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Reviewer: shuttleworth Anonymous starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 21/05/06 - 06:18 pm Title: Justifiable Homicide

please please continue this story please please plesas

Author's Response: Ack!!! I *really* need to visit this site more often. Sorrysorrysorry. (I suck - this I know.) Also...thanks for reviewing, and the next part has been posted.

Reviewer: Dreamweaver Signed starstarstar [Report This]
Date: 18/03/04 - 06:38 am Title: Voices in My Head

Never watched the movie "The Magnificent 7" but am finding the story vastly entertaining all the same. Want a next chaper. Would love to see who the voice in her head is. Really need some background work/info though. Is that voice actually her real father or just someone she sees/feels is a father-figure? Is the Rosenbergs her real parents or is she adopted or something? Ack! Whoa, Nellie! That's enough "Willow-babble". Bye!

Author's Response: Thanks. It's nice to know someone is actually reading and enjoying this. I'm hoping that I explain everything well enough that you won't have to be familiar with the characters to enjoy it. (Just posted Part 4, which explains a lot. Have fun.)

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