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Rating: R
Disclaimer: The usual.
Distribution: NearHerAlways, MysticMuse, KennedyFanFic... Just ask, and it's yours.
Spoilers: Season 7
Feedback: Yeah!
Pairing: Willow/Kennedy
Summary: Takes place during Season 7 and after The First.

The rays of the first crack of dawn creeping into the curtains. The rays wash over a blue sleeping bag with red hair.

The redheads eyes snap open at the sound of her name being called.

"Willow. NO, No. Help!" the brunette screams.
"Kennedy?" the Witch asks confused.

Kennedy starts screaming at the top of her lungs. Suddenly Buffy comes running into the room. Willow gets up and goes to hold down Kennedy.

"Will, what the hell is wrong with her?" asks Buffy.

Willow turns to look at Buffy and says, "I donít know Buff." Willow turns back to look at Kennedy. "Kennedy wake up!"

Kennedy's eyes snap open.

"Oh God. Willow, it was so horrible!" Kennedy says, tears making their way down her face. Kennedy's hand comes up and angrily wash away the tears.
"What happened?" Buffy asks.

Rona, Molly, and Vi come in.
"Yo, what's going on in here?" Rona asks.
"Uh, guys can you leave us alone for a second?" Willow asks, not taking her eyes off of Kennedy.
"Sure, but tell me what happened later, OK?" Buffy asks. Willow nods.

Buffy takes one last look at Willow bending down to hug Kennedy, and then takes her lead with the other girls. Buffy, forgetting to tell Willow something, heads back in.

"Uh, Will, Xander, and I are going to pick up a new potential on the other side of town."
"OK. Be careful." Willow said. Kennedy groans.
"Not another one. Damn. I have one thing to say, another bathroom." Kennedy replied back sarcastically. Willow and Buffy chuckle. Buffy says bye and walks out.

"Kennedy, what happened? What was the dream about? Are you okay?" Willow babbled out.
Kennedy smiled and said, "You're so cute when you babble." Willow blushed and Kennedy continued. "Listen, I'm fine, I just had a nightmare at that."
"Well, tell me what happened." Willow asked with concern in her voice.
"It goes like this. All of these Uber-vamps were coming out of the seal." Kennedy answered back with a smirk. When all Kennedy got back was silence she added, "See, told ya nothing to worry about."

"Oh goddess! Kennedy you just had a Slayer Dream. That can't be good. No potentials are allowed to have these dreams unless they are the next ones on line...Oh god, I just realized something." Willow said, panic clear in her voice.
"And...come on Willow, spit it out already!" Kennedy asked getting impatient. Willow breathed in and out and answered, "Buffy had the same dream two nights ago."

"Now we got something to worry about. And did you just say if the potential was next in line only gets it. Wow I'm going to be a Slayer when Buffy dies, cool. Well, not cool cause she dies." Kennedy said confused.
"Actually you get to be the Slayer when Faith dies." Willow blurted out.
"Whose Faith, and huh?" Kennedy asked back.
"Buffy died once so a Slayer was called. That Slayer died and now Faith was called. She's in jail though so don't get your hopes up too fast." Willow babbled out.

Just then the doorbell rang. Willow helped Kennedy up for both of them to get the doorbell, since everybody else was outside training.
"Coming!" Willow screamed at the door.
Willow answered it and stood still, shocked at what she saw in front of her.

"So Willow, you gonna let me in or just stand there like a log?" the person in front of here asked.
"Who the hell are you?" Kennedy asked the person in front of her.
"I'm Faith and you are?"

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