eyes and flashy dresser. Thee one and only Cordelia Chase. The one who mocked and berated her at every available opportunity and when there wasn't a good opportunity Cordy never failed to create one. "Willow," Cordy snapped her out of her thoughts. "There's a big sale at the salvation army today, oh wait they have a sale every day. I'm thinking my mom took some of my old things there, maybe you could grab a few tops although the pants wouldn't fit." She triumphantly points to her long legs.

Willow's heart was broken as the smug girl stood in front of her. She was at her wits end and felt a tear fall. It was just all to much, her parents hadn't been home in three weeks, Buffy was with Angel most of the time and Xander, well he was busy chasing Cordelia.

She tried to stop it but tears from a hundred hurts from within her young sixteen years came falling down hard.

Cordelia stood there wide-eyed, she'd always poked fun at Willow, even was rude to her but it never quite had this effect. She found herself feeling bad, of course that's why she did this in the first place. It was a mechanism to hide her sexual preference. It'd be disastrous for someone in the renowned Chase family to be gay so she developed this prissy snobbish attitude and used it to climb atop the social ladder, all to hide the truth.

The truth was, it was harder to hide around Willow. Sure she was a nerd and dressed all wallmart or Sears style but, hey, Cordy liked her and she knew it so this caused Willow to be at the top of her verbal abuse list.

"Willow?" She asked tentatively putting her hand on the girls arm. "Um, Willow." Harmony and the girls came waltzing up laughing saying things like; "way to go core"/ "score one for the cordettes."

Here was her chance, Cordy could break away right here and now and quit living a lie. Buffy had done it so easily, she made no qualms about picking her friends but Cordy was a coward. Yes Cordelia Chase, Ms. perfect was a coward and walked away with her gang.

As Cordy walked away Willow's heart sank. For a moment she saw tenderness in the eyes of the beautiful brunette as well as felt it in her touch but as quickly as it came it went away.

That night everyone was at the Bronze, dancing, laughing and having a nice time in general. "Hey Will, smile I've arrived." Buffy joked sitting next to her best friend.

"Wow, where's Angel/" Willow asked perking up, Buffy always made her smile. Here was someone who could have gave Cordy a run for her money in popularity but she chose Willow.

"He's off researching some big apocalyptic event." Buffy said furrowing her brow. "Just kidding, he's well, actually, he's planning to help Giles get hold of some new old materials and they've gone off somewhere."

The Cordettes entered and Willow couldn't help but glance at Cordy as she sauntered over. "So no big event to hinder my night of fun?" She asked looking at Buffy, her eyes not meeting Willow's. She couldn't stande what she'd done earlier.

"Not till you showed up." Buffy said in a warning tone letting the brunette know to leave Willow alone or she'd be the ruiner of her own night.

Cordy simply flashed her big smile and headed for the dance floor. "Is she sick, no come back." Buffy wondered more than asked.

"I have to go Buff. I'm not feeling so well." Willow said getting up and racing out leaving Buffy looking on strangely.

As Cordy walked towards Willow's house she wondered how on earth she was going to do this. First she'd have to admit she wasn't so high and mighty then go from there. She'd tried to dance and have fun but just couldn't. That's when she knew her days of lying to the world and herself were over. She'd have to face the consequences with her family and status in the community.

She stepped over to the glass sliding doors and knocked. Her nerves were on edge as she saw Willow hang up the phone and come to open the door that led into her bedroom. "Cordy?" She stammered looking down.

"Hi Willow, can I come in?" Cordy asked unsure of how her visit would be welcomed.

Willow was just hanging up with Oz when she answered the door. Cordelia Chase, at my house, a dream come true she thought. Then she figured what line of trash did she have to feed her now. Yet she stepped back to allow the pretty brunette in. "Sure, what have I done now?"

"Nothing," Cordelia said stepping into the room and rather liking it. Willow didn't have such bad taste although she didn't see the need for all the witchie stuff around but that was something Willow liked so if this went as she hoped it would she'd have to get used to it.

"Willow I need to talk to you and it's very important. I wasn't interrupting anything was I?" Cordy asked still standing near the door.

"No, I was just talking to Oz." Willow said nervously.

Cordy hadn't thought of Willow having someone else but knew the weird guitarist was into her so figured maybe this wasn't such a good idea. I'm Cordelia Chase, she thought, I won't let a little glitch like this stop me. Here goes nothing.

She sat down on the bed next to Willow. "First of all, I don't know where to begin but an apology is a good start. So, I'd like to apologize for my years of torment aimed at you." Willow was sort of taken aback by this and wondered where this was all heading. "Willow, this is all a facade, to hide the real me. You see, I'm gay Willow and chose my family status over it for years because I didn't want looked down on."

Willow's eyes grew wide as she listened intently to Cordy speak and a shimmer of hope crept up into her mind. "So the deal is, I was so mean to you to hide my feelings. I've liked you for a very long time Willow and that's the only explanation I can give. I realize now it was wrong, I was wrong to hide myself behind this persona I created to keep my good standing in the community. So now I'm trying to rectify it and I hope you can forgive me even if you don't feel the same."

Tears streamed down Willow's face as Cordy hugged her. "Cordy I always liked you, that's why it hurt me so bad when you made fun of me and and, I never dreamed you'd like somebody like me." She babbled as Cordy wiped the tears.

"Somebody like you who is smart, funny and yes even pretty." Cordy said placing a kiss on her lips.

"That was my first real kiss," Willow said nervously once the kiss had ended. "So are we going to keep this hid?"

"What?" Cordy asked in astonishment. "I'm Cordelia Chase. I go into things with my head held high and with full force. I won't hide it Willow. If they don't like it, that's to bad. I figure since my status is so high, no one will say anything." The two kiss several times not worrying, for the moment, about things to come.
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