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Everything You Want

by Karen Upchurch

Percy West watched as Willow Rosenberg sat quietly by Daniel 'Oz' Osbourne. He didn't understand her. Why had she taken Oz back? Percy knew that Oz had cheated on the redhead, then taken off on her. He didn't deserve her forgiveness. In Percy's humble opinion, the guitar player deserved to be beaten to a bloody pulp.

Sighing softly, Percy tried to rein in his anger, but it was difficult. It just hurt so much to see Willow wasting herself on that idiot.

Somewhere there's speaking

It's already coming in

Oh, and it's rising

At the back of your mind

Oz sighed contentedly as he sat beside his girlfriend. He was back with Willow.

And Willow was where she belonged.

It had taken several hours to convince her of that, but Oz had finally prevailed, and Willow was his.

She had broken up with that stupid jock Percy West and come back to him.

Life was good.

Or, it would be, if Willow wasn't so damn unhappy.

You never could get it

Unless you were fed it

Now you're here

And you don't know why

Willow tried not to fidget at she sat beside her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend. Did he really deserve to be called that?

He had cheated on her. Sure, she'd cheated on him, too. But her kissing Xander - the boy she'd loved forever - was far different from Oz having sex with some girl he'd barely known a week. And then, when he'd come back, he had expected her to be right there waiting for him.

And she'd let him talk his way right back into her life.

Maybe she needed to have her head examined.

But under skinned knees

And the skidmarks

Past the places

Where you used to learn

Percy shifted his position, his eyes never leaving Willow. She looked so beautiful, so young, so innocent.

So sad.

Percy shook his head. Only a month ago, he had been making her smile.

Now he wondered if she'd ever smile again.

You howl and listen

Listen and wait for the

Echoes of angels

That won't return

Willow forced herself to listen to the conversation Oz and Devon were having, then tuned the men back out. Music. Again. It was just like the conversations she'd interrupted between Oz and Veruca so very long ago. Except, of course, Oz and Devon weren't going to go off and have sex later.

At least, she didn't think they were.

He's everything you want

He's everything you need

He's everything inside of you

That you wish you could be

She knew Percy was watching her. She could feel his eyes on her, and she longed to search him out in the crowd. It hurt to remember how she had told him goodbye. She had thrown away the four months they had spent together just to please Oz and her friends.

She was such a fool.

He says all the right things

At exactly the right time

But he means nothing to you

And you don't know why

Willow shifted in her seat again, trying to resist the urge to just get up and leave. She didn't really think the men would notice. Hell, they probably wouldn't notice if she stood up, took off all of her clothes, and did the salsa.

With a deep sigh, Willow let herself think about Percy.

She had to allow herself that much.

You're waiting for someone

To put you together

You're waiting for someone

To push you away

Percy had been there for her. He had been so patient, so kind, while she got through her Oz issues. He had held her while she cried. He had given her flowers, taken her for walks...she never would have believed it, but Percy West had turned out to be quite the romantic.

And he loved her.

There's always another

Wound to discover

There's always something more

You'd wish he'd say

Oz didn't say he loved her. At least, not anymore.

His words usually fell along the lines of "I need you" and "You belong with me."

He never even asked if he was what she needed. All that mattered to him was that she was what he needed.

And how the hell did he know who she belonged with anyway?

He's everything you want

He's everything you need

He's everything inside of you

That you wish you could be

Giving up on even pretending to pay attention to the conversation Devon and Oz were engrossed in, Willow finally allowed herself to look for Percy. She found him immediately, and their eyes locked. He looked so alone, as alone as she felt, and she had to bite her lip to keep from crying. She wanted so badly to go over to him, but she knew she couldn't.

Good Lord, she missed him.

He says all the right things

At exactly the right time

But he means nothing to you

And you don't know why

Percy quietly cursed when he saw the way Willow's eyes were glistening. He knew she was near tears, but no one else even noticed it. Her boyfriend was completely oblivious to the redhead's distress.

Percy watched silently as Willow leaned in and appeared to make excuses to the musicians, then left.

Without hesitation, Percy followed her.

But you'll just sit tight

And watch it unwind

It's only what

You're asking for

Willow made her way slowly back to the dorm, surreptitiously wiping the tears from her eyes. It was just too much. Falling for Percy, then having Oz show up again, practically demanding his spot in her life back.

And her friends.

They had reminded Willow of how much she had hurt when Oz had left, of how much she had wanted him back. They said this was the perfect opportunity to have what she wanted. Oz.

They never seemed to notice that she had stopped wanting him.

And you'll be just fine

With all of your time

It's only what

You're waiting for

Willow entered the dorm room she shared with Buffy, grateful that it was empty. She didn't think she could stand seeing her friend right this moment, especially since all Buffy seemed to be able to do lately was gush about Riley. It wasn't that Willow begrudged her friend happiness.

It was just hard to take when she herself was so unhappy.

Out of the island

Into the highway

Past the places where

You might have turned

Willow opened the her desk drawer and pulled out the photograph she kept hidden. It had been taken two months earlier, more than a month before Oz had returned and sent her world spinning. In it, she and Percy had their arms around each other, and they were at the beach. Anya had gotten a camera just the day before, and she had been anxious to use it. There were probably five or six rolls of that day. God, it had been a wonderful day.

A tear dropped on the picture as Willow began to cry in earnest.

You never did notice

That you still hide away

The anger of angels

That won't return

Percy stopped outside Willow's door, suddenly indecisive. Did he really want to take this chance? Did he really want to put himself out there on the line again, only to be rejected? But what if he wasn't rejected? He knew Willow wasn't happy, and he loved her. And he knew she loved him.

Taking a deep breath, Percy raised his fist and knocked.

He's everything you want

He's everything you need

He's everything inside of you

That you wish you could be

Willow opened the door slowly, and her jaw dropped in surprise when she saw who was at the door.

"Percy? What are you doing here?"

"I had to see you. Can I come in?"

Silently, Willow stepped back, allowing him entrance.

He says all the right things

At exactly the right time

But he means nothing to you

And you don't know why

"I love you."

Willow closed her eyes, savoring the words that came from Percy's lips. He loved her. And she loved him. She opened her eyes slowly, then lifted her hand to his cheek.

"I love you, too," she confessed, preparing herself for the guilt that was sure to accompany those words.

It never came.

She had tried to love Oz again, but love's not something that can be forced. She didn't love the werewolf anymore, and it was useless to stay with him. She didn't want him anymore.

She wanted Percy.

With a soft smile, she drew Percy to her and kissed him.

I am everything you want

I am everything you need

I am everything inside of you

That you wish you could be

Oz walked down the hallway, headed for Willow's dorm room. He and Devon had finished their conversation, and he only had a few hours left before he had to be at the Bronze. The Dingoes were booked there for the entire week. He knew Willow wouldn't mind spending her evenings at the Bronze.

She never had before.

I say all the right things

At exactly the right time

But I mean nothing to you

And I don't know why

Oz opened the door, fully expecting to see Willow studying like she was supposed to be. Instead, he found her in bed.

Having sex.

With Percy West.

As silently as he had entered, Oz stepped back out of the room and shut the door, then slumped to the ground and covered his face in his hands.

He wished he had never come back to Sunnydale.

After a moment, he stood and walked away, knowing he was doing much more than walking away from Willow's room.

He was walking away from Willow.

And I don't know...



And I don't know...

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