Threesomelike by Eris
Summary: Mr. Gordo joins the party.
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Genres: Romance, Comedy, Fluff
Warnings: Femslash
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A ficlet by Eris
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PAIRING: Willow/Tara/Mr. Gordo



by Eris 2004 — All rights reserved.

“Sweetie?” Tara called, voice husky with carnality, eyes shut tightly from the pleasure-type feelings being generated by her girlfriend. “Sweetie,” she repeated bucking her hips slightly and reaching to stroke the girl’s hair to get her attention. Willow responded, but not as she expected, and Tara’s breath caught in her throat making her clutch a hand full of red hair.

“Oh God, Willow! No, Willow. Not back, something’s…” she finally managed to blurt out as she shifted her hips about uncomfortably and cringed.

Looking up dreamily now with understanding, Willow stretched out an arm to fumble about in the candlelit half-light, attempting to find her lover’s cause for alarm amid the tangle of covers and pillows. Grabbing onto something, she managed to pull it free from underneath Tara. Holding it up, she twirled it about then snorted and buried her face in her lover’s thigh disclosing, “It’s Mr. Gordo.” They relaxed and she laid him on Tara’s exposed stomach. Tara began to giggle at his delicate softness.

Willow moved him about, gently playing, “What’s that, Mr. Gordo?” She picked him up, holding him to her ear, “Really? Oh my,” She shot a glance to her lover, “It looks like Mister G wants to make it a threesome tonight, baby.” Then walked him airily down her thigh.

“Ewww,” Tara continued to giggle.

“But baby, just look at him. Mr. Gordo’s horny,” and she returned to running him frisky-like over her, this time making little grunty piggish noises.

Tara squawked at her and spasmodically squirmed about herky-jerky, trying not to kick her as his fur tickled her sensitive flesh. “No, Willow! NO! Please stop,” she begged through her laughter, “Besides, he can’t be horny. He’s a pig, not a toad.”

Willow pulled him away again, “Sorry, Mr. Gordo, Tara’s right.” She pretended to listen again, “What’s that? *I* made a mistake? You said hungry, not horny. Ohhhhh…okay,” and she grinned wickedly.

Tara’s eyes suddenly went wide as she caught her girlfriend’s train of thought, “No, Willow, don’t you dare,” and she squirmed about some more.

Willow pursed her lips and raised her brow, putting on glibface, “It’s not me baby. It’s the pig. He wants to go truffle hunting.”

“Nooooo, p-put him down! D-d-don’t you e-e-even DARE!—” She protested, trying to pull away.

Chuckling, she cocked her head and faux frowned at the toy, “Hear that, little guy? You’re SOL. Gotta keep that little snout to yourself.” She then looked to her girlfriend and beamed devotedly, “I’m the only one gonna be doing any rooting around down here,” and tossed him up to her before enthusiastically disappearing between her thighs once more.

Just barely catching the toy, Tara clutched him tightly as her lover promptly resumed making her squeal with delight.

~ fin ~
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