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Those Old Wedding Blues

by Eena Angel
"I can do this. I can do this," Willow Rosenburg whispered
to herself. The saying had become a mantra of sorts for her.
Jeff Hardy rolled his eyes at his fiancée.
"Calm down already," he admonished her. "It's not like you
haven't met them before."
"It's been a year and a half almost," Willow shot back. "I'm
nervous about it. What if they're mad at me? What if they don't
want to speak to me? What if they've only come to tell me that they
don't ever want anything to do with me again? What if-"
Jeff cut off her babbling with a kiss. His tongue ravaged
her mouth, leaving the redhead breathless. When he pulled back, Jeff
couldn't help but smile at himself. Willow looked thoroughly
kissed. He liked that look on her.
"Calm down," he repeated. "They're not coming halfway across
the country to tell you off."
"You don't know that!" Willow interjected, recovering from
her shock. "We're weird people! They've done stupider things
before! I've helped them!"
"Do I need to kiss you again?" he raised his eyebrows at her.
"Only if you must," she grinned at him. The smile slowly
"What if they're mad at me?" Willow whispered in a little
Jeff shook his head. He wrapped his arms around the little
"They're not mad. They love you. Everyone loves you. How
can they not? You're the best."
"I think you have a biased opinion," Willow muttered sourly.
Laughter interrupted the two. Willow glanced up to see her
newer friends smiling at her. The lovely blonde Trish Stratus with
her large boyfriend Bubba Ray Dudley. Edge with his patented grin,
Lita and Matt Hardy beside him.
"I think you're right," Trish told Willow. "But none of us
have slept with you-"
"Not that we don't want to," Edge interjected.
"And we like you anyway," Trish finished, rolling her eyes at
the blonde wrestler.
Jeff narrowed his eyes at Edge.
"Stay away from my woman," he growled threateningly.
"Or?" Edge countered.
"Me and Bubba here will put you through a table."
Bubba nodded his agreement.
"I'd do it too. You ain't good enough for Willow here. Then
again, neither is Rainbow Boy. You'd both end up tasting wood."
"Settle down boys," Lita warned them. "Don't want to send
Willow's friends running scared."
"It'd take more than these guys to scare my friends," Willow
told them. "A lot more."
Before Jeff could question her on the cryptic comment, the
redhead paled significantly. Following her gaze, Jeff saw her
staring ahead at a group of four females and one male. The youngest
looking of the group glanced in their direction. She broke into a
huge grin.
The little blonde girl came running towards them. Willow
gave a little laugh of joy before the large bundle of Dawn Summers
jumped into her arms.
"Dawnie," she murmured happily into the girl's hair. Dawn
hugged her redheaded friend tightly.
"I missed you," Dawn whispered, tears leaking from her eyes.
Xander Harris came running up to the two. He hopped from
foot to foot.
"My turn, my turn," he demanded impatiently. Willow rolled
her eyes at him. Dawn turned to him with a frown.
"Childish much?"
Xander simply pushed her aside and gathered Willow up into
his arms. He hugged her fiercely. Jeff coughed and rubbed his
neck. When no one took heed of him, he turned to his older brother.
Matt just shot him a look. Grumbling, Jeff turned back to find the
guy still hugging his fiancée. He bristled ever so slightly.
Dawn, the little girl, giggled at him.
"They're best friends," she whispered in his ear. "Since
like birth. They get all huggy and emotional, but not you know
horizontal. Besides, Xander's married."
Jeff grinned at the little girl beside him.
"Thanks, I'm Jeff."
"I'm Dawn," she smiled at him. "I'm very important. Be sure
to spoil me."
"Dawnie, I heard that!" came the redhead's disapproving
remark. Dawn pouted slightly and then winked at Jeff.
"Don't forget," she whispered before ducking Xander's grasp.
"Come here you trouble maker," he demanded. Jeff just
Another blonde woman came running up. She stopped just short
of Willow before grabbing her into a hug.
"Hi, I missed you," the woman said, pulling back. "And I'm
not just saying that because it's right. Do you realize you are the
only sane person to come from Sunnydale?"
Willow smiled.
"Hey Anya, good to see you," Willow picked up the woman's
left hand. "And with a new accessory."
"Yes, you should have come. But I forgive you. Xander might
be a little grumpy about it, but I forgive you."
"Thanks Anya," the redhead giggled. She paused, looking over
her shoulder at another blonde woman. This one hung outside of the
group, peering closely at the going ons. Willow took a step towards
There was a brief silence while the two women just stared at
one another. Jeff shot a glance at Dawn who just waved him off. She
was watching the scene very carefully.
Finally the blonde broke the silence.
"You grew your hair out," she said tearfully. Willow
faltered a bit.
"Yeah, so did you," Willow smiled hesitantly. "I like it.
It's looks cute."
The two women smiled at one another and then rushed together
for a hug. Both were babbling incoherently. Dawn jumped up and down
on her feet at the sight.
"All's well in the world," she informed everyone.
The two women broke apart, sniffling and laughing. Willow
linked arms with the new arrivals and turned to the waiting wrestlers.
"Guys, this is Jeff, Matt, Lita, Edge, Bubba, and Trish," she
nodded at each in turn. She nodded down the line. "Guys, this is
Dawn, Buffy, Xander, and Anya."
Hellos were exchanged. Grabbing the luggage, Willow's new
family and her old one walked away from airport chatting and laughing.


The large group of people wandered into Willow and Jeff's
newly purchased home.
"They have a house," Anya nudged Xander.
"I noticed that too," he replied.
"We only have an apartment," the blonde continued. "When do
I get a house?"
"When I win the lottery and am able to afford one," Xander
shot back. Anya huffed for a moment and flopped down on a sofa. The
wrestlers exchanged uneasy glances while the Sunnydalers just laughed
it off.
"Anya, if you really want, you can live in our house," Dawn
offered teasingly. "But the hanky panky must remain behind closed
doors and not too loud on school nights."
"Dawnie!" came the shouts from both Willow and Buffy. The
young girl laughed and pulled Willow down onto a couch with her.
Jeff made to sit next to her when Buffy scooted in, taking the spot.
She gave him a slight frown.
"My Willow, get your own."
Willow laughed at the look on Jeff's face. The young man
sputtered for a second.
"That is my own," he finally replied.
"Still can't have," Dawn chirped from her spot next to the
"Calm down man," Xander grinned. "We haven't had ample
Willow time for almost two years. Gonna have to learn to share."
"Jeff never really understood the principles behind sharing,"
Matt laughed, settling down in a seat.
"Shut up Matt," the man in question shot back. He gave
Willow a little hurt look that she waved off with a giggle.
"You'll have to wrestle them for it," she informed him. "But
my money would be on Buffy."
Pouting, Jeff flopped down next to Dawn who shot him a wide
"I like your hair," she announced. "It's different."
"Thanks," he muttered, smiling begrudgingly.
"Speaking of different," Willow turned to Buffy. "Where's
"We dropped him off with Deadboy," Xander offered. Noticing
the curious looks the wrestlers shot him, he sputtered to explain.
"His name is Angel, angels are dead people, Deadboy," he
"Lame," Anya rolled her eyes.
"I think we're ignoring the bigger issue here," Willow turned
incredulous eyes on Buffy. "You left him with Angel? Is that safe?"
"They actually get along much better since William got his
dog back," Buffy finished hastily.
"His dog?" Trish repeated.
"Deadboy's the one who lost William's dog," Xander
explained. "Haven't been on speaking terms since that. But now that
the dog is back, the feud is over."
"Must be really attached to his dog," Edge laughed.
Anya and Dawn burst out into laughter.
"What?" Lita looked confused.
"Nothing," Buffy grinned and returned to Willow. "Any hoot,
the boys and the rest of the LA gang are driving up. And considering
it's going to be Gunn's who's driving, they should arrive in more or
less one piece."
Dawn burst into giggles.
"You should have seen Connor," the little girl
giggled. "When we dropped William off, Angel was trying get him into
a tux. He kept insisting that it was some sort of bizarre torture
Willow gave a sympathetic whimper.
"Poor baby."
"Fred was all excited," Anya offered as well. "Gunn brought
her a dress. They're really cute together."
"I have no idea who all these people are," Matt stated from
his seat.
Xander gave him a lopsided grin.
"It's all right, we're a bit much," he laughed. "It'll be
easier when they're all here, then you can meet them. Just don't try
and wrap your minds around the back stories, your head will most
likely explode."
"That's encouraging," Jeff muttered.
Willow shot him a grin.
"Don't let it get you honey," she told him. "If you didn't
live in Sunnydale seven years ago, you are doomed to be left in the
"Speaking of clueless," Xander began. "Did you know Cordy
got a promotion?"
Willow frowned.
"Promotion?" the redhead looked puzzled and then it dawned on
her. "Oh! Good for her!"
"Where does she work?" Trish asked.
"In LA, but she works for a group of Ukrainians," Dawn
informed her.
"Ukrainians?" Bubba repeated.
"So, who's hungry?" Willow leapt up from her seat, bright
smile on her face. "Let's all head over there and end this pointless
With that, she yanked both Summers sisters up by the arms and
led the way to the kitchen.


Part Three:
"What are you doing up?"
Xander smiled at the incredulous tone in Willow's voice.
"What? I can't be an early riser?" he asked innocently.
Willow narrowed her eyes at him.
"Since I've known you, and that is pretty much from my first
coherent memory, you have never willing gotten up at before twelve on
a Sunday," Willow gave him an assessing look. "What are you really
doing up?"
"Okay, you caught me," Xander gave her a mock-chastised
look. "I have hidden intentions. I just wanted to have some alone
Willow time before the rest of the inmates woke up."
Willow gave him a smile.
"I wouldn't let Buffy hear you call her that," she
giggled. "I would like you in one piece for my wedding."
"Yeah, that would be a bonus," Xander nodded in agreement.
He flashed her a brilliant grin. "So, do I get that Willow time?"
"Well, since you went to all the trouble of getting up at
eleven," Willow gave a dramatic sigh. "I guess I could suffer
through it."
"That's my Wills," he laughed, hopping onto the kitchen
counter. "Ever the sacrificer."
"That didn't always hold true," she whispered. "I remember a
time when that wasn't even in existence."
"It's over Willow," he told her. "You got past it. We all
still love you to death, you know that right?"
The redhead nodded, swallowing the lump in her throat.
"When are your parents flying in?" she changed the subject.
"My parents?" Xander frowned.
"Yeah, I sent an invite to them, and your mom replied,"
Willow shot him a grin. "My parents aren't coming, so I figured I'd
at least have some surrogates."
"Sheila and Ira aren't coming?" Xander looked shocked. "Why
the hell not?"
Willow sighed and shrugged.
"Well, they weren't too happy about the whole lesbian thing,"
she started. "And you'd figured they be glad I was marrying a guy,
but there are issues."
"What issues?"
"First Jeff's a wrestler. They don't approve," Willow rolled
her eyes. "And secondly, he's not Jewish. And we're having a
Christian ceremony."
Xander's eyes widened.
"And Ira's not coming because he spontaneously combusted from
rage when he heard this, right?"
Willow gave a little laugh.
"I imagine," she shrugged again. "Mom just phoned to let me
know they were disappointed and weren't coming. I wasn't too upset;
I didn`t really expect them to come. Giles is giving me away any
Xander nodded.
"Good old G-man," he grinned. "Always the stand in father
when you need him."
"Speaking of which, you didn't answer my question," Willow
turned to face him. "When are your parents coming?"
"My mom is coming," Xander clarified. "She'll be down on
Thursday and more than willing to play mother of the bride. Dad
isn't coming, most likely because he's drunk off his ass. She left
him you know."
"She what?" Willow demanded.
"She left him," Xander repeated. "Finally got sick of his
crap. All I can say is about damn time. She's a lot happier now."
"I imagine," Willow shook her head. "A lot of stuff changes
in a year and a half."
"Goes to show you, shouldn't cut off communication," he
nudged her with his foot. "We were pretty freaked out like all of
the time. Only when Deadboy phoned with your location did we calm a
bit. We're all rabid wrestling fans now."
Willow laughed.
"Oh the evil I've done you," she giggled. Willow turned to
Xander with a sad smile. "I guess that was a bad choice of words."
"Don't worry Wills, we've forgotten it already," Xander waved
off. "Besides, you know my attention span lasts for only eight
seconds. Can't really carry a grudge if it can't hold your
Willow launched herself into his arms.
"I missed you so much," she whispered into his chest. Xander
squeezed her back just as tightly.
"I missed you too," he whispered back. Glancing over the
redhead's shoulder, Xander caught a glimpse of her fiancée and his
friends. He could tell Jeff was non-plussed but trying to hide it.
"Besides," he said loudly to Willow. "I'm pretty damn
Willow gave a little laugh and pushed away from him.
"Full of yourself much?" she arched a brow at him.
"Sound like Cordelia much?" he mimicked back at her. Willow
rolled her eyes.
"If I wanted to be like Cordelia, I'd drag you into a closet
for a make-out session," she poked him in the ribs. Xander caught
her finger and gave her a look.
"I'd appreciate that," he quipped back lightly. "But your
boy Jeff might be against it. And Anya would kill me."
"That's for damn sure," came a voice from behind them. Both
turned to see Jeff and his friends part to let Anya through. The
blonde looked at them and rolled her eyes.
"Is the sappy best friend reunion over?" she
demanded. "Because the rest of us want Willow time too."
"Just out of curiosity," Jeff started, coming up to hug his
redhead. "When do I get Willow time?"
Anya rolled her eyes.
"After the wedding," she shot back. "But not before."
The blonde proceeded to yank Willow out of his arms and into
a protective hug. Matt burst out into laughter.
"This is going to be the best week," the elder Hardy chuckled.
Jeff frowned.
"I don't think I'll be liking it much," he muttered sourly.
Jeff turned to Willow with a pout. The redhead giggled.
"You think this is bad, wait until the LA crew arrives."
Jeff paled at that.
"You mean, there's going to be more Willow-hoggers here?"
Jeff shook his head. "I knew we should have eloped."
"You could have," Trish speculated. "But the rest of us
would have hurt you for it."
Jeff pouted more and gave the fridge a listless kick.
"I just can't win here," he whined. Willow laughed again and
wrapped her arms around his waist.
"Cheer up honey," she kissed him on the cheek. "We'll make
up for it with sex at night time."
Jeff brightened considerably. He turned around and pulled
Willow in for a kiss.
"I can live with that."
Anya frowned and turned to the other wrestlers.
"Are they always like this?" she asked.
"No," Lita shook her head.
"Yeah, they're usually worse," Edge added. Jeff gave him the
finger whilst not breaking the kiss.
"And they don't like being interrupted," Bubba added. "I say
we adjourn to the living room while they make with the lovin'."
Everyone shuffled out of the kitchen, leaving the kissing
couple alone.


Part Four

"So, how long they going to be?" Xander asked Matt, craning
his neck so he could look at the kitchen door.
"With those two?" Matt grinned. "Quite possibly all day."
Xander made a face at that.
"Over-protective brotherly urges rising," he muttered darkly
to himself. Lita laughed.
"I think you're a little late for that," she giggled. "They
are engaged."
"Who cares if I'm late?" Xander tossed back lightly. "As
long as it gets done, who the hell cares?"
"She's right dear," Anya cut in. "Leave them alone for now.
That boy isn't going to get much Willow time in the coming days.
Remember how that made you feel when we got married."
"I didn't say I don't sympathise," Xander protested. "I'm
just saying Wills is Wills. She's way more important to me. And
I've got jealous reactions and overbearing tendencies to make up
for. A whole year and a half`s worth."
The assembled group gave a laugh at that. Anya looked up as
she saw Dawn enter the room. She waved the little girl over, but
Dawn had other thoughts in mind.
"Good morning everyone," Dawn greeted, breezing by them. She
headed towards the kitchen door. "What's for breakfast?"
"Dawnie, no!" Anya jumped up, but was too late. The little
blonde entered the kitchen. They heard a loud scream and a red-faced
Dawn came skittering out.
"Why can't you people do that in rooms with doors that lock?"
the distressed teen shouted. "I'm going to be severely emotionally
scarred at this rate."
"Going to be?" Xander repeated. "Someone's an optimist.
What makes you think you aren't already horribly traumatized?"
"Sorry Dawnie," Willow apologized, entering the room while
fixing her top. "Forgot what it's like to have others in the house.
It's usually just the two of us."
Xander made a face.
"Ew! Mental picture!" he exclaimed.
"Where's Jeff?" Matt asked.
"Lamenting lost sex," Willow answered laughingly, jerking her
thumb in the direction of the kitchen. "He's such a baby sometimes."
"Am not!" the man in question protested. "I'm just not the
most patient person in this world. I want Willow time."
"After the wedding," Anya reminded him. "But not before."
"This is so not sitting well with me," Jeff informed
everyone. Willow laughed and pulled the blushing Dawn into a hug.
"You want pancakes?" she asked the younger girl. "They come
in round shapes and the funny shapes."
Dawn grinned and returned Willow's hug enthusiastically.
"I've missed Breakfast-making-Willow," she giggled. "No one
makes funny shaped pancakes like you. Buffy tries, but they always
end up round."
"Yes, the failure that is me and pancakes," Buffy agreed,
walking up to the group. "What's all the screaming about?"
"I got an eyeful of Willow/Jeff loving," Dawn informed her
sister. Buffy's eyes widened and she gave Willow a mischievous grin.
"Naughty, naughty," she chastised. "Sex should remain in the
Anya snorted.
"Like you and William ever make it there," the blonde rolled
her eyes.
"Shut up Anya!" Buffy retorted. "You're not one to talk.
Crazy nympho."
"So, who's for breakfast?" Xander interjected loudly. "And
please adjourn quickly to the kitchen before a full-fledged cat fight
breaks out."
"I wouldn't mind that," Edge piped up. "I say we let them go
at it."
Trish whacked him upside the head.
"You know you love it," he tossed back with a grin. Edge
backed down quickly when Bubba turned a frown on him.
"He should meet Faith," Dawn stated simply at the exchange.
"That's exactly what I've been saying," Willow giggled. "I
think they would be made for each other."
"And I got to say, I'm intrigued," Edge returned, coming up
to sling an arm around each girl's shoulders. "This Faith sounds
like fun."
"Just be warned, you might meet your match in her," Willow
needled him. "Faith is wild at best."
Edge scoffed.
"I could handle it," he waved off. The Sunnydalers broke
into laughter at that proclamation.
"No one handles Faith," Xander chuckled. "You just grab on
to something and pray you make it out with all your body parts."
Edge frowned and then grinned mischievously.
"Do I get to choose what to grab?"

*Note this fic is INCOMPLETE*
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