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Reviewer: Nonhalema Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 14/10/08 - 12:08 am Title: Chapter 1

Damn I just can't stop reading

Reviewer: KFlowers Anonymous starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 13/08/06 - 05:53 pm Title: Chapter 1

I almost gave up hope. I've been checking back since Friday to see if you would post. I'm sure RL must be getting really busy if you're younger than 22. Anyway, this part really interested me. I see that Principal Whoever doesn't exist. I can't.... Robin- I can remember his name. Anyway, I like the quasi-friendship brewing between Willow and Faith. They are two completely different women, but share many insecurities. I think Spike is finding out what an equal relationship is really like. It's not all sex, blood, and fun. The work that goes into being with someone has just as much conviction as he does, must be hard. No princess to guide, no slayers to redeem you. Just Spike trying to live as Spike. I also have to wonder what Spike was doing all night. Hopefully, just thinking. Anyway, glad you could post another part and hope to see more soon.

Author's Response: I know, I wanted to post last weekend but my beta was out of town so I couldn't. But I did post this weekend, and I'm all ready to post for next weekend, too. AND, I'm happy to say, I just finished this series! So you will definitely be getting to read an ending fairly soon. And sadly, I haven't been 22 for way too many years *grin*. I ever cared much about Wood and the whole "Spike killed my mommy" thing was too complicated to fit in to "my" S7, so I just did away with the character. And yep, Spike and Willow had a bit of a reality check...life isn't always going to be easy, especially for them. They're both far too complicated for that :-)

Reviewer: cindybindybug@aol.com Anonymous starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 13/08/06 - 02:52 pm Title: Chapter 1

I just love this series. I look forward to new installments. Great writing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you're enjoying it. We're coming pretty close to the end now, and I am working hard to get this sucker done soon, so you should see updates every week from here on in :-)

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