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Two dark figures moved through the park, their last meal lying dead on the ground behind them. The man's arm encircled the woman's waist. The brown haired lady looked up at the sky. "Look at the moon. It is shinning tonight. All the stars are singing to me."

"Is that right?" the bleached blond guy next to her asked. "What are they telling you?"

She smiled earily. "They told me to wait for the tree."

[The tree?] the man asked himself. [What the hell is she talking about?]

"The tree will help us defeat the nasty slayer. She'll make her weak," she purred. She saw the confused look on her lover's face. "Don't worry, my childe. Everything will be as it should. The stars are never wrong."

"Of course, luv," Spike replied. He knew it was better not to question her jugement. He took Drusilla's hand and kissed her knucles. "Lets go home." They followed the road until darkness envelopped them and they dissapeared into the night.

Part 1

It's over. It's really over.

I was on my way to the library, a night of research probably. I didn't mind. I loved to help and I got to see my friends. I was happy and nothing could have disturbed my joy. Nothing but one reason : Oz.

Big shock, huh? I never thought I could be sad just at the perspective of seeing him. Of course, when I saw him coming toward me, I was giddy and my smile brightened.

That was before he spoke to me.

It was a bombshell. It came out of nowhere and I never had the slightess clue about the "why?". It was just totally unexpected.

I mean, why would he broke up with me?

I never went to the library that day. I just spacedout and walked outside, trapped in my bubble of pain. I walked and walked and I didn't know where I was going. I just kept on walking. I kept asking myself what have I done? Why did he broke up with me? Why didn't it hurt as much as it shocked me? That's right. I was more surprised than heartbroken by what he said. Maybe our love wasn't meant to be.

I was so absorbed inside my mind, that I didn't even realized that night had come and it was dark. I found myself wandering around in the park at night with no weapons of any kind on me. [Just great, Willow. Nice job,] I told myself. I knew my luck. When I have weapons on me, all's good. This time, I had nothing so I'd probably run into some nasties.

Sometimes, I so hate it when I'm right.

A beautiful tall woman was dancing under the moon, but even as she seemed oblivious to anything, her eyes were staring straight into mine. I froze just there. I knew running from her was probably the worse idea. I had better chance with reasonning even if that chance equals zero. So I waited.

A few seconds later, the vampire stopped her dance and started to walk toward me. I couldn't hide my trembling hands but I did tried to hide most of my fear. When she was about one meter away from me, every muscles in my body tensed. Her brown eyes were staring at my soul and it gave me the creeps. The only thing I could think of was that the last time I saw Drusilla, I was put in coma for a few hours. I didn't want to experience that again.

Suddenly, the vampiress smiled. I almost sighed. Almost.

"Miss Edith told me the tree would come to me."

"The tree? Oh, you mean Willow. My name. And you are Drusilla. Now that we know each other better, I think I'll go home." I turned around and tried to walk away, tried being the right word.

A cold hand on my shoulder stopped me from walking, well, running away. "Don't be afraid, sweet. The stars spoke to me about you. You're my gardian angel."

I looked at her as if she was crazy, then I remembered that she was indeed. She gently took my hand in hers and pulled me into her arms. "Come with me, little tree. We'll have such fun together."

I let her lead me to an old mansion as far as possible from the city. So far, it didn't go too bad with the crazy woman. Then I realized I just cursed myself with that thought. The best plan was to keep her occupyied so she wouldn't tired of me.

I finally came to the conclusion that I had a really bad day.

* * *

The stars are never wrong. They told me to come for the tree. I could smell her fear swimming all over her body. She tensed even more as I bent down and licked her neck. So sweet. Miss Edith will love her.

I opened the door to my room and let go of her hand. I felt eyes on me. I spunned around to see my pretty doll sitting on my bed. "Stop looking at us Miss Edith." I saw my pretty tree pale even more as she took a glance at the doll devoid of eyes. "See. You scared my little pet. You shall have no cake."

I pushed gently the red head toward my table. I sat down in front of her. "Would you like tea, Willow tree?" She nodded slowly at me and I gave her a cup of the hot beverage. "The stars were right."

She looked up at me, a small part of her fear no longer there in her eyes. "What did they told you?" she asked me, a bit curious. At my cold look, she shivered a little.

Everybody thinks I'm totally nuts. I do know sometimes I get lost in my own world, but I'm not as crazy as I let it appear. It gives me the advantage on humans or even on vampires and demons. So when I see my little protege trembling at my stare, I warmed my eyes a little and gave her a smile.

"The stars sang to me the other night. They told me the weeping tree would be a part of my family, that she would keep me safe, be my gardian angel," I wispered conspiratorly at her.

I turned my head to the side and found a string of pain floating away from the red head. She jumped when I growled. "Bad dog! He shall be punished." When a look of pure horror crossed her face, my face softened. "You don't want him to be punished. You love him. Still, he did hurt you..."

Tears appeared in the corner of her eyes. I stood up and walked to my pet as she tried to force down the tears. I took the trembling small body in my arms and led her to my bed. We sat down and I rocked her softly. "Shhh, sweet Willow. I won't let the bag doggy hurt you anymore." I felt her start crying in my arms. Poor pet. She was hurting much more of betrayal from her love than from an heartbreak.

I caressed her red hair with my fingers while I sang some lullaby. I felt her sobs slow down and her body slowly calm down. I disengaged myself from her grip and took my brush on my dresser. I went back to my tree and turned her so she faced the door and her back was in front of me. I continued humming as I started to brush her hair. So pretty, so red.

I felt her relax because of my soothing manners and she soon enough forgot she was getting comfy with a vampire. I know I didn't look treatening, but my sweet pet wasn't stupid and knew I could kill her easily. I did hurt her once.

Suddenly, I heard the front door opened and then closed. I knew it was my childe and lover getting back from the hunt. His footsteps kept getting closer and closer to my room. I knew my gardian angel was oblivious to what was going on outside of my room. She didn't have my vampiric earing. I don't know much about human emotions but I was sure my sweet Willow would be scared of my little Spike. After all, William has tried to kill her and her friends numerous times.

I was also worried about his reaction to Willow. He didn't know who was the tree I spoke to him about. I doubt he even remember it. He prefered to forget everything I told him when I was in one of my loony phases.
One thing I was sure of : he wouldn't hurt her if he knew what was good for him.

* * *

As I stepped in the mansion, the first thing I was aware of was the presence of my dark queen. The second thing was the faint sound of a heartbeat. What is she playing at now?

I walked slowly to the stairs, getting to the second floor. No need to run because I knew my goddess could hold her own with some mortal. She did killed a slayer once.

A sweet smell triggered my senses. I knew that sent but couldn't place it. It was sweet like vanilla and a bit sour like green apple. Had to the mix the saltiness of tears and it was pure bliss. Don't know who's up there, but the human sure smell blissfully.

When I opened the door, surprise was clearly evident on my face. The slayer's friend. Bloody hell! What is Dru doing? When I growled, the small red head looked up and I saw fear cloud her eyes. She shrank back but Dru held her. She just continued to brush her hair. The only sign that showed me she knew I was there were her eyes coldly glaring in mine.

I started to get pass my fear and anger and looked closely at the girl. She was still staring at me in fear, but her body was slowly relaxing under Dru's ministrations. It's then that I noticed her red puffy eyes, a sign that she had been crying.

I looked back at my dark goddess and her hand did a small gesture in front of her face. I realized I still had my game face on. The human sitting on the bed visibly calmed down when my human face came back on. I searched through my memory trying to remember her.

Yes. She was the one who had that stunning look one Halloween. She was positively delicious that night. The little witch. She had been the one to give the poofter his soul back. I already like her.

Something else triggered my mind and I tried to put my finger on it. That's it! The tree! What was her name already? Oh yeah. Willow. The weeping tree. She was the one Dru insisted that belonged with us. Somehow, I don't really mind. Dru likes her, obviously, and I don't see the girl objecting the attention she's receiving.

I looked back at my sire and nodded. She smiled brightly and I returned the favor. Not the I'm-going-to-eat-you-soon grin humans normally saw, but the kind that I gave only to my goddess. Willow would get them too.

After all, she was part of the family.

Part 2

Willow walked to the school a bit too early, but she wanted to talk a few moments with her friends at the library. She hadn’t meet them there two nights ago like she was supposed to. They had probably called her home and hadn’t found her. [They must be worried senseless.]

She was still a bit sad about Oz, but Drusilla was amazingly comprehensive. On his side, Spike helped her forget with humour. This guy was a book on legs of sexually tinged jokes. If someone could get her out of a bad mood, it was him.

She heard the scooby gang talking animously in the library. When she pushed the door opened, all heads turned toward her. She shivered as a wave of cold stares greeted her. [Now what?]

"Look. There she is," Buffy said coldly, not even giving her a smile.

"Hi guys!" she waved at them. When they just stared at her, she frowned. "What? What is it?" she asked, alarmed at their behavior.

Xander didn’t bothered to answer and Buffy sighed. "Nothing."

Walking to the table, she saw Giles pick up his book and go in his office. Everyone was avoiding her eyes. [What the hell is going on?!] She looked around and was relieved to see that Oz wasn’t there. That was a plus. But the scooby’s strange behavior was something to worry about. Thinking again about Oz, she realized she should at least tell her friends about their ending relation. She didn’t know how she was going to say this, so she’d just blurt it out. "Guys, I have something to tell you."

Xander sharply looked at her. "Don’t bother," he said roughly. "Oz already told us."

Willow didn’t understand everyone’s reaction. She had never seen her best friend talk to her like that and Buffy was mean. Giles didn’t even speak to her and Cordelia was closely examining her nails… that wasn’t very strange though. "Well, that’s good. So I won’t have to explain anything."

"Don’t be so sure about that," Buffy replied. "I mean, how could you, Will? He loved you so much. Then you went cheating on him, breaking his heart and stomping on it."

Willow looked at her incredilously. "What?! How could *I*? He’s the one who broke up with me."

"Of course he broke up with you," Xander said, stepping in the conversation. He couldn;t stand being around a slut."

The red head glared at him murderously. "I didn’t cheat on Oz, thank you very much."

"Oh, so he just invented all that. What for?" Xander asked. Sarcasm was high in the air. "You’re not who I thought you were."

Tears threatened to spill out of her green eyes. That was her friends talking to her like that. [Obviously, they believe Oz more than me.]

"Look. She’s going to cry," the slayer sneered. "Should have think of that before jumping in someone else’s bed. Just admit it, Will. You’re such a bitch sometimes."

With those last words, Willow broke up into sobs and ran out of the library, going in the opposite direction from her house. Or she should say her parents’ house. The mansion where Spike and Drusilla were was more of a home to her than that house she had been living in for seventeen years.

[I particularly dislike this week.]

* * *

Spike turned around as he heard the front door slam shut. He saw a blur of red run up the stairs and stomping astily in her room. He hissed as she again slammed the door. Looking up the stairs, he saw Drusilla coming down, still looking behind her. "What’s up with her?"

"The nasty slayer and the chubby boy hurted her, said nasty things."

"How’s that?" Spike asked, restraining his anger. He was starting to really like the little witch and her supposed friends threated her like shit.

Drusilla walked slowly to Spike and put her chin on his shoulder. "The bad wolf told them she was cheating on him, made them hate her. Now, she's alone at school. Only happy here with us."

"HE WHAT?!!" he yelled. [Stupid werewolf!] He morphed into game face and paced in front of the door. Still fifteen minutes before sunset. After that, the boy was the prey. He would hurt, of that, he could garanty. He would know how he got his nickname. He took two spikes from the top drawer of the desk near the fireplace. He continued to mumble death promises for the wolf.

Drusilla was watching him calmly. She knew not to talk to her childe when he was in this mood. No need to stay and watch him pacing. In ten minutes, he wouldn't even be in the mansion anyway. She climbed up the stairs, planning to join her little protege in her room.

She knocked on the door, waiting for an answer. Instead, the door opened and Willow stepped out of her room, wearing a sport bra and a pair of shorts. Her hair were pulled in a ponytail and she had a bottle of water with her. Drusilla cocked her head. "Where are you going, sweet?"

"In the basement. I need to workout some frustrations on the punching bag Spike keep. Want to join me?"

The vampire smiled at her. "Sure, just let me change."

Willow watched in amusement as her 150 years old friend jumped giddily all the way to her bedroom. After only three days in her company, she had started to figure out the mystery that was Drusilla. She wasn't insane. Sure, she was a bit loopy and she was childish sometimes, but she still got a grip on reality. With a little help, she could get through her moments of true insanity...or at least burn the damn dolls.

She turned around as she heard the front door slam. Frowning, she looked back at the hall to see Drusilla coming to her. "Where is Spike going?"

"His going to make the bad doggy hurt," she answered, smiling earily.

For the first time in her life, Willow didn't care. She knew the brunette vampire was talking about Oz and she had no doubts that she knew exactly what he had told her "friends". A small part of her was sorry for what Oz was going to suffer, but another part was thrilled that Spike cared enough for her to hurt anyone that dared hurt her.

Drusilla watched the tiny mortal carefully, glad that she wasn't objecting what her boy had planned. The red head was starring coldly in front of her, lost in her thoughts. "Come on, Willow," the vampire urged her on. "Lets go downstairs."

* * *

When Spike returned home, it was near sunrise. Willow and Drusilla were chatting on the couch and froze as they took sight of him. He had blood all over his clothes and a smile plastered his face. Willow cocked her eyebrow. "I assume you had a good time by that smile on your face?"



Spike looked carefully at his little witch. [Wait a minute! When did she become MY witch? Dru is my princess.] He took a look at the vampiress and was surprised to see her watching Willow with love, just like him. It looked like she wouldn't have a fit when he'd admit his affection.

Brown eyes turned toward him. She wanted to tell him something, but didn't want to do it in front of the girl. [What does she want?]

The brown eyes turned again to look at the head. Then, he understood. She was longing to touch the mortal but didn't want to scare her. Spike nodded and walked to them. He let his coat on the back of a chair and crouched in front of Willow. "Don't be afraid, luv. Doesn't matter what slutty and chubs think. You'll always have us." He took her chin and pulled her to him. He gently took her lips in a sweet kiss. When he tried to pull away, her hand grabbed him by the back of his neck and kissed him again.

Drusilla watched her lover kiss the little *tree*, but didn't felt jealous. She knew that those two needed their moment, then she would be included. As if on cue, her childe took her hand and put it over Willow's. Scooting closer, she wrapped an arm around the girl's waist and kissed her neck.

All her senses were on overdrive. She couldn't think straight and only bribs of small informations got to her brain. At a certain point, she felt Dru join in the kiss. She should probably feel weird by having the two vamps glued to her, but no. She actually felt pretty good.

At that moment, the word school beeped in her mind and she pulled away. "Not that I don't want this to continue, but I have school today and I'd like to get ready." She laughed as they both groaned in disapointment. She stood up and proceed to go to her room.

As she walked by, Spike slapped her ass. "Come on, brat. Faster."

She glared at him, but he just looked at her with big innocent eyes. "Fine." She muttered something about childish vampires then walked upstairs. Forty-five minutes later, she was walking through the front door, her backpack slung over her shoulder.

She walked slowly, taking her sweet time, a bright smile plastered on her face as she thought about the kiss. It made her feel loved and safe again.

When she tried getting past the library, a hand shout out of it and pulled her in, a cry escaping her at the painful grip. She turned around to look in the angry eyes of the slayer. "Happy with what you've done, bitch?"

"What did I do now?" she asked angrily at the blond, barely controlling her anger.

Xander stepped in. "Oz was tortured and killed last night. Buffy found his body pinned to the school door early this morning."

"And I should care because...?"

"It was your fault," a voice said from the table, followed by Giles nodding in approval. Cordelia was glaring at her hatefully. "If you hadn't cheat on him, he wouldn't have been sad. You drove him to the edge and he went outside to grieve with no protection."

Willow stomped her foot on the floor and sighed. "For the thousand time, I didn't cheat on Oz!"

The blond slayer sneered. "Oh, I don't know. You're too innocent and not so bright to begin with. You wouldn't know if you played in your ex's back."


The force of the blow made Buffy sprawl on the floor, holding her jaw. Giles was imediatly at her side. Xander looked up in time to see red hair flying out of the doors.

[I can't believe I just did that.] Willow thought.

* * *

The door slamed shut. Spike turned around and saw his witch storm in the lounge. [What the hell did they say to her today?] He sighed and took the small hand in his larger one. "What happened, pet?"

"They make me so mad, Spike. They talk to me as if I was a slut. Oz made them believe that. I can't believe they took his words over mine! They told me it was my fault that the stupid mutt was killed. Buffy found his body this morning. Said I'm stupid. ME! Stupid! The bitch! I smacked her good!"

Spike bursted out laughing. "You punched the slayer?!" He had troubled standing up. The girl was fiery. [What a girl!]

Willow cracked a smile. "Yeah. Felt good." She gave Spike time to get past the initial shock to give him another one. She bit her bottom lip in nervousness. [What if he says no? What if Dru says no? What if...]

"Just ask already, pet," a voice interrupted her thoughts. She took a glance at the kitchen door to see Drusilla step out of it, a mug of blood in her hand.

She suddenly found the hem of her shirt very interesting. "Well, I want to hurt them but I don't have the guts do it." She found Spike's eyes and sighed as he gave her the "so what?" look. "If I didn't have a soul, I could probably kick their ass good, am I right?" She gave him her best puppy dog eyes and was ready to beg if needed.

He blinked. He didn't say a thing, just stared at her.

Drusilla rolled her eyes at her childe behavior. From the moment the young woman had came in the mansion, she had known what she wanted them to do : turn her, embrace her, bring her to the dark side. "Well, I don't see a problem."

"What?! You don't see a problem?!" Spike yelled at the top of his lungs. "She'll be soulless, immortal, sharing the same passions as us... actually, I don't see a problem either." Willow giggled. "Are you laughing at me, pet?"

"Yes. What you gonna do about it?" She squeeled as he lunched himself at her. She fell on the couch and Spike proceed to tickle her.

A few minutes later, they were both laying on the ground, grinning like idiots. The blond vampire proped himself up on his elbow. "You sure about the vampire thing, luv? Once it's done..."

"I know, Spike," the red head told him.

He watched her carefully, searching for any sign of hesitation. When he saw none, he stood up and pulled Willow with him. He held her close to him and she bared her neck for his eyes. He looked up as he saw his sire come into the room. He knew she was letting him turn the girl because one child was enough for her. He smiled at Drusilla as his face changed. Brushing his lips tenderly across Willow's neck, he gently scraped it with a fang. As she moaned, he held her tightly and sunk his fangs in her neck.

Willow held on for dear life. She was holding on Spike's arms painfully. The sensation was incredible, pleasure and pain at the same time. She had no other choice than let herself go. She felt the vampire pulling at her blood and her knees suddenly gave out. She felt him stabilize her with one leg worming between hers. She let her grip go as her limbs became numbed.

Letting go of her neck, Spike licked his lips, fighting the urge to bend once more toward her neck. He brought his wrist to his mouth and bit himself. He held it over Willow's mouth and let a few drops of his blood fall on her tongue. Bringing it closer, he felt the soft lips attached to the wound and sucking on it. Closing his eyes, he let her drink a bit more then pulled his wrist away. He felt her struggle to stay conscious then saw her give up. He heard Willow's heartbeat slowing down to finally stop forever.

Part 3

She was floating. She couldn't describe the feeling of peace invading her mind. Blackness surrounded her and silence was her world. She could have stayed there forever. Nothing mattered, only peace. But a soft voice was pulling at her, calling her. She felt strangely attached to the voice and the body and the blood... Spike. Everything came back to her in a tidal wave of souvenirs. Her sire.

Putting aside the peacefull sensation, she ran toward the voice, needing to feel the cold arms around her, needing to laugh with her grandsire again, needing to see the cold dead bodies of her old friends laying at her feet.

Slowly, she opened her eyes. Cold blue ones stared at hers. She smiled. "Hey."

He too smiled at her gently. "How are you feeling pet?"

"Feeling great. Starving but great." She took his offered hand and let him pull her up. Looking around her, she noticed she wasn't in a familiar place. This wasn't her room or Drusilla's or Spike's. [Where the hell am I?] And she asked him just that.

He chuckled when he heard her swear, not use to it. "We're in Germany, pet." As she raised an eyebrow, he continued. "No need for the slayer to know sooner than expected that you've been turned. The only regrets I have is I won't be able to see my poof of a grandsire feeling nervous."

"Why's that?" Willow asked him, not entirely sure why he had bring Angel in this conversation.

"Because he is connected to me and Drusilla. We are part of his family. He is going to feel a new childe by the bond." He kissed his childe lightly and pushed her toward the door. "Come on, brat. Lets find Dru in the city."

"Can you teach me how to hunt?" she asked him with a little smile.

He laughed out loud at her childish question. [Of course I'm going to teach her how to hunt!] Then, he realized she *was* a child in the vampire world. She was new to all this, but he had no doubt that she'd be a deadly immortal.

A head with brown hair appeared at the door. "Are you two coming or are you waiting the rising sun?" Not waiting for an answer, Drusilla got to the front door and jumped in the night. She slowed down her rythm when she heard her childe and his childe hurrying after her. "Unlife is starting to get very interesting."

* * *


"Come on, pet." Spike sighed as he saw his childe crumpled on the floor once more. "I know you can do it." He gave her his hand to stand up.

Willow sneered. "Yeah. In the next millenia."

"Don't be so negative. Come on. One more time." KICK! PUNCH! "Don't look at my hands." PUNCH! "The whole body, Willow!"

"Ugh!" she moaned as she fell on the floor. "I hate your feet."

He cocked an eyebrow. "Why?"

"Because they always make me fall down." She stood up and took a look at the clock. "Great. Magic training session with your *mommy*." She gave him a peck on the cheek before leaving the gym to fing Dru... somewhere in the enormous garden. After a quick search, she found her at the top of the hill, head up and looking at the moon. "What are you doing, Dru?" she asked, looking curiously at the raven haired woman.

Slowly, Drusilla opened her eyes and examined the newly made vampire standing beside her. She truly was a beautiful childe and a very skilled killer. Beauty and innocence was an exceptional duo. Add intelligence and deadly to that and it was a perfect combinaison to make the perfect vampire. In other words, Willow.

Dru pated the ground, motioning to her grandchilde to sit beside her. The redhead sat next to her and listened carefully to her new lesson. "You already started to learn magic, little tree. But have you ever tried to find out where all the power come from? A spell is words but the true power of it is from the elements." Seeing the young vampire a bit confused, she decided an exemple would probably help. "Close your eyes. Relax, don't think about anything. Reach around you, pull the strings, find the sources."

Willow was floating. She felt the air move around her body and earth move under her. She new it was just an impression, but the feeling was incredible. "Wow!"

Dru smiled. She stood up, pulling the red head with her. "Come on, pet. Lets go find something to eat." They walked to the forged door of the garden and went prowling the streets of Berlin in search of fools wandering outside at night.

* * *

Full, Willow let the body fall to the ground. She sighed, the blood of the now dead man refueling her body with much needed energy.

Spike stalked her playfully, his eyes locking on the small trickle of blood on the corner of her mouth. His eyes darkened. He trapped his childe between him and the wall. He caught the blood with his tongue and took her mouth in a possessive kiss.

Willow was lost, drowning in Spike's kiss. It was the first time in 2 weeks, since she had been turned, that her sire was kissing her with passion. But something was missing... Suddenly, the kiss stopped, but Spike's lips were gone only to be replaced by soft ones. Willow held the head, her fingers playing with the soft long hair of Drusilla. She broke the embrace when her sire suckled on the tender skin of her neck. "Can we go home now? I'm not too kind of fucking you two in a dirty alley."

Drusilla shared an amused smile with her childe at the red head swearing. The were getting used to it, but it was still weird hearing those words getting out of sweet innocent Willow. "You able to wait until we get home, childe?"

Without answering, Spike picked the redhead up and swung her on his shoulder. He ran to the mansion, a young vampire squeeling in his back and a master vampiress following, giggling like a little girl. The not-so-crazed vampire watched the streck of blond hair in a hurry and his childe obviously enjoying herself. "Mine."

* * *

Willow clicked on the mail icon, reading carefully at what her informator had written her about the scoobies. She had kept tabs on them to be prepared for anything. She didn't like to be surprised by unsuspected events.

Spike watched her, concentrated on the screen before her. He saw the wheels turning in that smart brain and could almost hear her thoughts and ideas about revenge on them all. Suddenly, he saw her eyes brightened and she laughed out loud. "What is it, pet?" he asked, curious about what had made his childe burst into laughing.

Finally noticing him, she turned to take a peek at him. [Damn, does he look good!] She shook her head to clear her mind. "The new slayer, Faith, turned her back on Slutty. Looks like she thought *B* was too much of a goody-two-shoes. I like her."

Something was bothering her, he knew it. It wasn't like her to get lost in space. She was concentrating, asking herself some things. "What is it, luv?" he asked her for the second time this evening. He saw a brief look of worry and panic cross her face. [What could make her worry that much?] "Come on, talk to daddy."

A dancing figure passed beside them, clutching a doll to her chest. "Miss Edith told me my grandchilde wants to go home."

"Home?" A frown marred Spike's face. "Why would you want to go back to Sunnyhell? I know you want revenge, but I wasn't expecting to go back to that rathole for a couple of years."

"And wait till they're all dead? No thanks." She sighed when she saw that he wasn't convinced. He was quite reluctant. "Please, sire," she begged, neeling before him. "You know I'm ready. It's been eight months. You and Dru have been training me an hour each every night since I was turned." He was starting to let go but the wall was still up. [Stubborn vampire!] She grinned at him and squeezed is ass. "Beside, I'll make it up to you." He gasped and she laughed.

"When did you get so devious, childe?"

She winked at him. "I had a good teacher. So, *dad*, can we go back?"

Drusilla joined in. "Yes, can we?"

"I hate it when you two gang up on me."

"That's not what you said last night," Dru told him. He glared at her. "What?" she asked innocently.

He sighed in defeat. "Alright, alright. Sunnyhell, you better watch out."

Drusilla and Willow jumped up and down in glee. "Are we there yet?" they asked.

He rolled his eyes and looked up. "What did I do to get these two?"

* * *

Sunnydale, 3 days later

Three shadows turned on the corner of the street, arms full of bags. In an alley not far from there, five minions watched the easy prey walking slowly down the street. Yellow eyes followed their steps, getting out of their hiding place. In a flash, the five minions jumped on the two females accompanied with a man... They didn't have time to actually hurt them before they fell flat on the ground, the leader pinned to the wall by a brown haired master vampire. The four others looked fearfully at the blond man in game face and a slight red head whom eyes were flashing dangerously.

Squeezing the leader's throat, Drusilla growled in furry. "How dare you attack my family?!" In rage, she teared out his throat and watched in a daze as he disappeared in a burts of dust. She giggled wildly and turned to her childe. "He's all 'poof'!"

"That he is, pet," Spike said, still glaring at the afraid minions laying at his feet, trembling at the sight of the fragile-looking woman who had just killed their leader. "Now, what about those four losers?"

Willow grinned evilly at them, watching in amusement as their eyes widened when she let the magic flow around her hands. In a fast flick of the wrist, the beam of light entered one of the vamps chest and he exploded into dust. She laughed at the other astonished looks. "I love this," she said much more to herself than anyone else.

Her sire stepped close to the minions. "Listen up! Spread the words. Spike and his family are in town and I want to establish myself as the master. If the slayer ask too many questions around, just tell her to go fuck herself. Got it?" The bunch of scared kittens standed up and ran away, their skin crawling at hearing the three other vampires laughing.

* * *

Sunnydale High School, library

"They just told me to go fuck myself," the slayer whinned.

"You're right," Xander said. "No vamps would tell you something like that in fear that you'll kick their ass good."

Buffy turned toward her watcher. "Giles, something big is going on. Even the minions won't tell me anything. You said it yourself one time. When scary things get scared, not good. The last time something like that happened, Angelus tried to suck the whole world into hell, no offense Angel."

The dark vampire grimaced at the mention of his double's name. "Thanks for reminding me," he told her sarcastickly. He knew that she was right, but he didn't tell her so. Something was pulling at him, but he didn't know what. Somehow, he doubted it was Drusilla and Spike. He couldn't picture his grandchilde to even *consider* coming back to Sunnydale.

"Angel, could you ask around?" Giles asked him.

"Sure," the vampire answered.

"In the time being, I suggest that you continue your patrols like normal, Buffy. Xander and Cordelia should come with you." The slayer and the two slayerettes left the library, the dark vampire following behind them.

A dark figure with red hair smile in the shadows of the stacks. "Soon."
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