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Walking through the suburban streets of Sunnydale left little or no comfort to a worried mind. Especially in the middle of the night. Yet, the redhead continued her trek around the block.
Willow knew it was dangerous, but her brain would not let her rest. So, she decided that moving around was the best way to induce sleep.
"I always figured you for the smart one." An accented voice stated.
"Maybe you should reconsider how much brain power you think you have." She replied coldly as she continued to walk. Spike quickly caught up to her and began to match her steps.
"Seriously Red, shouldn't you be inside now?" Spike asked.
"What do you care, Spike?" Willow asked as she stopped to face the vampire. "As long as you have permission to f-- sleep with my best friend, you really don't *have* to care what happens to the rest of us." She then continued to walk. The bleach blonde stood in shocked silence as the redheads retreating form got farther and farther away.
"Hey!" He yelled. "Wait up!"
Willow stopped and 'shushed' him. "Are you crazy? We are in a residential neighborhood!" She said in a loud whisper.
"And that matters to me, why?..." He asked. She just looked into his playful blue eyes and shook her head. "Anyway, how did you...?" He started to ask.
"Yeah, like it wasn't obvious." she replied.
"Hm." He said. The two were silent for a few moments.
"So, what are you doing here?" She finally asked. "It's not like you have to sneak up on her to see her anymore."
"Maybe I didn't want to see her." He said indignantly.
"And maybe I live on a tv show." She said sarcastically.
"Well, well. Look who decided to finally become a bitch!" He said playfully.
"Get used to it." She replied with a smile. "Not being able to use magic is worse than than the most horrible kind of PMS. Makes a girl more than cranky."
"Well, I wouldn't know about that." He said as he looked her over. She was wearing a pair of worn jeans and a dark blue turtleneck. Her hair seemed the perfect length: just above her shoulders. A definite natural beauty.
"What?" She asked when she saw him staring at her.
"Do you have *any* idea how brave you are?"
"Willow, demon-girl did *not* make it easy on you tonight. You could've easily reverted back to using magic, but you didn't." Willow stared at Spike in disbelief as he continued to speak. "That amount of self control shows who has got the biggest wrinklies in this little Scooby gang."
"Spike, I..." She started.
"Don't say anything, Red. I'm just letting you know that...well...I admire you." He gestured towards the house. "You'd better get inside. Wouldn't want anything bad to happen to you after everything you've been through, now would you?"
"Um...no." She was still stunned speechless. When she finally regained the power of speech, she called out to the retreating form of the handsome vampire. "Spike!"
"Yeah, Luv?" He said as he turned to face her.
"Thanks." She said with a smile.
He smiled a genuine smile at her before saying, "Keep the volume down, pet. We're in a residential neighborhood, after all."
Then, he turned and headed towards his crypt, where he realized he had a lot of thinking to do.
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