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A lot of thoughts flittered through Anya's brain, the most important being: Who would pay? Usually the man payed, but seeing as both of them were biologically female, that rule went out the window. Anya hoped Willow would pay. She was the one who had asked her, of course, and she was the one that made sure she had no money, seeing as she had destroyed her ex-livlihood and all.

Anya took some money just in case, but she really, really hoped she didn't have to pay.

Willow showed up exactly at seven, driving Xander's car, which was kind of weird and gave Anya icky feelings in the pit of her stomach. But she ignored them, as she was accustomed to doing.

"Anya, I wanted to let you know that I was serious, about the thanking you and everything. You were there for me, and I really appreciate that." Willow said softly.

Anya nodded. "Yes, I was pretty helpful. Are you going to pay?"

Willow knitted her eyebrows together. "Yeah."

"Okay, good. Let's go somewhere really expensive."


"What? As long as you're paying, I figured - "

"Well, don't figure. You're lucky if I let you supersize."

Anya's mouth dropped open. "I don't think I want to be a lesbian with you anymore."

Willow's face softened into a smile. "I was kidding. Haha. A joke. There's this really nice Japanese restaurant that just opened, and I heard they were good. Do you like Japanese food?"

"Sushi's good."

"Okay. Good. Is this a little awkward to you?"

Anya sighed. "I wasn't going to say anything . . . "

"Yes, you were."

"Okay, I was about to say something."

Willow sighed. "I'm attracted to you."

"Yes. I am very attractive."

"And earlier today it seemed like a good idea to kiss you."

"Yes. A very good idea."

"So what's wrong now?" Willow asked.

"I know what's wrong," Anya said, her voice barely audible. She sucked in her breath and then leaned in and kissed Willow passionately, her tongue playing over the witch's softly.

When they broke apart, Willow leaned up against her seat and let out her breath in a great whoosh of air. "Wow."

"Yes, very wow, indeed. Do you want to forget the date thing and go straight to the orgasms?"

Willow thought about that for a moment, and then unbuckled her seatbelt. "I thought you wanted to do this the proper way?"

Anya leaned in, her face an inch away from Willow's. "I'm not very proper." And then she opened her car door and stepped out onto the pavement.

"Promise?" Willow asked softly, following the vengeance demon back into her apartment.

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