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London Style

by Alexandria

Chapter One- The Day Before
Xander woke up from the bright sunlight shining in his face. He turned over in the bed and his arm reached out for the warm body of his lover. When his hand hit the empty space, he opened his eyes and saw her empty space. Then his mind remembered that Alex and Willow had slept at their dorm room last night, because they both had early classes.

He rolled over on his back and looked up at the ceiling of their room. Well, technically it’s her room, but since that day a few months ago, they had been sharing. Xander slowly left the comfort of their bed and pulled on one of his tee shirts over his head. As soon as it was close to his face he picked up one of his favorite smells, cucumber melon. That was her smell. He was awakened more from her smell on his shirt and looked down to noticed that he had grabbed the one she always loved to sleep in. His old, gray ‘Big Dog’ shirt with the picture of ‘The Dogfather’ on the back.

He glanced over at the clock and noticed that it was almost noon, so he knew that he wouldn’t be the only one up missing his other half. Spike would be up, also, and so would Spike, Jr. He’s probably in the kitchen drinking his breakfast. He thought as he made his way down the stairs.

As Xander walked into the kitchen, he found Spike sitting at the table with his mug sitting in front of him. The vampire was looking in to the mug like it held all the answers to the world’s hardest questions. "They’ll be home soon. It’s not that bad is it?" Xander asked as he crossed to the coffee maker.

Spike looked up at Xander, and frowned slightly. "It’s not that, Shaggy. It’s just that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I don’t know what to do for Red."

Xander took a sip of his coffee, as he turned to regarded the vampire. "Well, you know Wills likes the simple things."

"Yeah, I know. I already got the flowers ordered, and I picked up that necklace I told you about. But I just think there should be more."

"Yeah, I know what you mean." Xander said slightly worried about what he needed to ask Spike, before he ask Alex. Xander sat down across from him at the table as he gathered his courage. "Spike, I, um, need to ask you something."

Spike looked up at Xander curious as to what was making him nervous. "Shoot."

"Well, you know how I said that when I first came here, I felt like I was finally home, right?" Xander started, when Spike nodded he continued. "I know now that I was slowly falling in love with Alex when we used to talk on the phone. When I stepped off that plane and walked out to meet her it all clicked in my head. She was, is the most beautiful woman I have ever meet, and it’s not just her looks. She sees me. Not the Zeppo, me. I was hoping, well, I want to ask her to marry me. And being that you’re sorta her father, I wanted to ask your permission." Xander said the last part in a rush, partially afraid that he would tell him no.

Spike looked at Xander shocked. He knew that Xander loved Alex and that Alex returned the feelings, but to marry her. He needed to make sure that this, dare he say, his friend knew what it meant to marry Alex. "Xander." Spike started. He waited until he looked at him, before he continued. "You know that this means forever, right? Alex is a half breed, and one day the demon is going to take over her body completely and she’ll be a vampire like me. Yes, she will have her soul, Peaches has already set that in stone, for her sake. She’s like me. She needs a mate, and I’ve seen the way she looks at you. Either way, she wants that mate to be you. So, I just want to make sure that you know that if you marry her, it will be forever. She wouldn’t be able to handle it if you died, and I’ll never allow her to be hurt."

Xander nodded. "I know that. Would it be you or Angel?"

Spike shrugged his shoulders. "That is up to you when the time comes."

"I can’t live without her, and I took that all into consideration. Pure and simple. I love her. She’s what I’ve been searching for. Look, at the girls I’ve had feelings for. Buffy, There’s the Slayer aspect. Cordy, there’s the looks and own way of doing things. Faith, there’s the care free, wild aspect. Willow, there’s the brains and the caring for others. And then there’s Anya, she’s a former demon. They were all leading up to Alexandria." Xander said looking down into his coffee.

Spike looked at Xander, shocked, again. "Then ask her. But there’s one other person you might want to ask."

Xander looked up at him, slightly confused, then as if a light bulb lit up over his head, he said. "Giles. I need to ask her real father."

Spike nodded as he smiled at Xander’s worried face.

"I have to call, Giles and ask him if I can marry his only daughter. Oh, God. I’m going to have to deal with Ripper, aren’t I?" He asked the smiling vampire across from him.

Spike nodded, again. "Only if you hurt her."

~*~*~At Oxford~*~*~

Willow sat on her bed waiting for Alex. She was worried about her. Alex had woken up that morning really sick, and Willow was worried. In all the time, she had known Alex, she had never had so much as a cold. Willow had even gone so far as to call Billy, and found out that Alex had never been sick.

Willow looked up as Alex walked in. She noticed instantly that she looked a little better but not one hundred percent. "Hey, how are you feeling?" She asked softly.

Alex nodded slightly. "Better. Not great, but better." She said as she laid down on her bed, across from Willow’s bed. "I’m just going to take a little nap. Wake me when it’s time to go home, cause right now all I want is my life size teddies."

Willow laughed slightly at what Alex said. She was alright with sharing Spike with Alex a bit. Alex and Spike had history, just like she and Xander did. Willow knew that Spike loved her and was her mate, but she also knew that he would always love Alex, and she was his only child. She also knew that Alex loved Xander and would never do anything to hurt him. "Well, knowing Spike, and Xander. They’ll both be happy to help you."

Alex looked over at Willow and smiled. "Yeah, I know. How much do you think I’ll be able to get away with like this?" Alex and Willow had talked a lot about their feelings for the others lovers. Both girls have accepted that Spike would always have a piece of Alex’s heart, just like Xander would always have a piece of Willow’s.

Willow smiled. "I’d say breakfast in bed, if you weren’t sick to your stomach." Willow ducked as Alex threw on of her star pillows at her from across the room.


Dear Diary,

Well, tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day, and I have the perfect present for Spike. Alex is helping me with it, so I know he’ll love it. I just hope she feels better tomorrow.

Well, I have to get going. Alex asked me to drive, home, and we have a few stops to make to get the last minute stuff for the guys.

Alex is so happy, even though she’s sick. Xander’s really happy, too. I’ve never seen him this happy before. I knew they were perfect for each other. I’m glad they found each other.

I’m also really glad that I found Spike. I’m so happy, and so in love. It never felt like this with Oz. It seemed like when I was with Oz, I was safe like a little turtle, and I didn’t need to stick my head out of my shell to see what the weather was like. He would always tell me, and keep me protected.

But with Spike, he’s letting me spread my wings and fly as close to the sun as I want, because I know that he’ll be there to catch me if I fall.

Ok, I’m really going now, because I’m using to many metaphors. Oh, that’s scary.




Chapter Two- Last Minute Preparations

Dear Diary,

Oh, Goddess!! I almost died when Alex took me into that store yesterday. I’m surprised I wasn’t still bright red when we got home. I’m glad I wasn’t because then Spike would have known that something was up. He, he. I can’t wait for tonight. Spike is going to be so shocked.

Ok, here’s the game plan. Alex is going to kinda knock him out, and her and Xander are going to help me get him up stairs and chained to the bed, naked. Alex is helping me with that part. Then, I’m going to used the spell that Alex found to wake him up, and put to use all the great new toys I found.

Xander has everything planned for Alex’s ‘gift’. He’s so excited about it. He talked to Giles last night and told me that Giles’s said, "He’s always thought of Xander as a son, and this would just make it official.", and "He couldn’t think of a better match for either of them." Xander also told me that Giles is planning a trip back here in a few weeks to spend some time with Alex.

Speaking of Alex, she’s at the doctor’s office now. She woke up sick this morning, again. She had me call Billy and have him pick her up, after she called the doctor. She called a few minutes ago and told me that the doctor sent her to the hospital for some tests, and that she would probably be home in a half hour. Xander still doesn’t know that she’s sick. She wouldn’t let me or Spike say anything to him. I know she doesn’t want to worry him, I just hope it’s nothing serious.

Talk about fate being a bitch.

Oh, I have to go. Xander’s calling me.




Willow ran down the stairs. "What’s the problem, Xander?" She asked as she reached the bottom of the stairs. She stopped at the bottom, when she saw Xander standing there holding a huge arrangement of roses. There was at least two dozen, and their colors ranged from white to red to pink to a silverish purple. "Who are those for? Their beautiful." She said as she moved closer to the vase.

"They were delivered for you. Check out the card." Xander said as he set the vase down on the table next to the couch.

Willow leaned down and inhaled the sweet smell of the roses as she picked out the card. Her jaw dropped when she read the words on the card.


My love for you will last until the last of these roses dies.



Willow looked up at Xander confused. "But they’ll only last awhile." She said a bit hurt.

"Not exactly, Red." Came Spike’s voice from the top of the stairs. Willow looked up at him confused as he walked down the stairs. At her look he explained a bit. "Look at the middle red one."

Willow turned and found the rose he was talking about. She ran her fingers over it and found that it was fake. In the middle of the gorgeous flowers, was one dark red rose that would last forever. Willow looked back up at him with tears in her eyes. "Oh, Spike." She started but ran into his open arms.

Spike pulled back a bit and tilted her chin so she was looking at him. "Why are you crying?" He asked as he whipped the tears from her cheeks with his thumbs.

Willow smiled brightly up at him. "I’m just so happy and that was one of the most romantic things I have ever seen or heard of. I love the flowers and I think I just fell more in love with you."

Spike smirked down at her. "Good, cause I fall more in love with you every day." He leaned down and kissed her gently. It was only a quick kiss because he had to give her other present.

Willow looked at him confused, again, as he pulled away from her. He reached back in to his back pocket and pulled out a rectangular box. "This is the rest of your present, luv." He said as he handed her to box.

Willow took the box and slowly opened it. "Oh, Wow." She gasped as she saw the delicate silver chain with a beautifully in twined double ‘W’ pendant. "It’s beautiful." She said in a wistful voice as she looked back up at him. "Thank you so much. I love it. I love them both, and I love you so much, Spike." Willow leaned up and kissed him again.

They pulled apart when they heard clapping from the door way. Willow and Spike turned to find Alex standing there with a huge smile on her face and her head leaning on Xander’s shoulder. Billy was standing behind her clapping, with an equally big smile on his face. "That was so bloody beautiful. Who said romance was dead?" He said in a dramatic voice whipping a fake tear from his eye.

Alex swatted his shoulder as Spike responded. "This from the man who wrote ‘Rebel Yell’."

Alex laughed at that as she moved to give Spike and Willow both hugs. "I’m so happy for you both." She said as she released them. She moved back over to Xander and gave him a quick kiss. "I’m going to get ready for our dinner plans." She said as she moved to head up the stairs, she stopped half way. "Willow, can you come up and help me?" She asked.

Willow nodded as she quickly followed Alex up the stairs. Willow knew that Alex asked for her help so she could tell her what the doctor had said, so she didn’t hesitate, when she asked.

They walked into Alex’s room and Alex sat down on the bed as Willow shut the door tight. "So what did the doctor say?" She asked as she moved to sit next to Alex on the bed.

"Well, what I’m going through is normal." Alex said as she laid back on the bed and looked up at the ceiling.

Willow laid down next to her before she asked her question. "How can it be normal you’ve never been sick before?"

"Well, from what the doctor said, I have what’s called, ‘Morning Sickness’." Alex said in a formal tone.

Morning Sickness? Oh, my goddess! Willow thought as she put together the pieces. "You’re pregnant?" She shrieked slightly as she turned towards Alex.

"Sshhh. Geez, Will. There is a vampire in the house with vampiric hearing, who at this moment is probably downstairs thinking of ways to castrate Xander." Alex said as she smirked up at her. "But to answer your question, yes, I am." Willow squealed as she hugged Alex.


The said vampire, was actually not thinking of castration, no any other form of maiming. He was just sitting on the couch staring at the blank tv screen as Xander and Billy went over the final plans for Alex’s surprise. I’m gonna be a bloody grand father. Was the only thought going though his mind.


Chapter Three - Surprises of the Unexpected Kind

Dear Diary,

I can’t believe it Xander’s going to be a father, and get married. Well, that is if Alex says yes, but I know how much she loves him, so I know she will. I’m so happy. I’m going to be Auntie Wills. Yes, that is going to be my official title.

Speaking of Alex and Xander, they should be arriving at their destination as I write. Alex is going to love everything Xander set up for her. I know, cause I was in on most of the planning. They left about twenty minutes ago, after Alex got dressed in her dark purple tank dress, and her knee high lace up black boots. She left her hair down and I helped her put a few little violets in it that we found at the store a few weeks ago. When we came downstairs, Xander was ready and wearing a black suit jacket with black pants, and a dark blue button down silk shirt that I think he borrowed from Spike. Anyway, they both looked so gorgeous, and they left after we got Spike upstairs.

Oh, yeah. He’s now, naked tied to our bed with silk scarfs, and unconscious. Alex helped me magically reenforce the scarfs so he couldn’t break them when he woke up, and I tied one over his eyes so he wouldn’t see anything either. Man, I’m being so bad. I love it!!!

Well, I have to go and wake up my vamp now and have some fun.




Willow walked towards the bed and whispered the words to wake the sleeping vampire. She heard Spike moan as he came to and tailed one satin covered hand up his bare leg. "Time to wake up, Spike." She said in a softly lilting voice.

"Red? What’s going on?" Spike said as he moved his head trying to move the blind fold.

"It’s your Valentine present." Willow said as she moved her hand higher up on his leg. "I want to play vixen tonight and you’re my toy."

Spike relaxed into the bed, as he spoke. "You’re always a vixen to me, luv. And I’ll be what ever you want me to be."

"Good. Cause it seems like the big bad wants to play." Willow said as she crawled onto the bed and moved slowly up his body.

"Always with you, Red." Spike groaned as he felt her naked body brush against his.

"Good, just what I wanted to hear." Willow said as she sat on chest. She leaned down and kissed him deeply as she lowered her body on to him. She sat up and started grinding herself on his hard length. "Does, Spikey like this?" She asked as she heard him moan deeply.

"Yes, baby." He said as he savored the sensations she was invoking in him.

"Perfect." She purred as she increased her motions slightly.

~*~*~Alex and Xander~*~*~

Alex looked out the window as Xander drove her car to wherever it was they were having dinner. As she stared out the window, she was lost in her thoughts. I’m pregnant. With Xander’s child. I’m actually happy about it, I hope he is. Oh, Goddess, how am I going to tell him?

Alex was pulled out of her thoughts, when Xander stopped the car. She looked around and noticed that they were parked outside of Flame. She turned and looked at him confused. "What are we doing here?"

Xander smiled brightly at her confusion. "It’s a surprise. Here put this on when you get out of the car and I’ll walk you in." He said as he handed her a blindfold.

Alex stepped out of the car and walked around to Xander’s side. She slipped on the blindfold and Xander took her hand and lead her into the club. When they got inside, Xander moved behind her and hugged her from behind as he lead her a few more steps. Alex felt him kiss her neck softly as he took off the blindfold.

Alex’s eyes took a moment to adjust to the darkness of the room and she slowly walked closer to the couch that was set up in the center of the dance floor. Around the couch, that she knew was from the band room, were dozen upon dozens of candles all casting the area in a golden glow. In front of the couch was a long table set up for dinner for two, complete was two dark red roses.

She turned and walked back over to Xander. "It’s beautiful." She said as she hugged him tightly. She pulled back and kissed him deeply for a moment and then he broke it to lead her back over to the set up.

"You’re even more beautiful." Xander said as she moved in to sit on the couch. He sat down next to her, as he spoke, again. "Ready for the next part?"

Alex smiled over at him as she sat back. "Yep." She said sounding relaxed.

Xander smiled back at her and leaned over and gave her a quick kiss as he press the button on the remote in his hand.

Alex looked up and saw one of the huge video screens slowly moving down from the ceiling. When it stopped, Xander pressed another button and a movie started to play. Alex smiled as she noticed it was one of her favorite movies, ‘While You Were Sleeping’.

She looked over and smiled at Xander, again. "I love it." She leaned over to him and kissed him. "And I love you."

"I love you, too, baby." Xander said as he moved to lean back on the couch and pulled Alex close to him. "Now, shhh, and watch the movie."

~*~*~Willow and Spike~*~*~

Willow collapsed on top of Spike breathing heavy the same as him, even though he didn’t need to breath. "Red?" Spike asked as her breathing started slow down.

"Yes, Spike?" She asked moving her head so she was looking up at him.

"Can you untie me, now? So I can hold you?" Spike asked.

"Sure." Willow said as she waved her hand in the direction of the scarfs, and the spell over them was released. Spike pulled his arms out of the ties and pulled off the blindfold. He looked down at Willow and smiled. She was covered in a golden glow from the candles she had set up arond the room. "You’re so beautiful, Red. I love you." He said softly as he moved her hair away from her face.

"I love you, too, Spike." Willow said as she leaned in a kissed him lightly. His hands roamed her body as he deepened the kiss, and the next thing Willow knew she was laying on her back and Spike was smiling down at her. "Now, It’s my turn, baby." He said as he started kissing his way down her neck to her collar bone.

"Mmm. I was hoping you would say that." Willow moaned as he worked his way down her body.

~*~*~Alex and Xander~*~*~

As the movie ended, Alex noticed that Xander had slipped a rectangular box in front of her plate. "What’s this?" She asked as she picked it up.

"Just open it." Xander said as he hugged her and leaned his chin on her shoulder.

Alex opened the box and laughed. "It’s just like Willow’s, just we double A’s. I love it." Alex said as she turned her head and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you."

"Well, if you liked that surprise, I’m sure you’ll love this one." He said as he moved a hand in front of her holding a small open square box. Inside the velvet cushion was a simple diamond set in the middle of a silver ‘Celtic Eternal Life’ band. "Marry me, Alexandria. Be my wife, forever." He said softly into her ear.

Alex took the ring out of the box with shaking hands as she turned to face Xander. He reached out a brushed away the tears that had snuck down her cheeks from her eyes. "Yes." She breathed out, as she pulled him into a tight hug. "Yes, I’ll marry you."

Xander kissed her, before he reached down and slipped the ring onto he finger. He looked up and found her smiling at him, with a gleam of mystified love in her eyes. "I have a present for you." She said as she reached over and picked up her purse and pulled out a square box, and handed it to him.

Xander opened the box and found a silver ‘Celtic Eternal Life’ band in there, and a silver key chain with a square shaped plaque at the end of it.

"I got you the ring, because it matches mine, and I thought it would be like a beacon to other girls that you’re taken." She smiled as he laughed, and she put the ring on his finger. "And the key chain I picked up this morning. I have news and I’m not really sure how to tell you, but if you read the inscription, it should explain it."

Xander lifted up the key chain and read the inscription. ‘World’s Greatest Dad.’ He looked back up at her confused. "I don’t get it? I’m not a dad."

"Not yet, but in about seven months you will be." Alex said calmly as she waited for his reaction.

~*~*~Willow and Spike~*~*~

Spike laid across Willow’s body hugging her to him. Willow was lazily ran her hand through his short blonde locks. "So how do you think Alex and Xander are doing?" She mused quietly.

"Well, I’d say they are great, as long as Shaggy doesn’t do something stupid." Spike said as he started to draw light patterns on her bare stomach.

Willow lightly slapped him on the back. "He wouldn’t do anything stupid. I bet he’s in shock, but I know he’ll love the idea." She looked down at the top of his head. "Speaking of which. How are you handling the news, Grandpa?" She asked playfully.

Spike groaned. "It’s gonna take a bit to get used to, but I can’t imagine not liking it at least a little bit."

"Well, you have seven months to get used to it. I already love the idea of being Auntie Wills."

"Auntie Wills? Naw, You’re gonna be Grandma, luv, either way you look at it." Spike said as he kissed her stomach under her breast. "Now, let’s stop this talking and get back to what we were doing."

Willow giggled. "Yes, let’s."

~*~*~Alex and Xander~*~*~

Alex sat there waiting for Xander’s reaction. He hadn’t moved for a few minutes, and she was starting to get worried. "Xander?" She asked as she waved her hand in front of his face. "Are you still in there?"

"Huh? What?" Xander said as he snapped out of his daze.

"Well, you spaced on me. What do you think?" She asked slightly worried now.

Xander smiled brightly as he hugged her pushing her down on to the couch. "I love the idea." He said as he looked down into her blue eyes. "I love you, Alex. No matter what, I’ll always be with you." He kissed her deeply and pulled back as he thought of something. "How bad is Spike going to kill me?"

Alex laughed as she kissed him quickly on the lips. "It’s not Will you have to worry about. I’m thinking ‘Big Brother’ is going to be the worst."

Xander groaned. "I forgot about, Dead Boy. Can we wait to tell him?"

Alex kissed him lightly on the lips before she answered. "I guess, how long do you want to wait?"

Xander kissed her, again. "How about until the baby goes to college?"

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